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lua Sep 17
what does love feel like?
i heard it feels like butterflies in my stomach
fluttering about inside
i heard it feels like fireworks
an explosion of colours i'd never even think of seeing

what does love feel like?
they say it feels like fire
warm and slow
and sometimes it grows so big it can burn whole buildings
they say it feels like floating on a cloud
it's soft and smooth
and so high up, that they can only see the flickering lights of cities down below

what does love feel like?
i heard it feels like skin against skin
and lips against soft lips
i heard it feels like a magnet,
pulling you closer and closer to someone
until you're completely inseperable

what does love feel like?

i've never been in love before.
Her eyes are falling stars;
Her hair is like Rapunzel's.
HIS eyes are fireworks
rising into the night to meet her.
He touches her slow and soft,
Static shock rubs off the two.
She kisses him so hard
His lips turn black and blue.
Tears evaporate in-between
their bodies heat.
One rises, one falls under gravity.
His heartbreaks into a light rain.
She crashlands on Earth's terrain.
Their romance is short and sweet.
Fireworks and Falling Stars meet.
Sep 5, 2019
About the first line;
Comet: late Old English, from Latin cometa, from Greek komētēs ‘long-haired (star)’, from komē ‘hair’; reinforced by Old French comete .

The first line of the last stanza should speak to itself.
Scarlett Aug 15
If someone were to ask me
what my ideal world would be
I wouldn't be able to answer.

There are no words to describe
how the rain fell that night
the bitter sting of hail on bare skin
summer attire.

That moment
that memory
is what my ideal world would be.

The overwhelming sensations
the sting of the harsh wind
the fireworks exploding behind my eyes as our lips touched.
Owen Cafe Jul 14
That little box. You know that one that we put away.
The one that’s hidden, covered in dust.
I had almost forgot what was in there.
Not for one second could the golden amber with the tiny freckle ever leave my mind.
Not for one second.
One Second.
One second imbued with the power of all time.
A firework. I think that’s a bit closer.
Radiant. Beautiful. Bright. Holding hands.


I know why I put that box away.
You know, that one holding a star lit night on a beach north of home. Holding hands.
The one with such beauty I have never before or since encountered.
The one where our lips touched.
The one where I told you..
Forever, Stupidly and completely yours.
The one where I told you.

You are my love.
Young man, Young Woman. Grown Man, Grown Woman.
Erian Jul 12
butterflies still ring
at the thought of your name
flowers aren’t the same
without you beside me
you give me butterflies
creating fireworks in my heart
i wish I told you sooner
but now we’re right back to the start
It has been 243 years since the Declaration of Independence has been signed.
It was signed nearly two and a half centuries ago, that's a very long time.
The Declaration of Independence was written 243 years ago.
At the time, the USA only had 13 states, it would continue to grow.
We celebrate the signing of the Declaration of Independence on the 4th of July.
People shoot off fireworks because July 4, 1776 was a day that Americans glorify.
Faith Jul 4
Blonde hair
Green eyes
Fireworks shooting
On a humid July night

She was raised this way
Doesn't need all that money
She'll shine the brightest tonight
She's an American honey
Happy Independence Day to all my fellow Americans!
Empire Jul 4
Fireworks crackle on the streets
Seems fitting to celebrate this way
As we watch the world burn
Happy 4th.
San-Pei Lee Jul 4
Can you feel that day a year ago today
As if it was just yesterday
When hope and hopelessness both hung in the air
Like the breath held before fireworks burst into the night
The marvel of the glimmer for the seconds that the lights last
Then the disappointment after at the clear dark sky

But there must be something about us together
Both times there were supposed to be fireworks
Electricity hummed in the air
Because we don't need vanishing works of fire and light
When our hearts are already carrying them
My air above your earth making storms of magic lasting
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