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Faith Sep 2
I taught myself to believe
That you were better than that
That you were not the guy everyone told me you were

I taught myself to believe
That you're mistakes were not the usual you
That you were actually really nice

I taught myself to believe
That you were a genuine boy
And when push came to shove, you cared about me

I taught myself to believe
That you were perfect
And that everything would be wonderful if I could call you mine

But after all that teaching
I learned that I was wrong
Now I'm stuck crying alone...
Kayla Aug 22
They told us
To keep our legs open
Unlike our mouths
a redwood in our family tree
you yell at me to shed my leaves

and whittle down my cosmic grasp
and come down to Earth, perhaps.

but your leafy canopy once shielded me
and now that I've grown up differently

you try to tangle up my roots to choke
whilst explaining you don't know how I broke.

want me to tell you how I'm evergreen
when there isn't another conifer to be seen?

you never told me how to grow
so I taught myself everything I know.

so when you see my towering grace
know that I was not misplaced

and all of it was your mistake
and my pride you'll never take.
As roots grip onto the crust below
the sky welcomes my embrace.
Amanda Apr 6
I, Amanda Kay Burke, on this day (April 5th, 2019), declare myself to all of you.

I declare no belief in what we refer to as "God."

I don't own enough luck to find four-leaf clovers.

I love those rare moments in time when bliss lays its roots so deep in my mind I become one of those people who cannot stop smiling.

Waking in time to catch the sunrise.

I love catching frogs too.
Yet I suspect I enjoy releasing them even more.

I love watching the rain crash down from above
Like tears from aliens we'll never encounter
On a distant moon in my skull
Or some astrophysical realm I saw in a dream.

I love bleeding
It reminds me I am actually still a breathing human being
I hate the pain as much as any undomesticated animal does though

I love sweets.
Maybe because I am sour like vinegar.
How I long to instead be cake, honey, or even peach-like in nature.
I want to be caramel melting into buttery rich folds
For a day or perhaps two at most.

I love surprises.

I declare I love showers.
They make me feel okay.i

I love my family.
I love my friends.

I love being the reason someone laughs

Love the freckle on the end of my nose.

The shape of my fingernails.

I love that my limbs all work the way they were designed.
That I have ten fingers, two eyes, and one heart.

I love that I only have the best intentions.
It makes up for the ideas I try that fail.

I declare I hate running
Or any exercise really..

I shrug off those who believe they know me when they don't.

Not a fan of classical music

Or boys who treat love like a joke.

I despise the white shreds of paper leftover when you rip pages out of a notebook.

I hate cigarettes, but you can vape around me.

I hate my completely pathetic lack of willpower.

I hate how the most trivial things make me angry.

I declare my hatred towards rising stress.

Hate how I cry over geometry.

I hate my nose, teeth, and thighs.

In each and every last form
I hate all types of goodbyes.

I hate my voice when I complain a tad too much.

How unathletic and clumsy I am.

I hate how I can keep everyone else's secrets
Not my own

When I can't grasp concepts the rest of the room understands.

I declare I'm quite surprised to learn
Not all creatures are as shallow as I presume.

I was not expecting my junior year to be like this.
People I grew up with aren't there anymore.

I'm frightened I'll be torn apart by society.

I am terrified by spiders
But I think their webs are beautiful.

I love food
But hate how it makes me feel.

I'm unsure of where life will take me
I have a feeling that's part of the deal.

I declare sometimes I am a hypocrite.
A good actress but a ****** liar.

Wear my heart on my sleeve.

To be perfectly honest
When it comes to sad films
I'm a big emotional cried.

I am human.
I have plenty of flaws.
The worst at moving on and letting go.

Every ordeal I've been through on this Earth had made me strong.

If there's one thing life has taught me
It is to take it day by day and go with the flow.
So you can go with the flow
Johnny walker Mar 28
When I was much younger than today If had problems I'd up and run
trying to avoid them for another day
any kind of problems
that came my way
this all ended the day Helen became my
for she opened my eyes I could see responsibility overnight all childish
and thoughts were all put away the day I became her husband and I'd learnt the meaning of
Helen thought so much In life In particular that of responsibility something I'd never knew
Johnny walker Mar 24
When waking up on the morning light seeing Helen lying there though sleeping eyes would just bring a smile to my face to see her natural beauty no make
Just knowing she was there
that I reach out and touch her to where she would awaken to look Into her eye's pretty and oh so
blue that told
She was all and everything
I'd ever dreamed of such a kind caring nature and Oh so pretty lady she never had wear make up she had natural beauty as Nature Intended
I worship the very ground she walked upon just being with her never ever wanted to part from her
just to be In her company
was a sheer pleasure she was all I ever
So when she was taken away from me I felt cheated robbed angry
we'd been together and had looked forward
together things we had planned to do and all of a sudden I'd been doing all this alone just didn't seem
the fair
my girl had worked all
her life given birth to three children wonderful mother and wife didn't even make to
life so unfair for her never
and she suffered from pain illness most if her life simple things she only asked for, only 62 when she died I see people I know well In their
The 80s
and moan and very often nasty with It, they're here and my lovely wife Is gone I know If like some those I've described  I ever become like
myself someone for God takes to put me out my misery
and spare other's having to put up with It, but I know I want because of Helen love I've
such nicer kinder thoughtful person toward others less fortunate than me that what love Is and that's
what Helen gave to
Helen thought me so much In the time we were together made me a much kinder caring person towards others
less fortunate then myself for I have the gift of compassion
Johnny walker Mar 18
A truer love I never
could have found for
this girl who gave her heart and soul to me
thought me of a love that
I had never
This girl who always stayed faithful
throughout our time together she gave her  
all she had to making
This girl called Helen
to whom I truly miss
who gave so much to
me a truer love I never could have
For with Helen I knew
I had all the love she
gave to me Helen taught
me all there was to know of  love and through
knowing her has made
me a much
kinder person to that
I have
Through Helen love and what  she thought me I have become a much nicer person
what hurt you.
never forget
what it
taught you.
Amanda Jan 25
You were the smallest baby when you were born
How could we have guessed you'd be such a thorn?
You put the twinkle in our eye
It reminds me daily when I look at my thigh.

I hate moments we argue, hate when we fight
You have been so wrong but mostly you're right
Can't imagine giving birth to a child
You sacrificed lots to make sure I smiled

I dedicated life to my daughter
Little did I know that would stupidly start some slaughter
Now you go begin life on your own
I stand back watching how much you have grown
Very confident and bold
More valuable than silver or gold

I did not ask to be brought into this world
Hands tiny, innocently curled
So much time has passed since then
Now you're not just my mom, you're my best friend!

Raising you taught me so much
With more ahead in store
Every day that passes I
Love more and more
Me and my mom did this collaboration together i thought it was pretty badass
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