ku tau ini tak mudah,
kau yg membuat ini sulit
seperti benang yg terlilit

tak ada alasan,
namun kau datang
tak ada penjelasan,
namun kemudian kau pergi

apa harus ku biarkan saja?
ah tidak!
sudah muak rasanya
begini saja terus rasa hatiku

seperti benang,
yang jika dipaksakan untuk ditarik,
akan mati

jika keinginanmu adalah pergi, maka pergilah;
jangan lagi kembali padaku, karena mungkin aku sudah menutup pintu hatiku untukmu.
Like an Anchors
Close to, Ocean blue
Bigger than the horizon
Strong as it’s ties

A simple threads
Full of vibes and colours
Identity explains,
An agreement
Seems freedom on fire,
A helical twist

But they say,
Twisting is mystery
Twisting is strength.
Genre: Abstract
Theme: Then, nothing matters.
Shared from my Aanthology, Canvas: Echoes and Reflections, 2018.
BianchiBlue Feb 11
just pull lightly and slowly
on the thread, it’s satisfying
to feel the unraveling - thoughts
flow like a lazy river, slowly pulling us
along - the threads of our covering
disappear as we swim, bound
by the shorelines, loosed
in a current between
Bryce Jan 4
Tonight I am in the open field
Wheatgrass freely tickles the calf
I will stretch the canvas for a hundred yards
And fade away into winter sky

Glide along the freezing clouds
In between here and outer space
A thousand miles away with the migrating geese
To go without chains

The wind screams quiet in my ears
Following the invisible breeze of fate
Alone I go, alone I rip the strings

Tonight, the moon hangs a pockmarked perfect orb
Exhilarates with the liquor of light
A dead land, timeless beyond man
A slain foe of refurbished bone
mint Dec 2017
I don’t remember how it went anymore
I was too caught up in the emotions to notice when it fell apart
It wasn’t until there was thread spilling over my hands and onto my feet that i realized that none of it was keeping us together anymore
mmmmm how sad all I remember are things going really well and things going really badly.... where was the in between?
Dark clouds drift overhead
I am looking up
You are looking down
We should be looking ahead

For your sake
For my sake
Four our sakes

I look down
You look up
We make eye contact
Before turning away again

Here we are again
I guess you can hear the violence within in my silence
I don't hear anything from you

Maybe I'm deaf
Maybe I stopped listening to others
Who knows

I don't want to let go
Yet here I am
Thinking and thinking

Looking down at the red thread
Holding the scissors in my hand
Unsure of what to do
I don't know what to do
Eleanor Rigby Oct 2017
umbilical cords i was
born with a pair
one motherly
the latter devilish
one i lost
one i kept with me
steel, forever cursed.
it pulls me
to the destruction path
where i lie with no remorse
and it's the strangest force
that pushes you away
from me.
invisible lives i lead
in the dark
where i keep you the most
but sometimes show you sparks
from a parallel road
i should have taken
right from the womb
but they drag me down
yet attached to hell
by a fine, thin
unbreakable thread

please forgive me
and them
we're one at this point

-- Eleanor
Simplicity is not often with me,
For I am constantly spinning myself
Into a labyrinthine web of words.
(It's a problem - the spinner in my head
Cranks out WAY too much thoughtful thread.)
But I know how pointless it is to live this short life
without openly sharing my truths,
So, full of ambition,
I endlessly aspire to keep the door open
To this messy box.
So I wade through the mess
Collecting anchoring chords,
Endeavoring to weave them
Into an elegant and refined tapestry,
Ready to be presented to you.
One that says,
"Ever see the sun as the star it is, hanging in the sky?"
"Imagine giant glaciers bowling over these plains,"
"What's stopping us from staying out all night?"
"Let me list all the ways you are a beacon to my spirit",
"Please tell me about everything you love,"
"I look forward to these moments with you every other moment."

But that's always, like, way too much.
10.17.17 Inktober prompt: Graceful
Rules: No edits allowed
Kaija Derycke Oct 2017
Spin silk threads trough the labyrint that binds me,
Over, under,
around and beside me...
and in the end

Come find me
Miles Dupree Oct 2017
I heard a whisper of your
in the empathy of

I excavated her
for a thread of your

to hem the frayed
of our torn

only to recover
in the corner of my
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