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sushii May 5
You’re green, bubbly, and magenta.
You’ve transformed my vision of what I call psychedelia—
I wouldn’t have expected you to walk up to me right here, right now.
You have candy canes on your face!
Funny you should come to this place....

Do you like it here?
See, look! A blue deer!
Wait, why is he sad?
Come along, please don’t be mad...

...a pretty color indeed!
Yes, I think it’s very sweet.
I’m so very curious, sir.
Why is it that the mangroves stir?

I find your idea rather enchanting,
However my imagination is too demanding...
Why are you here?
What summoned you and told you to appear?

Never the matter, let’s bask away;
Hurry, there’s only so much left today.
Beautiful, yes it is,
But stranger than a ghost’s kiss...

I don’t quite understand...
My fate doesn’t feel too grand,
And I suddenly realize
The meaning behind all your lies.

You were the one.
You took away the sun,
Leaving me with night
And a heart filled with fright.
You were the one.
You said it’d be fun,
And guided me in my infancy
To not worry or look too closely
Until one day it was gone

And I tried to forget
That you were the one.
Nylee May 5
Catch me with the light
Cause I only play in the darkness
Creeping around with my
Claws out
I walked through that door
They said "please, sit down"
"We've got some bad news,
And it's all over town"

"Someone said something,
And said it was you"
"She said that you touched her,
We know that's not true"

I've always loved kids
In all the right ways
I never looked AT THEM
Not even sideways

Along comes His Ex
His Ex with a grudge
She took my good name
And turned it to sludge

We all were questioned,
By all the experts
Questions that frightened
And questions that hurt

And "NO"was the answer
The little girl said
"Oh, I sat on his lap"
"But!, he only read!"

"Unsubstantiated" was
The word that they used
It stays with you always
A huge mental bruise

Forty years later
I keep them at bay
NO!, It's not right
But how it will stay
I was falsely accused of child ****** abuse back in the 80's..,
Back when all those day cares were being paraded into court on somebody JUST saying so!!
Ruined many a life...
Funny, I'm one of the lucky ones, though I still suffer, always on my guard, trying to insure that I don't leave myself vulnerable to ever having to go through that again.
For someone who Love's children, it's been a life sentence!!
Nsmith15 Apr 14
Daddy said love was all about red and white Rose, expensive dinner, ...

Truth is love is giving her half your fries when she wasn't hungry
Waking up a 4 pm, to her snoring and
Referring to shoving her off the bed.
Trying to embarrass one another, in public love, is full of stupid fright and tearful memories that make up for why I love her.
Love is just tiptoeing through life with your best friend
Random post
Rue Mar 3
As the sun shines,
it appears bright
with added signs
of love and fright.

But what we don’t see,
from this gaze,
is a certain degree
of sadness and haze.

The sun becomes dim
and all feelings appeared
to be fully grim;
for beauty has disappeared
once again.
Grace Mar 1
even sleep no longer provides relief
once a safe haven
from the restless, overactive
thoughts that never
increasingly nightmarish

realism interspersed with subconscious fears
the clever subtlety of imagination
thoroughly intertwined, entangled
veiling the dubious line
no longer distinguishable
between reality?

awake? or simply a false awakening?
Falling into depression.
Waiting for the light to catch you.
Losing sight of all hope.
No one capable of providing suspension.
Close to rock bottom with no clue.

No clue how you slipped down this *****.
At last you catch a foothold.
The light at the end of the tunnel.
Becoming bright.

Cannot allow yourself to be overcome by fright.
Cease to allow yourself to crumble.
Crumble under the weight of your load.
You finally have ceased to fall.

Now stand up proud and tall.
Outsider Feb 5
My head tackled down,
viewing at the ground.
I dare not lift my expression,
as your eyes may meet mine.
It´s not that you don’t catch my interest.
Have faith in me when I say this.
But my eyes are the window to my soul.
I´m scared to show you, how badly I am wounded.
One look at me, and you will see, that I am damaged.
I am broken, and I am torn.
Ripped from joy, from happiness and from pleasure.
Your look pierce through my senses.
I tremble, with every single nerve in my body.
Frightened, that you might see who I really am.
It hurts me to expose all these wounds,
that I attempt so desperately to stitch.
I try, but I am too fearful to display myself so openly.
The wall of protection that I have built for myself is withering.
Lay your eyes on mine, and I will crumble.
For I have been strong for too long.
One taste of intimacy,
has me uncluttered, like the work of a world-famous artist,
exhibited for everyone to see.
And that, I am not ready for.
agnes Jan 22
my neck is decorated
with a necklace tight enough
to almost hurt

i like it
but my mind stops
and i feel the necklace
turn black

i visualize your hand
as it grips my neck
and suddenly the necklace
is blood red

am i bruised
your handprint will always
be a crude reminder
of how much i hate
my necklace
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