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Rai Espigar Aug 26
Isn't it crazy how we are born only to die
How our journey is measured only through years
How our existence is just about taking up space

And so we wait...
We wait for something spectacular to happen
Like a chaos that could lead to peace,
Like a Big Bang or a Supernova
Something like fireworks and brights lights
Like falling stars or falling in love...

And then I met you
You are my "something spectacular"
The fireworks to my existence
A Big Bang that caught me by surprise
Your love is like a supernova in my heart
The best things in life are not only free, but comes unexpectedly. The thrill of the surprise will make you feel alive. Let it make you shine. Let the fire stay in your heart and keep it forever and use it to be better.
Metaphoronomy Jul 30
Silver beams from the heavens above,
All a shadow but a lucid scene
Bickering lights from ships afar,
Like that of fireflies among the stars.
Blaring powerful booms of fire
Illuminating the black infinite,
As though spells are being cast,
A magic waiting to happen.
Underneath is a turning enormous wheel
Lit like the outbursts up high,
Carts speeding on the metal tracks
Tents that give out joy.
I see it all for one last time
The best spot in the city,
As I sip from the best tent
My favorite cup of coffee.
She visits her favourite spot in the city for one last time.
Carlo C Gomez Jun 24
Fireworks are a blast
Until they go off
In your garage
With you trapped inside
The Century’s Wake
by Michael R. Burch

(lines written at the close of the 20th century and introduction of the 21st century)

Take me home. The party is over,
the century passed—no time for a lover.
And my heart grew heavy
as the fireworks hissed through the dark
over Central Park,
past high-towering spires to some backwoods levee,

hurtling banner-hung docks to the torchlit seas.
And my heart grew heavy;
I felt its disease—
its apathy,
wanting the bright, rhapsodic display
to last more than a single day.

If decay was its rite,
now it has learned to long
for something with more intensity,
more gaudy passion, more song—
like the huddled gay masses,
the wildly-cheering throng.

You ask me—
“How can this be?”
A little more flair,
or perhaps only a little more clarity.
I leave her tonight to the century’s wake;
she disappoints me.

Originally published by The Centrifugal Eye. Keywords/Tags: new, century, wake, new year, party, Central Park, fireworks, song, display
naj Feb 19
sitting with you, on the meadows,
slowly leaning my body against the ticklish grass on the ground,
head on top of your broad chest,
where i can hear your heartbeat, the warmth feels like home.
watching the night sky, the stars shimmering bright,
the moon illuminating the reflection of the sun’s light,
shooting stars falls,
and fireworks spread out, slowly falling down,
talking about, our life,
i love you.
realising that; i don’t have a partner to feel this .
s a m Feb 3
Through a dark quiet night and an empty life,

I've seen bursting lights; flashy, beautiful and bright.

It took me seconds of sight but the memories it made –

forever would last.

It's just like you.

You draw me in for awhile then,

time would come you'll fly away and run.

And me???

I'll be the one left lonely wishing you'll be back in a hurry.
21, Copyright ©2019
Sam N. de la Rosa
All Rights Reserved.
Mark Toney Jan 18


Ticktock ;)



­               ~2020!!!






               ~Tasty :)




               Treasure ;)




               Timing :)





Timing :(



          ­     Tomorrow?

12:00pm :)

               12:00pm :)



© 2020 by Mark Toney. All rights reserved.
1/18/2020 - Poetry form: Alliteration - Each poem in my Alliterative Alphabet Series describes conversations between two or more people while only using words that start with the first letter of the title of the poem. I’m publishing the poems as I write them on, not necessarily in alphabetical order. My goal is to write at least 26 poems to cover each letter of the alphabet. I hope you find the concept interesting, maybe even clever. Most of all I hope you enjoy them :) - Copyright © Mark Toney | Year Posted 2020
ae Jan 1
The firecrackers exploded in the night sky,
light slipped through every twinkling star
dancing among those sparkling lights
as if the moon was not enough;

Every outburst tainted the darkness of the nightfall,
turned its tranquillity into mayhem
of aesthetics and beauty,
shifting the horizon into an abstract portrait.

Everything was perfect.
Everything was beautiful.
It would be a great year ahead indeed.
Looking back at the past year, the place I am in now is much better than ever. I couldn't even put into words how it changed me and everything around me; how it was a year of growth and freedom. It might have been rough, but hey, here we are on another year.

Cheers to us who have braved every day's struggles and defeats. May we become stronger and better versions of ourselves this year.

Happy 2020 to all of us!
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