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A dazzling display
An exploding array

A dashing light
Flashing in night

Colors lashing
Beautiful smashing

Elegant shining
Audible whining

Your fireworks array
Makes the night bright as day
I needed to make a poem for English class. Just my specialty I thought.
Theanm Ankh Jan 16
It all started in my second-story room.
A quiet summer night, not a single sound,
And then a loud boom.

I looked out the window for a better view
And rushed down to the kitchen, out the patio door, and onto the deck
Because what I saw in the sky reminded me of you
A small chill nipped at my neck, and I wondered,
Could you be remembering me too?

Because with every reverberation a star shot through the sky.
A shimmering burst, like a fiery blossom, every one of its blooms.
But it lingers for just a moment, and then it disappears.

Remember when we believed that if we swung high enough we might be able to fly?
Remember when we thought we could be artists and authors by just the age of sixteen?
Now all we do is sit and sigh, waiting on the Wifi,
Telling ourselves that the dreams we had were just unachievable little schemes.

They say you moved to Spain.
Three years ago, I heard.
Tell me, did that rid you of your pain?
And don’t lie, because I know, behind closed doors for your mother you cry, because Cancer had her killed.

And I might have found a lover.
And you’ve probably found another.
And we might feel fine as of now, but someday,
Just like the pyrokinetic flowers that bombard the night sky,
My memories of you will fade away.
I just wanted to say goodbye.
Josh Hill Nov 2020
Begins a whole new world.
Gone are the days of rampant tyranny
And years of wondering whether
Tomorrow would be safe.

“He’s won, he’s won”
They cry, the tears tumbling down their faces
Red raw with the cries of freedom
And repentance, because everyone is alive
In this brand new world.

All those who were lost are found.
All those who were corrupted are pure.
He’s healed us all; we’re all anew
And we are safe
In the future that he brings.

“Rejoice, rejoice!”
They say, “For we have been broken
From the prison of tyranny
And we can finally sing our song of freedom,
Like a waving crowd on New Year’s Day

We don’t know what the future could bring,
All we need to do now is sing.
For auld lang syne, my dear
Is all we know of now:
Old long since

We tasted freedom.”
Ariana Solo Nov 2020
I fell for you like a falling star floating through space

Getting caught by Earth’s gravitational field  

A streak of light across the inky blackness of the night sky

Burning in the Earth's atmosphere

Painting the skies with a rainbow of fireworks

✨ 💜💙🖤💜💙🖤💜💙🖤✨
JohnBu Nov 2020
With child’s eyes
We wait for the surprise
A fizz, a sparkle
A burst of colour
Excited point and show
Your daddy where his eyes should go
Face pressed to the window
In a dark room
To see better
In the potential of the gloom
Prabhu Iyer Nov 2020
Sullen leaves forlorn now at the edges -
dripping tips say the story of the night:
the thunder - is all over the road, scattered
in the branches fallen; it is the mud and slush
that tell how the sky wept in the hour;
Eyes still moist and still welling up -  
must be a field abounding in blades
of tall them leaves of grass flowering, and
the rain drenching the soul; Now the sky
invisible behind the veil of tear-clouds;
The mind longs for the warmth of home
heart longs to stay there half-sunk knee-high.
Only one night that matters in the journey:
life but a gathering of memories plucked
from the fleeting world; Only one night
when fireworks light the sky and a lonely
heart beats as one with another, though apart
distant in the milling Guy Fawkes' night
Heidi Johanna Oct 2020
Fireworks are real
One day your heart so full of
True love for someone
Sarah Flynn Oct 2020
be careful when handling me.
my body was built with gunpowder,
and someone lit my fuse
long before we met.

be aware that at any moment,
I could burst.

you can run away now
and never look back,

or you can wait here with me
and together, we'll look up at the sky.

it's entirely your choice.

but, darling, if you can't accept
the chaos inside of me,

then you will have no right
to comment on
my beautiful explosion.
Rai Espigar Aug 2020
Isn't it crazy how we are born only to die
How our journey is measured only through years
How our existence is just about taking up space

And so we wait...
We wait for something spectacular to happen
Like a chaos that could lead to peace,
Like a Big Bang or a Supernova
Something like fireworks and brights lights
Like falling stars or falling in love...

And then I met you
You are my "something spectacular"
The fireworks to my existence
A Big Bang that caught me by surprise
Your love is like a supernova in my heart
The best things in life are not only free, but comes unexpectedly. The thrill of the surprise will make you feel alive. Let it make you shine. Let the fire stay in your heart and keep it forever and use it to be better.
Metaphoronomy Jul 2020
Silver beams from the heavens above,
All a shadow but a lucid scene
Bickering lights from ships afar,
Like that of fireflies among the stars.
Blaring powerful booms of fire
Illuminating the black infinite,
As though spells are being cast,
A magic waiting to happen.
Underneath is a turning enormous wheel
Lit like the outbursts up high,
Carts speeding on the metal tracks
Tents that give out joy.
I see it all for one last time
The best spot in the city,
As I sip from the best tent
My favorite cup of coffee.
She visits her favourite spot in the city for one last time.
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