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SoVi Oct 4
Look at all the pictures
Photos that surround me

Look at all the smiles
Grines that suffocate me

Look at all the people
Strangers that embrace me

Look at all the colors
Hues that cover my body

Look at me know
Just a shadow of myself

Is it not sad
How everything bad

Was once a gift
A present to have

© Sofia Villagrana 2019
achen Sep 8
you write as if all the letters
in the alphabet are scribbled in your mind,
and all the words are memorized.

you tattooed poetry in all the parts
of your body, and you help me to
let my insides be one of them.

poetry is stained in you,
but the blood of hesitation
in doing what you want remains
been a while... something from 2017
Nat Lipstadt Jul 2016

Every summer, I relearn a new language.
Every winter, it departs for warmer climes,
Its charms and naked arms,
Its own alphabet,
Clean forget.

Multi-lingual in the summer's peculiar
One language, one aleph bet,
With a mega-millions of dialects,
Know them all, cold,
know them all, hot.

I speak Woman.

Summer is soft, shapely, sweet,
Clean, bare, lush in a sparse way,
And Woman is spoken thusly.

There are no harsh sounds,
Guttural exclamations, nein!

I speak Woman.

There is no **** in the summer.
**** being an **** word.  
It cannot exist in an atmosphere of
Sun, greenery, sand, carefree days,
vacations, no school, no ways
Is there ugliness in any woman of the summer?

You could take this writ many places.
Most of them wrong,
So sputtering sexist or other labeling words,
Makes you **** and wrong.

Could not give a good *******,
In the summer of 2013,
There should be no ****, no prejudice.

In any summer,,
There should be no ****, no prejudice at all.

Long past my primal,
I still speak Woman
With almost perfect fluency,
Au naturel,
Naturellement, à la française.

Gym clothes, denim short shorts, yoga pants gone mad,
A-line skirts swishing in the breeze,
High, god, so high the heels,
Flats clip clopping, flips flip flopping,
Stilettos making love craters,
All over my heart, like a surgeon doing good work.

It is the bare arms and the fluorescent, mint stripe hints of
Summer Cleavage, the short skirts,
Body hugging one piece fabrics,
stretching from here to down there
That do not hint.

The shoulder strap of the underthings,
Asking, commanding me to
Wonder where these paths lead...

Even the light shoulder wrap,
Casual over bare shoulders slung,
A late night elegance that mocks me,
Like gift wrapping over a
Smile demure, a teasing blindfold...

All these say:

Write us poetry in our very own tongue of

Will oblige.

I curve with curve of the *****,
Invert geometry of the S arc of the waist,
Mystifying, how it is the designed place
For my hands to grasp, never failing...never letting me fall

The crayola musical colors of flesh variations,
Boggle the senses...
How can
Tan and pale,
Dark and Light
Have so many
Symphonic variations?

Adagio, slow and leisurely, a pas de deux
For two eyes, following ******* by eyes sparkling,
Timpani crashing heart and thunderous pulse quickening,
Violin heart crying out, joyous wailing need and desire sparking.

Just as Byron wrote:

"Music arose with its voluptuous swell,"

Yeah, just swell,
a voluptuous sea swell.


My eloquence is a poor instrument to portray my

Early May man glorious loves life,
Late July, sadder man,
Knowing  the summer foliage colors will soon, fall-fade,
Come August, my vocabulary, already diminishing.

Never forget
how to say in the language of Woman, this:

Without you,
I am nothing,
With you,
I am more than everything.

Tho I can no longer say it well,
It is is still true and
Beyond belief.

My one true language of love
In a world gone mad.

August 2013 ~ July 2016 - May 2017
First posted here on August 22, 2013
Edited July, 2016, May 2017
Teach man an alphabet
and he may think
he already knows scriptures
Teach him scriptures
and he may think
he already knows the secret of the universe
Show him the secret of the universe
and he may think himself equal to God
Show him the way how
and he may depart from you
and differ in route.

— Jibril Abdulmalik ©2019
Ylzm Apr 26
Weirdly wonderful caterpillars,
liquefy, transform, and reborn;
Wonderfully beautiful butterflies,
Who taught you how to do that?

Mother Nature, the mother of gaps;
Magical hand hides ignorance,
Misdirects from real question:
Why do we even ask at all?

Curiosity satiated we move on,
Forgetting blindness unremoved.
For if sighted, a new tongue to learn,
Mother Nature, the new alphabet.
Toxic yeti Apr 15
‪A is for apples ‬
B is for *******
C is for cat
D is for dog
E is for electricity
F is for food
G is for good
H is for heaven
I is for intelligent
J is for jewels
K is kick
L is for love
M is for mother
N is for no way
O is for oh jeez
P is Poppy
Q is for Queen b
R is for red
S is for shitstorm
T is television
U is for unique
V is for valued
W is for witch
X is for x files
Y is for yoda
Z is for catching zees.
Skye Mar 9
arcane antarctic anarchists autonomously attack anticlimactic antichrists

bewitching birdies belie broken bottles before bionic butlers begin breaking bath bombs

countless courtly cutthroat cockroaches' contemporary cash cows cause cutaneous cuts

digital destruction delete drab dairy dishes desperately digging down dire doorways

eerie eels eagerly enter erstwhile extant exhibits exemplifying excellent echoes

freaky fairies frustrate foreclosures for folks found furiously fighting fanciful fortifications

glorious gift-giver gaia glues grinning gaunt governors graciously, gunlike, glinting

haunting hellholes horrifically hang humans headways helping herald hera's hunt

intensely iconic imaginary intelligences interfering in immortal illnesses irritate irate inkers

jumping jakartan jailers joyously judge jammy jurassic jokers just joining june

kooky kakistocracies keep kiting kosher kindness, kalashnikovs killing kashmir kids

loose lost lovers look like lustrous lustful lemmings left luxuriously lake-locked

monstrous manatees merrily massacre murderous marching mailmen

necrophillic neverland nervously nets new newts, noxiously nabbing nieces

octagonal osprey offer ochre oceans offensive office offal over occasional oak oars

perfect plastic people precociously percolate perfume parties, perfectly pocketing potentially picked pennies

queer quotations quietly qualify quintessential queenly queries, quickly questioning quashed quests

rusty rehabilitated rentals rove russia, resting roughly round rocky road remnants

satanic siren secretaries softly surround sacrilegious sermons set somewhere special

tessellated tiles terribly terminate timely tweaked tokens, taking tidy torqued towers

ukrainian usurpers uproot uncomfortably undermined ulcerated ushers

vocational verifications veil violated violet, vying versus victory voters' versace venom

westerly worms wax while we wane, watching worlds' witch wars waste wanted wishes

x-ray xylophones X xerox xanax xenophobes, xenox xylitol xennials' xylems

yesterday's yellow yanks' yaks yearningly yawn yearlong, york's youngest yeoman yelps

zealous zyzzyvas' zombie zeal zigzag zinc zephyr zones, zygote zeniths' zoological ziggurats
This is a weird one.
A:    Away they always run
B:     Because of what follows behind
C:     Creeping low to the ground, it followed
D:     Death and darkness wound together
E:      Eternity it will be there
F:      Following not far behind
G:     Grabbing and dragging
H:     How the dead weight felt
I:      Internally screaming because they could not make a sound
J:      Juggling between life and death
K:     Killing whatever gets in there way
L:      Life is only for the living and that they are no more
M:     Moaning is no option, running they tried but
N:     Nothing gets away from, HE  
O:     Oh the joy the light is coming
P:      Perhaps a change of view
Q:     Quickly the lights blew out an all that
R:     Remains is the
S:     Silent whispers of
T:     Their names being called, tugged
U:     Under ground
V:     Venomously pulled away to a place
W:    Where the light will never be seen again
X:     Xenophobia beginning
Y:     You are no one now
Z:      Zeitgeist, no more time
Found this in my old journal.
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