Skylar Musa Nov 12

Dark clouds drift overhead
I am looking up
You are looking down
We should be looking ahead

For your sake
For my sake
Four our sakes

I look down
You look up
We make eye contact
Before turning away again

Here we are again
I guess you can hear the violence within in my silence
I don't hear anything from you

Maybe I'm deaf
Maybe I stopped listening to others
Who knows

I don't want to let go
Yet here I am
Thinking and thinking

Looking down at the red thread
Holding the scissors in my hand
Unsure of what to do

I don't know what to do
Eleanor Rigby Oct 27

umbilical cords i was
born with a pair
one motherly
the latter devilish
one i lost
one i kept with me
steel, forever cursed.
it pulls me
to the destruction path
where i lie with no remorse
and it's the strangest force
that pushes you away
from me.
invisible lives i lead
in the dark
where i keep you the most
but sometimes show you sparks
from a parallel road
i should have taken
right from the womb
but they drag me down
yet attached to hell
by a fine, thin
unbreakable thread

please forgive me
and them
we're one at this point

-- Eleanor

Simplicity is not often with me,
For I am constantly spinning myself
Into a labyrinthine web of words.
(It's a problem - the spinner in my head
Cranks out WAY too much thoughtful thread.)
But I know how pointless it is to live this short life
without openly sharing my truths,
So, full of ambition,
I endlessly aspire to keep the door open
To this messy box.
So I wade through the mess
Collecting anchoring chords,
Endeavoring to weave them
Into an elegant and refined tapestry,
Ready to be presented to you.
One that says,
"Ever see the sun as the star it is, hanging in the sky?"
"Imagine giant glaciers bowling over these plains,"
"What's stopping us from staying out all night?"
"Let me list all the ways you are a beacon to my spirit",
"Please tell me about everything you love,"
"I look forward to these moments with you every other moment."

But that's always, like, way too much.

10.17.17 Inktober prompt: Graceful
Rules: No edits allowed

Spin silk threads trough the labyrint that binds me,
Over, under,
around and beside me...
and in the end

Come find me

Miles Dupree Oct 3

I heard a whisper of your
in the empathy of

I excavated her
for a thread of your

to hem the frayed
of our torn

only to recover
in the corner of my

Mary Zollars Sep 26

I love you
what more can I say?
You're brilliant, wonderful
A new kind with every line
I write about you
you're the base of my heart
I tend to you, nurture you
take care of you with every breath
you're scarred though
shattered, scratched, tortured
in every way possible
your heart's been broken
your mind's been cracked open

she's busted you

busted my lover, my pride
I walk on a thin line
don't pull it open
don't leave it closed
how far can we go
on this path an inch off the cliff
sidling by, barely holding on
we'll fall if you don't hold on to me
on to my hand, my heart
the soul you breath upon
which I have given to you
all those years ago

that you have ignored

you're hanging onto a thread
I'm grasping the other side
you either let me pull you up
and stand close by my side
or you let yourself fall down
and fall dead to the ground
I want to save you, I swear I do
saving you is what I'll do for eternity
an angel, I've told you
a guardian knight
you have to trust me, princey
trust me your life for which I live
no matter who is pulling you down
I'm always there to pull you back up

because I love you

and I always have
I've said it countless times before
yet you never listen to me
stop crawling in the lion's den
stop following trouble around
you're no use to me if you're dead
come live with me, and let it be
forget about this history
I don't care if it's haunting me
stand above land and sea
broadcast all your magesty
although it's one small step into my arms
it's a giant leap away from all harm

Alice Wilde Sep 5

Ephemeral moments
Slip through our fingers
Like moon-silk threads
Waiting to be drawn out
Into something beautiful

Dovey Sep 2

Take your needle and thread
Slowly stitch my mouth open
Jerk the strings
Contort this bleeding me
Make my body your puppet

I’m willing to say everything you like
Hey hey hey am I doing it right?
I’ll take my cues and follow the script
Trust me, I’m very obedient

All you Jews are a bunch of Rotten Egghead Geek Nerds.
So, get the Hell out of here, you hear?!
This is our White Supremacist Country now!
Go buy yourself and Uzi
And head off to Israel
And teach those Brownskin Mooselem Palestinians
A lesson for us.

Her heart was like the eye of a needle and I the thread.
Stuck between two fingers, each time I'd get close.
I'd veer too far left or too far right, never in-between.
Nervous in motion A thin thread roped in ambition.
Though I loved her deeply I couldn't get her to see.
No matter how hard I'd try I always missed the loop to her heart.
The cold steel that looped in oval shape.
I've made peace with the thought that nothing lasts forever and though thread.
I've binded myself in knots, wondering if she ever saw me the way that I saw her, everlasting.
Believing that we could be woven in the thickest of bonds.
I loved her with the entirety of my everything I had to give.
Without arms I had nothing to hold above her head.
But no matter how many times I missed her.
Her shoulder became colder and colder.
My thread torn seam from seam.
It wasn't until then that I learned that somethings are better left untouched.

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