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Faith Apr 7
I want to be the wildflower in your neat little flowerbed
But I am just another red rose
The line between beauty and uniqueness is not clear
Faith Jan 21
You say you love me
But cut me to pieces with a heart-shaped cookie cutter
You say you treasure me
But throw me away like a half-dwindled candle, melted like butter
You say you'll never leave me
But push me aside like the old typewriter on your desk
You say you want to give me everything
But take all the love from my heart and I have nothing left
You say you trust me
But when I try to unlock your heart all you give me is a rusty key
Darling, you say you love me
But you only say and never be
I wrote a poem inspired by the words heart-shaped cookie cutter, half-dwindled candle, and a rusty key. Hope you like it!
Faith Jan 4
The wound has healed
The break has mended
So why has
The pain not ended
Faith Dec 2020
Never yet have I found arms as secure as yours
Nor have I felt such love in a pair of eyes
      To look in your eyes for all eternity, how my whole world could be gone
Gentle, kind

Never yet have I discovered a hand that intertwined not only our fingers but our souls.
Nor have I dreamt of a more gentle caress than the touch you give
       Your hands feel like the warm sun rays beating down onto the sand. Warm, inviting
A simple two stanza. I might explore this poem deeper in the future but here is something I liked. I'd like feedback on this style.
Faith Oct 2020
Even the stars don't last forever
Who was I to think we would?
Faith Sep 2020
They smelled of coffee and tobacco
          But not in a poetic way
          The way that makes me want to
          get away from you
I can smell the addiction in your breath
Faith Aug 2020
My last dying breath

Was your dramatic sigh
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