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Faith Jul 2019
I find
A rhythmic beat
To the pounding
Upon my rooftop
And as the thunder shakes my walls
My thoughts fade
Into the darkness
Of the clouds outside
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Shofi Ahmed May 2019
One can't see one's self
through the other
the discovery is made together.
The show is destined for a duo.

That one is her mirror
through the very one
one matchless nature see
Who is she?
Arcassin B Oct 2018
By Arcassin Burnham

Come a little closer let me tell you about the time me
And the bat met,
Even though it's bad , it's things that I don't regret,
A secret is a secret and I hope that you keep it,
You're gullible so you will, step inside my world a little bit,
The horrors that await you , other men could not compare
To what I've been through, whatever I say intrigues you,
Telling me it's not too late to save myself, and bathe myself
under the good mens water, but all the waters poisoned, so what
The ****,
I could tell you throwing a man off the side of a bridge was
exhilarating the first time and you'd still be okay with,
working here *****
My stories were so good too to you , that you shared yours and I admired that,
But I just wanna get out of here and never see you again,
Can you live with that?
I'm crazy and sadistic, ****** becomes simplistic,
Not taking any hostages , I'm so satanistic,
Patiently waiting, moving in silence , I'm too distant,
So lady you couldn't handle what I'm throwing , can you catch it?

Know what I think I'll call you harley , would like that?
You listened to every story I told , I lied but you didn't know that,
I'm clearly on some **** that'll make your exes wanna step back,
I'll probably **** them anyway standing over a their corpse as I
Besides all that your beauty speaks to me in calms of a hundred
Infested oceans , bet you didn't know that I was a poet,
There's a thin line between how much I tell you and you misinterpret,
I wanna know if your love is worth it,
If you let me out of these restraints,I'll take you out,
I'll ease the pain , you quit your job, we go rob banks,
Treat you like **** , make you go down for all the things
that I just did, I do not kid,run from the bat,
He captured you and I attack, your too attached,
We fight , we argue , I give you a smack, we laugh and
then relax , on piles of money, life is funny,
Finding someone like you makes you feel in luxury,
Making memories, clown princess of crime you mean so
much to me,
I'm sucker for your lovely body, and even in my deepest circumstance
I'm glad to have a harley.
Shofi Ahmed Mar 2017
Can you hear me?
Are you open?
It’s only a cup of water
I can take, that’s all
that would fit on my hand.
The heaven up above us
is hearty, big enough to drip
a generous drop for free.
Drink it, it isn’t salty is sweet, sweet sea!

Heaven is on the wings of the clouds,
flying free for anyone to see.
Swear to God one is keeping an open eye
But is unseen in broad daylight!

Nothing did I hide,
though I said it time and again.
The time wouldn’t stop.
It never did screening is on.
As if it says, “How can you tell
You can’t see yourself?”

The sky is open down the horizon
Yet one can’t be seen
Because someone is not showing.

What is behind is me.
The same is true for you.

One can’t see one’s self
through the other
The discovery is made together!
The show is destined for a duo.
That one is her mirror
Through the very one
One matchless nature see
Who is she?
ryn Mar 2017
I am merely the conduit...
For those who are voiceless.
Or the servant even...
To things which lay silent.
I am the medium through which
you come alive.

A noteworthy find,
but your words are still your own.
Birthed from the deepest ocean of thoughts...
Forged with the fiercest fires of emotions...
And harvested from the richest mine we call life.

But I hadn't planted the seeds...
You did.

But you did nurture them,
so they might flourish.
You did share them,
so others you nourish.
If I am anything in this enterprise,
I am the wind that brushes your skin...
Not the gust that fills your sail.

Then I accept that we're both so fitting.
Therefore I acknowledge you
as you do I.

Once again, I have lost my marbles.
Maple Mathers May 2016
When raids of knaves
And smitten sheep
Aimed to pervade
Our hide and seek,

Beneath enclaves
We'd creep and keep
Their souls, we flayed,
To hide and TWEAK.
In Plain Sight is the Best Place to Hide
All alone,
tilted head.

God’s vines fall
around what’s said

Entrapped in rapture,

Jungian shadows
wrap my stature


dreamcatchers hold
concepts captured.

Safety in this
sacred space.

mystic scents

Pressure though

as psychonauts

try to find some


I may find myself

Playing with the moving expense of
changing past, present and future tense

I fear however

That I’ll waste my time on the fone
with the secretary of Offense

When all I really want to do
Is be singular as the mystic tense.
brandon nagley Aug 2015
The most dim and horrid of all truth's in amour sometimes;

I seeith so many couple's, wherein there's always one lover
Who telleth the other lover " I loveth thee hunny "
And the one who was told their loved,
Replies back " O thank's...............
Such a sad horrid Truth,
Though the one's who told the one's they loveth
That they loveth them and yet got none response
But an ' O thank's, still continueth to loveth that other person
Because that's what true love is............
Yet also, sometime's, the person who sayeth they loveth the other
Some time's wilt just moveth on, from the pain of not ever hearing the same word's and action's back of true amour',
Because fact is, one canst not waisteth time
Giving all their love to one who canst even sayeth it back!!!!
And canst even showeth it back,
Though the person who moved on
Still loveth the other person;
Tis they've realized
Someone else just might sayeth it back
Since the other couldn't say it....
Love is a duo, not a one way street
And if a one way street;
It's not truest amour' on the other person's behalf......
And sadly I seeith this alot to;
That when the person who never saidst those words back
To the one who loveth them
They regret never saying the three word's to the one they do loveth, and they realize at that last moment
How much they loved the other person all along;
Yet were to afraid to sayeth it at the time
Out of fear of being hurt........
Amour's harsh truth sometimes.......
This isn't for anyone personally I just see this soo much and its soo sad soo so sad.....
brandon nagley Jul 2015
Countless nights
I spent awake
Tossing and turning
But never could sleep

(Brandon nagley)
Countless hour's
Of depression's power
Silence is all
Though demon's mess with mine Slumber...

I've layed here for minutes
Though it feels like hours

(Brandon nagley)
And the hours to mine brain
Wrap around me in deathly sleep showers.

My eyes are dry........

(Brandon nagley)
And whilst these eyes art dried
I contemplate suicide
Take the ticket? To young to die?
Until now I'll try, pray to god for asleep
Yet these legs art sore, mine neck is creaked.

I just want my blood to be leaked...........

(Brandon nagley)
I just want a freedom from me
A freedom for sleep
God doth thou heareth me, I'm tired
This bed is wired, the phones on fire.
Must I go on this hellish night routine????

©Brandon nagley
©Lonesome poet's poetry
©duo with me and Darlene
Me young friend who's kinda new here wanted something to write about she said she hasn't slept in four days so I'm trying to be a friend and help her write... God bless
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