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Kairosclere Jun 2020
I am your
Joyous memory
Touched by sadness
The reason
Behind your wry smile.
TD May 2019
Were I an inking virtuoso
a veritable genius with the quill
I’m sure the applause would be thunderous
and I—
would be dead.
a pillage
and loot
this Saturday
night was
very cute
as me
foreboding but
outside the
coffeeshop with
a map
that haunt
madam dacha
with pouch
in debt
this resolute
capture was
Russian probe
a fallacy here
TD Oct 2018
Why does there have to be an aisle?

No man is a—-


And I shake my head

and find my Atlantis—

before they burst my air bubble.

TD Aug 2018
It slipped into my fantasies
a forbidden kiss upon a brow,
tenderness that longed for passion
without the threat of tears.

I fancied myself a courtesan
and dared my dreams to yawn beyond.
Centered on an intriguing glint
no brooding skies would dare chance
a pearl of rain.

My cheekbones hollowed
flush with expectancy.
A heart gaunt for liquidity
I darted like a dawning gale
and flared my skirts petulantly.

Never so intriguing was a pout
that didn't tease for something more.
If I were a bird I'm sure
I'd have feathers for brains.
Another self cynicism bit..
dubious churning benevolent altruism

this anonymous beastie boy boilerplate endeavors:

(instagramming literary maven) questing user yawps

critically griping knowing personal tidbits xeroxed blithely,

freely jeopardized nuggets (revealed vital), zealously doled

heftily linkedin private treasure trove, (Xfiles breached

flagrant junction mandating righteous validating zero

divulgence heaves lamentable ploy, tellingly xing bald

felonious figurative joyriding, nonchalantly revealing

valuable (Ziegfeld bomb crackling) debacle, heralding

litigious proven, *******, basic foolhardy (Laurel) jack

knifed, networked, rapaciously villainous, zealously dubious,

horrendously lowball practices, thru (Cambridge Analytica)

xy zealots, asininely execrable, intolerantly malignant,

quintessentially ugly, yawningly dastardly, horrendously

lamentable, pathetically treasonous, xtra blameworthy,

fiendishly jawboning, mindlessly paradigm quaking,

unethical yahoo careless gross injustice jangling kow

towing, pleasing the Xmen, banefully Facebook friggin

jerky maliciously narcissistically opprobrious predacious

quisling underhandedly yo-yoing cello glomming kik off

preachiness spar!
Lady Bird Jun 2016
once treasured like a gem strong and free
withered and withdrawn now like a falling tree

I arise to seek the questions as to why
this once sparkling gem is becoming so wry

my heart can endure love; upset it cant take
but overdose it with pain it will soon break

my mind holds thoughts that no one can comprehend
my heart holds feelings that only I can understand

I am my own trapped prisoner struggling to break free
yet the fragile woman I am can break in two so easily

buried deep in both hopes and fears
a locked door hides all my falling tears

anger its biting every bit of my pondering soul
causing me to loose the shape of my whole
Frank Ruland Sep 2014
"Bless. Your. Soul.
Here's your nails,
your coffin,
your hole"
Frank Ruland Aug 2014
With the widest grin
little Timmy did begin
to scurry across the field
to Coach, his eyes peeled
for the same happy smile--
Coach just waited for awhile.

"Coach! Did I make the cut?"
Timmy asked, his heart in a knot
Coach, however, sighed
he just couldn't lie.
"No, Timmy, I'm afraid not
in fact, I need to tell you a lot."

"Frankly, your game *****
I've seen faster moving ducks
You just can't seem to hit the ball
your swings don't come close at all
My ex-wife has more game than you
I just don't think you could improve
My opinion is you don't have a knack
for any sport, as a matter of fact
You wouldn't be good at anything
Hellen Keller wouldn't have you sing
And I am sorry, but I have to say
I was just told by authorities
that your parents gave you up
said they were done with that chump
I don't think you'd ever be adopted
any hopes of that should be stopped
The only place that might take you
is a sweatshop making ninety-two
cents an hour, but that's good news
I mean, what else could you do?
And, someone ran over your dog
He's in a coma, but for how long?"

And with this, Timmy's heart broke
His world shattered; no more hope
With a tremor in his words,
he opened his mouth and he slurred,
"Coach, that just can't be true!
You're just kidding, aren't you?"

Coach smiled, and then he said,
"Yes I am. The dog's already dead."
Frank Ruland Aug 2014
Dearest Jinx,
I bid thee thine warmest farewell;
I was in a rush to get to work today
I did not see you by the gate
You escaped and did not anticipate
That we lived right off a highway
I suppose,
tragedy was all too imminent
in respect to your namesake.

— The End —