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It wasn't a lingering feeling
but a shot in the dark;
love letter once written
in the middle of spring,
until these words left frozen.
Kitten Yvad Sep 12
The good that you give
gives way to vision

the love that you live
if you only just tend to it

the light I possess
in the palms of my hands
but a spectrum these waves
all according to plan

and the weight of my body
is all just potential
in the atmosphere,
so then I move and you tell me
you're glad i'm here

you know if I let it
heat since I dare

there are lights in the bed
there is medicine in the water
baby there's just gold on the
walls of the Sun's red, hotter hotter

The good that we give
gives way to vision
the love that we live; Fluid
in the palms of our hands

the light of your path
if you love it baby tend to it
child the curve of your
cherry mouth
all according  to plan
first poem I have written in quite some time
Dearest Flower,

I know you have suffered
that you suffer still
but know this
that I love you
no matter your name
no matter your pronouns
no matter your size
no matter your shape
you are you
and that is who
I fall in love with
every day
I love YOU
no matter how
you define yourself

Love your Boyfriend
Cathy Devan May 5
He penned
To the girl
With the
Braided hair
Shiny nose ring
A black rose tattoo
On her ankle
A damaged soul
With half cresent smiles
Crookedly woven smiles
Who always rejected
His advances
Maybe because of
Trust and daddy issues
That haunted
Her dark heart and colorful mind.
@roguelover in mirakee
It's always the damaged girl you tryna get💔
Snow falls before Spring.  

Ice laughs amidst freezing air:

the sky’s confetti.

Or torn love letters,  

once smuggled under pillow.

Now bitter on tongue.
Marina Nov 2017
we do not choose who we fall in love with,
and our perception of happiness is our own and
is determined by what we experience..
love cannot be expressed by one who shows it different.
k Oct 2019
i have seen it in your eyes
another empty night
lonely soul hiding in the dark
so afraid of light

but you see,
i don't want to live my life in fear

i don't want to miss it all
i don't want to close my eyes
count. don't cry.
i'll hold your hand, i'll let the storm roar
we'll learn not to drown
Starry Sep 2019
Dearest darling Hill Morty
I am writing this told tell you them I wasn't able to talk to you my love. Our loving conversations  that which we have keep me sane. I cannot til we me and have that first real kiss. I can just feel it now.

Your lover
This is my love letters to my boyfriend.
Nely Jul 2019
I still write you love letters with my favorite pen.

In my favorite book, on my favorite colored pages.


I still walk to the post office in Hope's of sending them out.

I send em out to the universe instead of you,

cause you no longer appreciate the colors of my love for you.
Lady Ravenhill Jul 2019
He promised they would never,
Ever have to say goodbye
She promised to write him forever,
Even if there was no reply.
@LadyRavenhill 2019
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