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McKenzie I Sep 2021
Deep in the backwoods of the Knoxville antique,
The black marble sky growls,
A panther,
To outsiders—those inside city limits—
The vanishing streetlights and,
Absence of neighbors,
May put them on extra alert but,
The panther’s like a friend
Watching over us

All day long me and my cousins,
For the whispers of night to cover us,
In the last few hours before Independence Day drifted
Off for another year,
We broke out the rockets:
Roman Candles,
Big and small,
The show was about to begin

Darting away,
From explosives right before launch,
Cracking up till
Our lungs hurt,
Bouncing on,
The backyard trampoline—
(I think I got punched in the eye that night
by accident)—
Playing with the border collie named Shadow,

We were frozen in a dream,
No person could break up this night,
Running without legs from parents’ rules,
And from mysterious police,
Hoping that Shadow wouldn’t go
Hurt someone

We were all—parents and cousins—
In the elixir of freedom,
Caught in the secret
The night and the countryside
Simran pawar Aug 2020
Aaj azadi ka din h,
Karo apni soch ko bhi aazad,
Agar beet jaye ye din bhi,
To raho apni nayi soch ke saath.
Javeria Aug 2020
In order to taste Independence
Never ending sacrifices
Genocide and Holocaust,
Blood of your women and infants
Ethnic Cleansing,
Limitless money
Facing humiliation,
Listening derogatory remarks
No value of your honour and prestige,
These are the required ingredients
From making yourself free,
And to break the chains of slavery.
Billie Marie Jun 2020
My neighbor wished me Happy Juneteenth yesterday.
I felt alive saying it back -
Yeah! Happy Juneteenth!
Now! We can say it without feeling threatened;
without feeling alone or lame.
We can say it minus that chip weighting our shoulders
and absent the lump of shame sitting on our chest.
We can sing out, Happy Juneteenth!
in a new melodic tune.
Like when we wished each other, Merry Christmas!
We can say it loud with joy and release
and uplifting confidence
that if one doesn’t wish it back
that one is one of the sad and sorry lost who must suffer.
Juneteenth, you say? Who ever heard of that holiday?
Mrs. Horton would stare you down
like you don’t know your tongue
from your *******,
she heard you say that.
I learned of the true independence day of our nation
as a young student of 17 in public school.
Learned truths my programmed parents couldn’t teach
from one of God’s messengers of truth
manifest in the form of a high school teacher.
I found out because I wanted to know;
know why the ****** up **** I saw each day
happened mostly to people who were brown
and mostly not to people who weren’t that color.
And, I wanted to know why.
To really get to the crux of why -
even though my skin is peachy tan cream -
why I’m black too?
What’s that mean anyway?
Really, you don’t know. Do you?
Not till someone who knows shows you too.
Or, you just forget who they told you you were.
Then you too will be able to find the truth.
Only because of desire and pure will to understand.
But, if you don’t wanna know -
or cared not to know -
then you never knew of Juneteenth.
And this is all new.
And you think - How do these folks know just what to do?
On a brand new holiday
that trumps the other one they tried to fake.
Cuz no nation is free while it enslaves its own fundamental roots;
choking truth to hide its own crimes.
Holding back light to wallow in pitiful darkness.
J4 is nothing.
Juneteenth is all!
You never were free till you freed all your sons.
And you cannot be till you see all offspring free.
Until you hold the truth in your heart
you can never really be free to be what you are.
So really, any independence day was of undercover ******* -
a reminder of the lie.
While enslaved mothers and fathers,
sisters and brothers walked with free minds on this land
and you celebrated your own cruel spiritual demise,
without understanding or true purpose defined.
But now! Look at the colors we have given you again!
Oh nation stained in blood and terror,
look at what we have given
as a token of our love and forgiveness.
Juneteenth! All is Juneteenth!
The one and only true day to symbolize
the day you finally took the first step -
to step away from your own chains
and the ones you tried to use to bind me.
This one day we give you -
symbolizing that this nation is finally now and forever
a sponsor and supporter and endorser of the free!
Happy Juneteenth!
ऐ मालिक, सिर्फ इतना-सा मुझपर तू करम दे,
मुझे सनम से प्यारा मेरा वतन कर दे! !

कर दूँ निछावर तन-मन-धन सब अपना,
इतनी प्रज्वलित मुझमें राष्ट्रप्रेम की अगन कर दे! !

सकुचित न होऊँ क्षणभर भी सरफ़रोश बनने को,
ऐसी मनोवृत्ति का, मेरे ज़हन में जनम कर दे !!

अस्तित्व मिट जाए दहशतवादी नर-पिशाचों का इस धरा से,
और परे हो मुल्क से गद्दारीभरी सोच भी ऐसे उसे तू दफन कर दे! !

मेरी माँ के आँचल तले चैन से सो सकूँ मैं,
ऐसे विदा होने पर अता मुझे मेरे तिरंगे का कफन कर दे! !
ऐ मालिक, सिर्फ इतना-सा मुझपर तू करम दे! !
- सचिन अ॰ पाण्डेय
Faith Jul 2019
Blonde hair
Green eyes
Fireworks shooting
On a humid July night

She was raised this way
Doesn't need all that money
She'll shine the brightest tonight
She's an American honey
Happy Independence Day to all my fellow Americans!
soul Aug 2018
Human anatomy is similar in many ways
they got same organs
same hearing
same speaking
ability to walk
show emotions

the only difference is  
brain is working just to satisfy others ego
despite of having same cranial capcity
they chose different worlds
either good or bad

******, robbery, backstabbing and what else they do
just to conceal their evil souls
Doesn't pay any heed to justify their deeds
Ignoring their inner voice pleading them stop

Blood flowing in their veins is red
won't cry when they see their family on death bed
Their heart is turning black
coz of their unspoken guilt

slowly they are leaving the human behind
just to join hands with the devil

Human anatomy is similar in many ways
but the mind is creating the difference
according to science every human being shares 99.9% similarity every other person is diffrerent some chose right path some dont
happy independence day
krm Jul 2018
July 4th, 2018

Where the land of the free has become obscured by the shadow
of oppression,

Its' silhouettes are the monsters

children are afraid of under their beds.

How, fireworks remind so many gunshots

Self-proclaimed nationalists cannot stay loyal enough,
to know what would be good for this land.

This land of the free,
no longer belongs to the home of the brave,
but the cowardly.

Family & children born unto what we deem unattached,
from the roots of this soil,
they are not welcomed for lady liberty's "borrowed" arms to embrace them.

When each artifact
was sculpted from an immigrant's hands,
but we've warranted their tribulations
are greater than stars on our flag.

If those stars stand for detainment,
tragedy, and fascism.
I do not proudly pledge such ideals,
embracing my heritage of greats-
who journeyed over on ships across seas.

They are the stars of America's history.

Samreena Lodhi Mar 2018
Tears fell from the eyes,
and pain still rests in the hearts;
Blood shed from the bodies,
and voices arose from every soul;
people didn't get weak
and they moved for what they seek;
journey of thousand miles,
got completed on a single night;
the pain was a way to gain,
the Nation we call PAKISTAN.

by Samreena Lodhi
It was written last year as the Pakistan Day is on its way so sharing this porm here. 23rd March which gave us the hope of freedom.
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