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R Nov 16
the voices are getting loud.
pillows muffle them sometimes
until they make me angry
and then spells of him show
and i only fight for my life again counting it the 7th time this week
im tired.
Leeann Rose Aug 28
Late nights
It was 12 am & I was wide awake
Up, thinking of you
All we have been through
I cant sleep
I feel so weak
My heart hurts
My body is yearning for you
My mind is racing and so clouded
So many lonely nights
Fighting demons to pass the time
How did we end up alone?
Use to be the one i could call
You use to hold me so tight
I thought I loved you right ..
Its gonna be a long night
The sun will shine again soon
And I'll still be up thinking of you
Zack Ripley Mar 8
I close my eyes hoping for a lullaby.
You can imagine my disappointment when one doesn't come
No matter how hard I try.
RedAgain Jan 5
Does it bring comfort to you

To recognise that midnight birdsong?
Mockingbird taunts
At your struggled slumber
Count those hours ticking by

That familiar insomniac
sweet-talking charade.

It is simply the robin;
Whose rest disturbed by flourescent street-lamp glow
Is not so different from your own
Meadow Oct 2019
I had poor sleep last night.
I tossed and turned with the light on.
The light kept me safe from the quiet darkness, but not the words that scrambled to abuse me in my mind.

I've cried till my face is dry and flaking.
I cry cause of the stupidest things....
like do I wait to finish our shows? How long would I wait?
Do I watch them without you? Can I text you if something makes me smile today? Who am I going to have Thanksgiving with? Will you think of me then? Will I be a passing thought?

I didn't think more tears could even come out of me.

I have moments where I remember being unhappy with you.
Stuck and misunderstood.

I want to ride off those thoughts and use it as fuel to become whole.
But its not true... I still love you, and I feel so broken that you left like this.
I still can't eat. I can't focus on my work. I just feel so empty, and I  know thats the codepedence in me, but it hurts like you ripped a part of my soul deep from me.

Last time I lay in bed with you.
You said you would come back and we would marry, and start a family.
Then you left, and said I should get a roommate.
Who does that in the same day?

I'm so tired as I write this, just jumbled nonsense I need to leave my mind.
You left to clear your mind, but you cleared me out too.
and now i'm stuck in an apartment full of memories of you and our 7 years together. I'm stuck because you said it's a find, and that it would be a shame to let go. Before you said it's cause you're coming back. I feel let on, and so ******* confused.
I wish you'd come and take the rest.

I wish you'd come and take me to.
Raw morning thoughts after 4 hours of sleep.
Faith Jul 2019
I find
A rhythmic beat
To the pounding
Upon my rooftop
And as the thunder shakes my walls
My thoughts fade
Into the darkness
Of the clouds outside
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Millie Jun 2019
Back against the wall
I hear them yell all night
Who needs sleep?
4:30pm feels like a long ways away
on only 2 and a half hours of sleep,
6 hours of ***** fueling the fire,
a ****** song stuck in your head,
no coffee and forgotten lunch,
working 10 hours of nothing work
with a manager who tells and
laughs at the same story everyday,
a supervisor arguing logic w/illogic,
a knot of co-workers very loud
yet not so smart
and a whole world of sun-poisoned
people who care very little for your
problems and I thank them
just the same.

I can’t wait to crack the seal again.
nightdew Feb 2019
i think it's normal to miss people,
i can see you twirling your hair with your finger,
i can hear your melodious laughter rumbling through my mind,
i can feel your smooth skin under my fingertips.

i want to admire your beauty once again,
gaze into those dazzling eyes,
feel your lips locking mine.

but you're gone,
you've vanished into thin air,
leaving nothing but bits and bits of memories,
and countless amounts of heartache.

and along with you,
you've stolen my heart,
robbed me of the sun's rays,
and took away countless hours of sleep.

you've left nothing but pain,
poured me endless thoughts at 3 AM,
everything consists of missing you.

is missing someone like this still normal?
i don't think it's possible to get over you.
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