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I am a black kettle
But inside of me is a colourless water
I sit on fire everyday
And they deny me of the dinning table

I am a black kettle
Albeit, people make me what I am
Yet, I wouldn't prefer to be in isolation
On the zenith of kukuruku's hill

I am a black kettle
Never judge me by my look
My dream and goal gives me the temporal colour
Inside of me is my natural color

I am a black kettle
But despite the litany of woes
I have a consolation
As long as there's an entity called washing and rinsing
I will always have my true nature retained.
     -'Bintan Ola
Behold the strength in your weakness
Which is capable of giving vigour to my membrane
Chlorophyll in chloroplast makes the green plant blossom
You make the smile on my face radiant

Come, let's mix the right nucleotide sequence of our desired RNA
And build the sequence of our desired protein
So that the expression of our gene
Will be the desire of friends and relatives

Amidst thousands, you're the only one I chose
Your hotness could denature enzymes
There exist a thousand of competitive inhibitor
But by the words of my mouth;
None would fit to my active site

I want to fly on your wings to the horizon
Regardless of the barbaric thought of men
For I know;
All unwanted functional unit of life
Will die by apoptosis.
       -'Bintan Ola
Like lilies in grassland,
The eyes find joy when it behold the beauty in you
A necessity; Unique work of nature

Like the air that runs through the lungs
You're a universe beyond mitochondria
Hyperbole lost its meaning on you
Because all descriptive words are understatement

Thus, let thy beauty be an appraisal and accolade
For other wonderful works of Olodumare

I clasp'd my hands in ecstasy
For you're the sovereign beauty which i do admire.
      -'Bintan Ola
It made myself freak
For magic words of
love , read and lyric
Which brought
Me a handy hat-trick
Thanks to all including Fawn,perry, cj love, carlo c gomez, jahanti khare, poorvi, katelyn, jamdhi, ben etc. for sharing so much of their works. The read is the most powerful word  and appreciation is the biggest reward .
World Poetry Day
A Languages Promotion Way

A Poet's Pride
Coz he never hide
Anything on his side

World's Guide
In knowing best
Fiction &
Regards to all HP Fellow Poets on our this special day i.e. today.
You are the one by whom I impressed,
The art of knows, in such art you expressed,
I don't know where you exist,
But wished my words to persist,

Our hearts are framed inside,
But have many works beside,
It tells us how to survive,
it tells the world that we are alive,

You are hidden from me but you are not,
I am seeing you in your words knot,
How eminence the combination is?
Look how simple the art pollination is?

You can not hide somewhere,
Because you don't know nowhere,
Because you are not the owner of something,
You belong to Someone else created from nothing,

If I am of any value, cash me,
If nothing for you, trash me,
See my words, even we never meet,
How complex is nature, clear and neat,
Anastasia Rose Feb 2020
I am the dizzy little fawn,
I stumble as I walk
I stumble when I talk,
The words try to come out,
But my lips quiver.

I am the big baby,
I need help,
I need cradled,
My eyes they are flooded,
I weep.

I am coming undone.
Chris Oct 2019
Ceaseless scratching
The sound of fingernails on skin
I need it more.
Oh god.
Oh ****.
I can feel the Need.
It's all over.
The sensation.
Not even here. Just a mirage.
Just a dream.
Just a fever.
What I want.
What I need.
When will it come?
How long have I waited?
Or only minutes?
Oh please go faster
A kettle
That's it!
If I don't think
Then it will speed up.
How to achieve that though?
I did it.
Just thought I'd type out whatever comes to my mind. I'm kind of tired of typing in a bunch of restrictive formats. I like them at times but I just wanted to try something new. Let me know what you think. I'm a **** for attention so I'll do whatever the public wants.
Thanks for reading.
Back from the dead
List I put you on
Came to
Get you off that list
Shalley Jun 2019
I have live my life
Searching for someone
That I will live
For the rest of my life
And you came unexpectedly
You are my one and only
And I am so lucky to have you
Thanks God, I finally found you.
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