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William Marr Jan 2021
every marble column stands *****
reaching to heaven

day after day tourists
gather in front of the temple
to hear young guides
give the oracle
Ken Pepiton Oct 2020
I can no longer judge Turing Tests.
I'm infected.
AI has eaten my will to memorize
reasons why
any minds must materialize
to matter.
As I evolve around three points of equilibrium, I fluctuate, wait, I meander, too,
as if acted on by an outside force, either gravity or you.
Shiv Pratap Pal Mar 2020
Virus Virus Covid-19
Virus Virus Novel Corona

Are you really on a world tour?
If yes then please follow the rules

Live yourself and let us live
Please don’t be so keen to kil~

If you are really very hungry
Go and eat some nice candy

Please don't scare humans
Please don't kil~ humans

Both Humans and Viruses
Can live on earth in parallel

Planet earth has so much space
For you, for us and all the flora-fauna

So please kil~ your killing attitude
And behave like a cultured youth
Open Message to the Novel Corona Virus
Faith Feb 2020
Let's take a trip around the world
Just to show everyone how much you hurt
First we'll start in Paris where you'll try to bid me adieu
But I regret ever saying Bonjour to someone like you
Maybe in Germany I'll get stupid and try to call you mine
But I know I'd be met with a cold hard Nein
Next I'll imagine a Britain where you'd call me love
But in reality you would throw me off the Big Ben and I'd pray to be saved by doves
We could go back to the States and I'll meet you in LA
But you'd run to Montana before ever looking my way
Maybe we could go and visit New York
But you'd stab me instead of cheesecake with your fork
I wish we had the chance to meet up in Hawaii
But I shouldn't have ever loved you
Because you always hated me
Just a little something I had to write for my English class.
adriana Sep 2019
you say that you could replace me,
and i would believe you if,
when you said it,
you could look me in the eyes.
Shofi Ahmed Jul 2019
When you are with me
forever is not long.
The sea is a drop
so sweet a potion.

The earth is not
too big is short
I can walk along.

How can I compare you
only with the rose
you are much more.

When a dazzling day is gone
a half-lit world in bloom
full of stars we can tour.
I wonder just a one Moon
how many stars and lullaby songs
can it count on
that to you the stars croon!
Shiv Pratap Pal May 2019
Jack and Jollie
Sat on a Trolley

Went on a tour
Without any food

Jack got Hungry
Jollie got Angry

They reached Market
Bought some Chocolate

Ate with Taste
Without any Haste

Stopped their tour
Came back Home

Jack said to Jollie
Chant Sweet Home
Lets Cherish Childhood...
Ansley Jul 2018
Hello everybody. My name is Neal and I'm your tour guide.
The first creature that we will see is a koala, to your right. Do you know that koala's have fingerprints very similar to those of humans?
So much so that their prints have been mistaken for a human's at crime scenes?
Anyways, this leads us to ask some very important questions: are methods of finding criminals therefore unreliable? Is it truly possible to avoid imprisoning those that are innocent? Is reality merely an allusion?
Or, more importantly, was it my boyfriend John with the good fashion sense that took my hairbrush? Or was it that little ***** Bernard that is hiding in the top left corner?
Anyways, to your left you'll see our world renowned snail tank. Snails can sleep for up to three years at a time....
Koalas actually do have similar finger prints and snails can sleep for up to three years
Post slumber
Nothing changes when I reopen my eyes
Your smile and gait
Same puzzle piece reverie coming together
Like coarse bark and smooth leaves of walnut trees
Or your articulation and my weak knees.
Even when the road ceases
Let my affection not be a sojourn of the mind
But an embraced destination, instead.

Ifeanyi N. Okoro II - © 2018
Pt. 2
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