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mark soltero Apr 30
sometimes i am not the one
you taught me that

narcissistic to my core i will admit
i never thought that i could do what we've done

you get to know me on the same level as god
because i have allowed you to

you have kept and created spots in my heart
that only you could fill

you make me feel like bag on the freeway
floating, fast and melting at the seam
Light walks into my life,
Like a shining stone at some height.
It show the path and made it bright.
Whenever I find myself in dark, it came to show right sight.
My strength is in me, it taught and made me strong to fight.
light, the source of which is unknown but most of us has encountered it once or more which tell us what is righteous to be done, we doubt it first,but at the end it was right.
SA Szumloz May 2020
I let myself succumb to desires
That aren't worthy to be nurtured
I fall for the same sin, the same fault
That I've a million times taught
Myself not to surrender to
But it keeps falling through
The cracks of my soul
Making me lose control
Of the goodness inside

My entire being.
Tony Tweedy May 2020
The fourteenth day of May approaches and skies are turning grey.
Forty years it will be since the cancer took you away.

You never knew your grand-kids or saw me take a wife.
But you taught me how to live and lead a decent kind of life.

The fourteenth day of May will always bring me oh so low.
It will always mark the first step on the lonely life I now know.

I try to push aside dark memories to recall only good times we had.
I think on how I yet miss you, still oh so proud you were my dad.
The first step to the lonely place I now live.
Mystic Ink Plus Apr 2020
Time may taught One
When to scroll
When to walk
When to run
When to jump
When to stop

Still there is
A way long
For ever and ever

What matters
Genre: Observational
Theme: Learning
Nina Dec 2019
I've never thought
I'd fall for an Irish man
Never have i ever
Considered falling for one
And yet
I did
I fell too deep
For a man i barely knew
And yet
I wanted to have a future with him
I wanted to learn  more about him

The first irish man
To ever made me fallen so deep
The one that taught me how to long myself
To accept me for who i am
Ive fallen for him too deeply
For he is the first man
To teach me so many things
To love myself
To accept myself
He was the first man
The first irish man
I'd fallen for
And  would always be in my heart
He was the first irish man
I want to have a future with
Masha Yurkevich Nov 2019

he closes his eyes.
He looks so relaxed;
s o   w i s e .

His body,
feeling cold against my skin;
his his fingers,
c o o l   a n d   t h i n .

His skin,
scaly and smooth,
he looks so perfect,
nothing to add
o r   r e m o v e .

he opens his eyes.
Looking at me,
I think I see him
s m i l e .

He looks
so small,
so delicate,
in my hand.

Yet his every move
is so majestic,
s o g r a n d .

His bright green color
is so appealing;
his thin tail
like a
s t r i n g .

He sits there,
looking up at me;
and we both just sit there,
w e   s i t  a n d   w e   s e e .

No matter who we are,
we all need
we all need
we all need
s o m e o n e .

My new best friend, a green little Anole lizard, has taught me some things:
we all need someone
and someone need us.

I know the beginning of this poem could have sounded a little like a love poem,
but it's a little of both love and my typical poetry.

I hope all enjoyed it. :)
Faith Sep 2019
I taught myself to believe
That you were better than that
That you were not the guy everyone told me you were

I taught myself to believe
That you're mistakes were not the usual you
That you were actually really nice

I taught myself to believe
That you were a genuine boy
And when push came to shove, you cared about me

I taught myself to believe
That you were perfect
And that everything would be wonderful if I could call you mine

But after all that teaching
I learned that I was wrong
Now I'm stuck crying alone...
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