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What comes after 'Z'
cannot be expressed
by letters or words.
I'm afraid, it's a bit of

For they have their say
in our struggles and fears,
in our laughter and tears,
in our sighs and moans,
to deep within our bones.

They're in our very own
heartbeats, great and small,
in that place within us
where some rain must inevitably fall.

Where they came from is no mystery,
but we each tend to use them
in the secret hours
of our private history,

like a trail of breadcrumbs,
like a bridge we jump from,
never mindful,
never loyal,
always on the tip of our tongue,
and there it toils...
Leah Carr Feb 16
A is for anguish
B is for blood
C is for cutting
D is for dead

E is for evil
F is for fall
G is for gaining
Nothing at all

H is is for healing
though we both know that's untrue
I is for in the end
I dont know if we'll push through

J is for jesus
The one who wont come to save
K is for killing myself
The relief that I crave

L is for loss
M is for mine
N is for nobody
Ever is kind

O is for ocean
The one I am lost in
P is for possibly
I am still sinking

Q is for questions
Questions I ask
R is for running
Away from the mask

S is for stupid
Like my mind
Like me
T is for taking away
All i can see

U is for under
The monstrous waves
V is for violence
When the strength begins to cave

W is for wrong
X is for xtra pain
Y is for why
And Z is for
I know the metre is a bit strange but I thought it would be good to share :)
Kassan Jahmal Jun 2021
(A) bit of words I live by.

(B) aware of what you (C)
Nowadays you're so close to meeting a trage(D)

Don't waste too much of your good energy. And don't let that gauge get to (E)
Give more (F)fort to those you love. But don't
go around donating what's in your (G)eans.

Wisdom isn't determined by your (H)
(I) learnt that recently.

Many will self title you from the front like a (J)-card. But it's o(K).
We look at them like, "oh wel(L)"

(M)any  are slave to their mistakes,
meaning we're our own worst (N)emy.

(O)ways know where you came from,
before you head out into the world. Everyone has their o(P)inions. Not every one will be for you, still at least say thank (Q)

(R) we not people of great value? Ye(S)
We seem to have come from nothing, but given time we're all some(T)in.

(U) know who you are. (V)ision yourself a better person by each day. Don't live with  (W) standards.

(X)periences, make us who we are.  (Y) worry about the past, when you have the present.

Life will always be hard, but the rewards are more fulfilling, compared to life being e (Z)
Maria Etre Dec 2020
I e(x)
aggerated the relationship
it lead me to the reasons wh
it (z)
igzagged the way it did
Lunar Oct 2020
I could never count
the three words
for you.

It was always
just one, two, or four.
"Us," "What if,"
And "What could have been."
I don't know how to spell it, but I know how to spell your name.

Seranaea Jones Aug 2020
they float in rusty rouge waters
as fog steams upward, obscuring
various uncanned flotsam

white shapes of vocabular form
disperse into random orientations
entangled by processed seagreens

i saw the letter 'k' rise to the surface,
only to slip below again as other
consonants recomposed

with a single dip of my spoon,
seven of these lifted from
their salty wakes form
a simple line of


"unremarkable soup"
© 2020 by Seranaea Jones
all rights reserved
an idea posted in 2008
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