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anonymousthinker Jan 2021
just like a star being lost to a supernova
beautiful, destructive
one last memory...
xandra Dec 2020
there is a supernova
that resides in your eyes;
on the cusp of exploding,
waiting to shower everything with the light
you hold within;
the galaxies and all the stars
will be aflame with the
spark of your soul.
She lives in beauty
Though she may live with it she knows not of it
Just as the fish of the sea filtering oxygen from the waters knows not that the water
its in, is consequently the air it breaths.
She lives in beauty nonetheless
amusing all who see it and cherish it
to their deaths.
Through her youth the bounty is time and possibly a gaze that she may bestow you with profoundly.
If her gaze had never fallen upon myself I would have no words to share nor reasons for care as without the sight of her eyes on my mind I wouldn't have the slightest knowledge of beauty nor time.
She lives in beauty just as the aspens trees of Colorado glowing in their bright yellow fall coats Our love is a tree which stands solemnly.
What grew from a seed took off exponentially, and flourished magnanimously creating from within its own awning of protection, providing shade and comfort to all who may pass.
Though time dwindles and autumns rough breezes and cold winter nights nears, the flurry of winds brushes debris and leaves from the tree tumultuously.
Standing prostrate and naked the timber appears to be desolate, austere and bleak. But were it not for our sun and its ultraviolet rays to send warmth and divinity assembling from within the sugars from its cache and photosynthesis taking place in its stems to muster up all the energy to grow anew. And like once before the tree stands in all its glory preened in green sharing the love between all living things absorbing the carbon dioxide we exhale and blessing us all with the very thing that enables us to survive.
From mornings first light to nights last second of twilight does her beauty shine bright as a supernova burgeoning.
Alight from the mountains she wistfully wastes no time waiting, instead she's actively demonstrating integrity and what it takes to be in solidarity with all around her.
Mirrored flame to cherish her colour
Embellishing our moments together forever my lover
Our days turn to nights filled with more than laughter and as sure as her beauty shines bright her love is pure to my delight as she lives in beauty
Faith Oct 2020
Even the stars don't last forever
Who was I to think we would?
Cassia Jackson Oct 2020
you were my supernova,
- and i your sunset queen.
Rachel Rae Aug 2020
The sands of time rest deeply between my toes
The night sky unchanged, even as I step into the next day
A shooting star in my world, taking a lifetime of breathes just to cross the sky
But you were one that shouldn't have existed within my space
A supernova in a place of long days and low tide

You found me, kissed me, begged me and left me
before the tear could even leave my eye.
With such force, you sped past like a rushing wind
Leaving my hair torn across my face in the wake of your absence
And my hands shivering out of lack of warmth that I don’t remember having known

Should I apologize for not being able to match your passionate pace of life,
Or resent the cosmos for letting two very different beings cross paths?
Still I hope that my voice reaches you,
journeying many years in the swirls of space, till it whispers in your ear

I want you to know that I am as I always was,
traversing the shore, watching the stars
though my gaze searches a bit harder than before
In hopes that a ghostly glimmer of your presence still lingers
Mark Toney Jul 2020
I'm the Big Dog—VY Canis Majoris
in the Big Dog constellation
that's why you still adore us
Howling loudly—I'm a star!
Among the biggest known to man
Distinctly visible from afar
so don't look for me at Cannes!
I'm an interstella' fella red
hypergiant pulsating fireball
which drives the ladies mad!
Living large in the Milky Way G
I'm bright and sizzlin' hot as can be
Full of soul, a potential black hole
So move it on ova' while I supernova!

© 2020 Mark Toney.  All rights reserved.
7/1/2020 - Poetry form: Personification - This flight of fancy packs star power! - © 2020 Mark Toney.  All rights reserved.
ali May 2020
you told me, of all
the stars in the galaxy
i was the brightest

i only believed you when
i was the first to explode
"A supernova can shine as brightly as an entire galaxy of billions of ‘normal’ stars."
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