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Bellissima May 28
I walk from dirt trails
drenched in the echoes
of laughing teenagers,

soaked in the reflections
of drunken hopes,

to a purer path,
flooded in the promise
of a new beginning.
Only Friday makes me shudder again with life
Awakens my spirit yet only for a brief time
It comes, a brink of hope onto desires
Of beautiful possibilities
Only now have I settled into someone’s arms
And Friday is the safe day
Of falling in that place again
It seems a meeting point of time now
When the lovers reunite again
Separated by the week long
It is where the wait ends
Longing for the cover, shed of human heart
Being drenched with insecurities
It is time to fill it with warmth
K Balachandran Dec 2018
Dew drenched rose petels,
Winter’s perfect deception,
Season’s seduction!
Don’t be deceived by the lissom rose’s seductiveness; with her sharp claws and long fangs winter lurks in the background to take you in to her freezing  embrace!
Julian Caleb Nov 2018
As a drenched, drowned bee
Hangs numb and heavy from a bending flower,
So clings to me
My baby, her brown hair brushed with wet tears
And laid against her cheek;
Her soft white legs hanging heavily over my arm
Swinging heavily to my movements as I walk.
My sleeping baby hangs upon my life,
Like a burden she hangs on me.
She has always seemed so light,
But now she is wet with tears and numb with pain
Even her floating hair sinks heavily,
Reaching downwards;
As the wings of a drenched, drowned bee
Are a heaviness, and a weariness.
Simra Sadaf Oct 2018
drenched in the colours
of sunlight ombré
your soul burns
so incandescently
that it could have
saved Prometheus
from the wrath of Zeus.
stopdoopy Jul 2018
Expressing my feelings for you, it worries me.

How would you take it?

Is it awkward?

Are you annoyed or flattered?

I don't need you to feel the same.

I just need you to understand, what I say, feel, mean.

Drenched in two tones.

Both full of love.
And they weren't worth ****
Lady Bird Mar 2017
I write because the paper listens
to the tears and laughter of my soul
like blood pumping though my vanes
seeping ink drips down the damp pages
as I write across every straight line
the messy confused bottled up thoughts
turn into questions running through my head
high above my neck it sits holding it all in
just think of what my brain is going through
my pen may scribble to fill the page
with words written from my soul
yet it transforms all my thoughts
never before told

my pen takes hold of the paper
as I hold the flow of my thoughts
floating through the lines on each page
riding the waves of concept
that takes flight
thoughts are like birds
so many in groups
bunched together
one by one loose
feathers drop
here and there
falling out of line
yet finds its place
ether speaking in flight
or written in words
the paper listens
that's why I write

my words can hit instantly as you can see
I have to jot them down as they spark..
or they just might fly away from me
I write because the paper listens
for inspiration it can vanish so quickly
sometimes my thoughts may flow fast
if I stop in the middle I lose the imagery
causing my pen to trip over words
leaving behind a big mess of typos
then the bad grammar is exposed
my pen may scribble to fill the page
with words written from my soul
yet it transforms all my thoughts
never before told

just to let you know
my words can hit instantly
that's just how I be
most of my writings
are free style poetry
my mind possess the tempo
as each poem I write grows
I the poet hum silently as
my ink of harmony flows
from my quenching desire
my mind and fingers they
think much faster than me
unleashing unspoken thoughts
silent for too long I can not be
the paper listens and gets drenched
with thoughts of my hot to the touch
written emotions curved creatively
Austin Stafford Jan 2017
Endless thoughts swim
inside my head
as I drift into a
lyrical sea. Emotions
surge in rhythmic waves
as sublime ideas
flood the pages.
Paper drenched in
melodic verse,
passion gushes
and I'm engulfed,
drowning in the
whispers of my soul
as the ink
flows from my pen
Saurabh Tak Sep 2016
On the wheels, I whirl, I spin, I move
Clouds too whirl, then darkness spins
A lightning bolt, then the deafening sound,
Then it pours,
N the fire flies go dim
I dont amble, I dont whisk
Opening my hand, gawking above, I dont decline
Three winks! Drenched n detached from the me wrenching myself,
I wheel as  "The Lance Armstrong"

Heavy pours invite a stroll
Cats and Dogs pouring down dismay Rats, ROFL!
Oust as Prince Zuko, I stroll
Surrendering myself to  the Zephyr
Same trail but with ****** looks
Hypnotic green, drenched, raise me to the Oblivion
Shimmering in the distant are two dim lights
N I ***** like " The Supertramp"

Beginning of the ultimate inception, I touch
Extending my arms to the cries of sky
Dont know the destination of this alley
Trying to think what 'm anticipating
Though without any charge on my shoulders
Flickering in the near distant are two lights
I hike as " The Aron"

'm I tears, I dont know
Even the silence has sulked
Nothing's in my head
Green n Brown, Pink n Purple hues
Repose the folioles, within
Distant lights are passing by now
I stride as " The me"

To the Aisle,
where birds peep, cheep, chirp, quaver, tweet n warble
From the stroll to the stride
's a short walk of hues n blues
The fringes have passed by
Arena's clear n so 'm I.
taia Apr 2016
i walk home in rain
my hood down, my face exposed
hair is drenched when done
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