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Back from the dead
List I put you on
Came to
Get you off that list
Shalley Jun 17
I have live my life
Searching for someone
That I will live
For the rest of my life
And you came unexpectedly
You are my one and only
And I am so lucky to have you
Thanks God, I finally found you.
CROW Feb 8
A love without life,
A Dead min with no wife,
A world without a spin,
Not a single soul within,
Despair the loss of all it had,
Being lifeless only seems more bad,
No love without life,
Though no days without strife,
Breath in the air,
Love doesn't only take a pair,
For Fawn -- A Devoted Fellow Poet
Benton 254 Dec 2018
I thought of the idea I couldn't weep
I thought of the idea i couldn't sleep
Late night movies watching creep
Never been a champ at my crib
Loved her and treated her like my rib
Into the throne like a queen
Old songs i sang to my sleep
Tormented enough not for my dream
Thousand opportunities i saw them slip
Into the night the rain falls still
Thunders strikes hard
Turn up my eyes to the dark *** sky and I strain still
Did my exams at the main
Hard day for love I felt the lain
Never greed
But felt the slain
Never promised to love again
Last time caused my manners had my feeds
This ain't the old you knew
But a replica  of whats new..
late night talks
Its a rainny night and thoughts flood like roads from the heavy rain that fell heavy....
All about love and being love back...
Fortune maine Nov 2018

And the pastor said,

"hold your neighbours, look into their eyes

and tell them they won't die in the remaining months of the year."

Turned right

and looked at her (my neighbour),

I felt like going to the pulpit to hug the pastor,

"thank you for giving me a first step."

On a sunny Sunday
Fortune maine Nov 2018

Every time I bump into you,
We exchange greetings

With you kissing the back of my palm
(If only you could read minds)

You will find, I never wanted and still don’t want the kiss there.


I am a woman
I am to keep quiet.
Guys make the move
Nitin Bisht Nov 2018
I glanced at the station from an unclear window,
people oblivious to my existence coming by,
some with full of joy and fantasies,
others with hellos and goodbyes.

While sensing being the only introvert
with my 90's desolated playlist,
she came towards me, with a west to east smile,
settling, asked me to help out with her load.

I bobbed, and,
The earth started to rip away,
I feel the winds of change blowing in my face
I wrote it while travelling in a train
gracie Sep 2018
Tell me the story of the fawn,
white-spotted, damp-eyed,
lying still on the roadside;
how the forest mourned for days,
twisting and churning its leaves
against the ashen sky.
Tell me the story of tragedy,
wind beneath the wings of Icarus
on his journey to the sun;
how he closed his eyes and smiled,
basking in freedom’s warmth
before plummeting back to earth.
Tell me the story of youth,
wild and tender, dancing barefoot
as though we were made of nothing
less than bruises and blackberry wine;
how I'd let love destroy me,
the car
if it meant dying in your arms.
Lyn-Purcell Aug 2018

Your soul is the moon after dawn
A vapour who sings of love as well as pain
A delicate blossom that twirls with zephyrs
Fragrant and enriched by the snow's kiss
The geese have fled from iced lakes
long preserved with whispers of old
In the shade of bamboo, my flute is heard,
carried to you by the frost-kissed air
Your soul, a vapour, the moon after dawn
Hear my hymn of peace,
till winters turn to fawn

My head's still in the clouds! ^-^
I'm trying SO HARD not to freak out about my media course interview...
Lyn ***
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