Faith Jan 9
They see a girl, who
Is confident in herself
But really, she's scared
Faith Jan 4
In front of my eyes
My greatest fears arise
Everything I thought I knew
Has got up and flew

To far away lands
It's all slipping through my hands
Plans I had made
Are now beginning to fade

My already broken life
Continues to tear me up inside
This news has left me trembling
And now my life is crumbling
Lately I've received some pieces of big news after big news and I'm caught in the middle of a war between everything. The plans from a few years ago have been thrown out the window. Can I get some encouragement maybe?
Faith Jan 3
The cool girls curl their hair
The cool girls wear makeup
The cool girls wear tight clothes
The cool girls have boyfriends
The cool girls swear
The cool girls are thin
Why can't I be a cool girl?
Are you one of the "cool kids?"
Faith Jan 1
Making New Years Resolutions
Only seems to make me
Feel like I was terrible all year
Hopefully 2019 will be sooo much better.
*** bless you, and happy new year!
Stay safe y'all.
Faith Dec 2018
Torn between two
Does he love me too?
I want to say all I want is you
As the day passes my struggles anew

My thoughts aside from them are few
My heart is not being true
I admit, it leaves me feeling blue
Yet they both make me feel brand new

Thinking about who to choose is all I ever do
Being near either of them sends my mind askew
They stick to me like glue
Unfortunately, nothing can help me choose…
Doesn't really apply to me, but I thought it sounded good and I liked it so... yeah :)
Faith Dec 2018
A girl with beautiful, golden hair                  
Waking up early and roasting my hair for days so they think it's pretty
Stylish clothes from designer brands
Saving up money for months to buy some ****** pants I don't like
A beautiful face
Using masks, scrubs, rinses, and lotions to look like this
Do you want me to go on?
Because trust me
This girl has so much pressure
That's not the real her
Faith Dec 2018
Hoping you will look at me
The way I look at you
Wishing you think of me
As much as I think of you
Praying you want me
As much as I want you
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