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Sarah Aug 16
I want to thank each of the stars
and all of the galaxies
for letting me have you in my life
because with you,
I shine brighter than the brightest
We are stars wrapped in skin,
a universe in ecstatic motion
that has a heart pulsating
like a supernova
and eyes made of stardust
that shines bright in the darkness.
Thoughts like candlelights,
flickering on and off.

So protect your light,
protect your flame
from the ice of others.

Let it burn,
let it burn brighter
Let it burn,
from within till it’s out.
Let your light shine,
whatever form it maybe.
neo Jul 7
i want to touch you
and feel you close to me

i want to dive deep into your eyes
and into your soul

i want to come near you
and tell you how much i adore you

how i adore you and the way you shine
in contrast to the dark sky enveloping us all the time

i want to love you
but i can't

i can't love you when all eyes are watching from all corners of the earth

i can't love you when all the other stars shine brighter than me

i can't love you

not when it means that to love you would mean to come near you

once we collide there's no turning back

as beautiful as an explosion that we may be, i'm scared to lose myself just trying to love you
i'm sorry but i can't
fray narte Jul 3
she was a supernova
concealed in the synapses
of the cosmic dust.
she incinerated everything
including herself —
she incinerated everything,

especially herself.
MayC Jul 2
sometimes I just want
to be woken up at 3 a.m.
in the morning
just to watch the stars.
to see what are they doing
while we are asleep.
because no one knows how
they live
how they truly shine.
stardust on our eyelids
to make us fall
on purpose.
their energy may fill
the entire
and we,
so innocent,
so naive,
we may never know what they are
up to.
for they can bring life
with their warmth
and their light
but they can
give birth to chaos,
in an abyss of a black hole.
the death of a star,
we think we know them.
but how about their birth?
you never see their spells
how they conjure up and
sing together
and dance through constellations
to welcome their new sister.
no one knows.
not even the Giant
can predict what they can do.
no new stars.
the same light.
with the same speed.
billions and billions
light years
and the distance may come to us
and hunt our minds.
are they still alive ?
are they still emanating
pure, golden
for the heartbroken,
former lovers' eyes
represent the stars.
and oh, how tragic
and beautifully melancholic
it is
to better think that
the stars don't shine anymore.
if not for them,
than fo no one.
don't share the night sky with anyone.
don't wake up just to catch them.
don't dismiss their magic stardust
that puts you to sleep.
because they will enchant you
and make you wish
you never shared their secrets with anyone,
not even yourself.

-May Colde
Sorry for the possible mistakes.
Mark Boschi Apr 13
the hazy moon dipped into silver
the glinting stars sank into gold,
and it was as if you were plucked from the pool of darkness
and plunged into the face of the earth

the constellations on your celestial body
the supernova glow of your being
is the starlight everyone needs
day 13 - celestial bodies

this one is dedicated to my baby niece.
Mitch Prax Mar 2
She is alone
day after day-
night after night.
Alone between pages and
in between each pen stroke
are the secrets she
keeps to herself.
She'll tell them one day and
they will explode out of her
like the supernova
that she is.
Zywa Feb 15
She's just sitting there
as a strong magnet
people come and go
home healed they say

She must be a saint
a new one, who is among us
She doesn't need anything, gives
everything right back again

People who give hope
receive hope, people full of love
get even more love
the disappointed leave

deeply disappointed and with their own anger
she knocks down aggressive visitors
Wishes and curses bounce off
her, so full of everything she is

a black star, a full void
where is no more space
complete gravity, visible
in everything that she strikes back
Collection “Secrets & Believers”
Poetic T Jan 21
A cradle of no laughter,
               the silence crawls on
                            Every sheet.

Where there was fondness of
blue pools filled with stars.
           Now black holes
                       Of desperation
Collapse within the weight of self.

The cradle is voidless in our
   Sunken voyage of silence.
       I look upon the stars
            And you became a supernova.
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