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Trace your silhouette
And I'll trace mine--toned darkness--
I fall in your lines,

But I don't need saving; your
Valleys are the peaks of mine.
A night traveler on a journey through sparkling deserts; sailing across the sea with the constellations as a guide. They are a whisper in the night, a silhouette against the day.
A passing moon and empty silhouette
keep me company this early morn walk,
their quiet company, a silent vignette.
A passing moon and empty silhouette
embrace longing of this hopeful gazette,
yet bid adieu to my faint solo talk.
A passing moon and empty silhouette
keep me company this early morn walk.
Hope Jan 7
to her fragile past
wrapped in a shaking shadow
light fell silently
and broke on her silhouette
fading the seams of darkness
She watched a silhouette disappear
Beyond the cold misty mountain
There was no turning back for him.
He said to himself
'I have my freedom,
but I don't have much time'
The world is dark
but the moon is big enough,
bright enough
to light it up just enough to make out
the dark grey silhouette
of the mountains
against the blue-grey sky.

The hustle of the day goes quiet.
The stars are out.
The night is chilly,
but warm enough
that you don’t need a jacket.

What a perfect night to be lonely.

This bittersweet sap slows time down.
It feels thick and slightly cloudy.
Its the feeling of being full and heavy.
It is happy and overbearingly sad
all at once.
But this sap
is comfortable
and welcoming.
I want the quiet night
and bittersweet sap
to last forever.
Natalia May 2020
You see him rise,
With warmth and light,
Fiery yet wise.
Behold his might.

He gazes over all,
And judges none.
Now I hear his call.
The journey has begun.

Then he sets.
I await the morning,
Watching silhouettes,
As the moon comes calling.

Now it's her time.
Her loving energy
Is a gentle chime,
Leaving me in a reverie.
Inspired by watching the sunset as the full moon was basking in her glory.
Eloisa May 2020
Moonlight silhouette
Beneath the fitful, sour breeze
She tried to forget
The long journey of her scars
And danced with the ocean waves
Garry Fabros Apr 2020
A shot against the light
is not for everyone's delight
others consider it not right
to them whose art is out of sight.

For behind imperfection
lies a beauty for recognition
look at it with new inspiration
and you'll see the act of creation.


© 2018 Garry P. Fabros
All Rights Reserved
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