Nylee Apr 4

When I'm alone at night ,
I am not scared to turn off the light
I am not frightened that  easily
That is what I tell myself
I don't glance behind every next moment
I don't jump when I see some shadows
The strange sounds in the background
which echos around
doesn't terrify me
Nor do I look outside the window
Or I hide behind my pillows
There is nothing to fear at night
Nothing at all

Rebel Heart Feb 12

In a room full of people
Yet I'm so empty inside
So tired of putting on these masks
With nowhere to hide

Under my bed
in the midst of the night
my demons run loose
and keep me up with fright

I'm constantly running
Away from myself
Screaming, shouting, crying
For anyone to help

And as the sun rises
I've survived another day
Still clinging on to the hope
That this will all go away

Short version of the poem that inspired my new song
Lady Bird Feb 11

echoed steps faster pace
shadows on every corner
running with no destination
tripping over her confusion
she's now on the ground
eyes covered with fright

Raegan Meyer Jan 18

it had been too dark
in the middle of the night

i was choking with fright

surely we can
the streetlight

you, my dear friend, are the streetlight. i was lost and scared in the dark and you shone bright. and for that, i thank you.
Raegan Meyer Jan 17

shaking hands
clutch them tight
don't let your eyes
show the fright

stand still
don't be seen
clench your jaw
contain the screams

flickering eyes
shallow breaths
try to blend in
look like the rest

i give up
i'm letting it out
don't run away
listen to my shouts

i'm telling the truth
the world is my jail
there's no time to live
only to fail

so i'm done trying
to walk this rope
until the world figures out
there's no hope

when you find your reason to hope, hold on tight. there are others who didn't last through the fight.
Ian Moonsy Oct 2016

The days grow slower,
And the nights even colder
As the spirits wake from their slumber
Only during the month of November.

The slight scare in the air
Makes the moonbeams glare,
So everyone could be aware
Of the November nightmare.

The place where no one dwells
Is where the demons raise Hell;
At the clock's tick of midnight
Rampage until the dawn's bright light.

Question is, who let these demons be free
That makes everything run and scream?
A never-ending, dreadful story,
Or could it be all just a twisted dream?

Alas, whatever it may be
The horror and the obscene;
Forbidding, uninviting, it is mostly seen
Only during the grim month of Halloween.

Robin & Me
Troy Bell Aug 2016

Darkest of nights
Repel this fright
Evil be wiped
From this sacred sight

From deep it dwells
Blood ravage beasts
Thy death be swift
So wings take flight

This hollowed night
We bless to thee
No more torment
From this wretched fright

Ami Shae Jul 2016

How did it happen?
How did every human being
on the planet
become so broken,
so ill equipped to deal
with the realities of life?
How did it happen?
What turned me into one
who cannot fathom bliss
one who cannot see even a sliver of light
on a dark, cloud filled day?
How did it happen?
I look everywhere for just ONE,
just one positive, caring soul
who has FAITH in this world
that mankind will not consume me
and all else that lives
upon this earth of ours.
How did it happen?
No where is there relief
from pain, from fright, from inhumanity
and cruelty of heart--
all I see anymore is hate and fear
and a collected effort
to simply destroy all.
How did it happen?
by Ami Shae

I look around and all I see are selfish, cruel humans who care nothing about anyone but their own private agendas... sorry... I think Trump has fried my brain and seeing him makes me see only the bad, the horrific, the inhumanity that exists. I promise you this, if he becomes our President, no one will ever see me in this life again. I will be completely and utterly done. Yes, I'll vote, I just hope our world will continue on...
Maria Imran Jul 2016

recurring dreams, a pill, a fight,
flight for safety? fright for life.

SøułSurvivør Jul 2016


Noonday sun
Casts the darkest shadows

But they huddle


(C) 7/12/2016

Thanks for all your love and support friends. I have to go off site for a while. But I will be back this evening...
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