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We build empty temples
Called Individuals,
Relation bondages that though not accessed,
Still access you and build your temples

False fallible structures
That hold this concept in space,
But we cannot find
Place here
So we create
In art

What’s more
We are
Each of us becoming
The lives
We live

Self is only
The extension of this poem.
Penelopejayde Dec 2018
i know i can't make music like some.
i know i can't make paints play like some.

but i know what i can do more than some.
I can love you more than anyone.
love in the most confusing way. i want it to be easy.
Anya Nov 2018
Rather to be...
A big          fish
In a           small pond
Or small        fish
In a         big pond
I've come across this question
a        lot

Whether to be a lead        in the middle school play
Or an extra    in the high school play

To be top of          JV
or to be bottom of  Varsity

To get A's in           regular math
Or B's in accelerated

To be the best         of the worst
To be the worst         of the best

Is a question,
Grappling             with
Lady Bird Sep 2018
each fallen letter
scattered the tabletop
sliding their shadows behind
from the darkness into light
A through Z
the alphabet yearns for
their wording placement
Inspiring picture here---
George Krokos Jan 2018
Hey you there, oh thou drooping rose
what are you trying to disclose?
It seems that time has passed quickly
and left you now looking sickly.
You once were so bright and fragrant
but now you are like a vagrant;
shedding down all those body parts
before the expected end starts.
Was it because of your placement
in front of a sheer glass casement
on that window sill sun-exposed
and in midday hours being closed?
My sympathy for you dear friend
it looks as if you're near the end.
Written late Nov.2017.
Inspired by actual matter of fact events as penned in the poem after placing a cut rose in a small vase with water on the window sill in the kitchen.
JDK Oct 2015
I was at this party one time,
where an ex-girlfriend of mine
gave me **** over the type of beer I was sipping on.

I can't believe you're drinking a blonde!"

In that moment,
I remembered why we'd broken up;
Her pretentiousness was way over the top.
"I drink cheap beer.
So what?
JDK Jul 2015
I don't even care if they care.
Just give me a pair of eyes to stare at while I improvise lines.
A couple of ears to hear some sorry excuses for rhymes.
I'll recite them all for less than a dime.
I'm just hoping for another free Corona.
(Please hold the ******* lime.)
I'll be here all week.

— The End —