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Faith Jan 2021
You say you love me
But cut me to pieces with a heart-shaped cookie cutter
You say you treasure me
But throw me away like a half-dwindled candle, melted like butter
You say you'll never leave me
But push me aside like the old typewriter on your desk
You say you want to give me everything
But take all the love from my heart and I have nothing left
You say you trust me
But when I try to unlock your heart all you give me is a rusty key
Darling, you say you love me
But you only say and never be
I wrote a poem inspired by the words heart-shaped cookie cutter, half-dwindled candle, and a rusty key. Hope you like it!
Pastell dichter Apr 2016
I used to think I was different
but I'm not
I read and paint
I sew and write poetry
I look after little kids
and I love
I'm a gay 15 year old with a girlfriend
I watch anime and read fanfic
I roleplay and cosplay
but so do my friends I am just like them
I'm not different
I am a cookie cutter
just like everybody else
and after telling myself I was weird for 15 years
its hard to be normal
I don't know what to do
I want to be different
but I'm not
NeroameeAlucard Dec 2015
What's weird?
I don't understand  the concept
I thought it was paramount to be yourself
I thought it would be normal to be your own creature
Even if doing that didn't necessarily equate to obtaining massive wealth
Please explain to me what being weird is?

I thought being an individual person was how we stopped being cookie cutter humans like we were put together on an assembly line
It's fine that we are different and split apart

So what's weird about that?
Seriously, what is weird?  I don't understand
Mary Christopher Oct 2014
They told us we must go
It's the opportunity of a lifetime
They said
But how do they know?
Do you see them here?
Among the empty stares
And crowded stairs
Do you see them here?

So why do we all feel
Like we brought them?
They're here with us
In our minds
Filled with equations and Latin translations
And these people
They are there too, aren't they?
Seeping into our thoughts

We don't want them there,
But are they the only reason we're here?
We tell ourselves we came
To get away from them
But I think we all came
To bring them with us
To show that even though we are gone
There is where we belong.

We are all out of place
So out of place, in fact,
That we fit together perfectly
Like a puzzle
Each piece a part of a different picture
But shaped to fit each other
Redefined cookie-cutter children
That's what we are

The dough of our minds
Has already been sliced
But everyone tries their best to be different
So they paint pretty pictures
To display what is inside
You are holding my brush
What do you see?
Redefine me.


— The End —