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Faith 4d
Even the stars don't last forever
Who was I to think we would?
Faith Sep 4
They smelled of coffee and tobacco
          But not in a poetic way
          The way that makes me want to
          get away from you
I can smell the addiction in your breath
Faith Aug 11
My last dying breath

Was your dramatic sigh
Faith Aug 5
I grasp
Knuckles white
To a rope
That has already promised me
It will never break
Faith May 4
I like the fresh air
Because it gives me a break
From your cigarettes
Faith Apr 28
Slash up from my lips
To make a perfect smile
Iron my stomach flat
I haven't felt this good in a while!

Bleed out my thighs
So they won't be so thick
Pull my hair until it's straight
I think I'm almost perfect!

Maybe I'll break my nose
So it can be a little smaller
Why, this is so much easier
Than paying a thousand dollars!

I think next I'll carve out
All of my scars and impurities
Now I believe that's all it takes
For you to see a beautiful version of me
Will you like my picture?
Faith Apr 11
You can not play with a glass heart

And expect to fix it just as easily as you shattered it

I'm glad you're seeing the consequences of your actions
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