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Zaza Apr 22
I thought I cleared every part of you from my mind

But when the sun sets
I see your silhouette
Everytime I close my eyes
Do not dare allow yourself to forget
trillions of stars do dance in the sky,
life is more than a simple silhouette

Some might fall like ash from a cigarette
and Evil will have his own alibi,
do not dare allow yourself to forget

Listen! For the trees whisper not to fret-
from ruins rise new hope to sanctify,
life is more than a simple silhouette

Mountains dwell in every view and yet
birds pay no heed for they grow wings and fly,
do not dare allow yourself to forget

Rivers ebb and flow like a minuet
and salmon swim upstream against the tide,
life is more than a simple silhouette

Though darkness above might seem like a threat
shadows begone one would never know light-
do not dare allow yourself to forget
life is more than a simple silhouette.
Those hazel eyes flashed against mine,
it was a blink of an eye,
felt for the first time.

Can't hold your hand,
nor kiss your lips,
my whole world turns around our eclipse.

A silhouette love,
it's just me and you.
You are my little secret,
a secret rendezvous.
Shofi Ahmed Dec 2018
Bloomed upon a star!
The setting sun sliding far
into the twilight pool
captured the picture!

Eye on the bumblebee!
That was first to bask in the sun
thinking that it dove to the length
into the shades of the midday rose.
There it's silhouette gets caught
is half-lit on the bank
of the milky way brook.

Shades of blue put
in the mix an inky shadow.
Oh, what’s in an unseen hue?
The sprawling black night puts
a veil on the day on every eyeball.  
Guess what it’s anyone's guess!
Even the leading light of the day
the sun shuffles an acre of the night
blindfolded down the full moon!
Poetic T Dec 2018
I was on the park bench,
             looking into the duck pond,
so many sorrows drowning within it.

Sitting in the thoughts of yesterday,
               seeing her silhouette of breadcrumbs
reminiscing of every time we where here together.

Putting my palm on the cold wood,
              I still feel her here with me.
But I look and there is just memories.

And then I hear her in the breeze,
                      whispers of peace, of love
of that moment
             when I realise she was never gone.
Sat at the rain-soaked window,
I can't forget her silhouette
nor the way she smoked
her cigarette.
Shofi Ahmed Dec 2018
It's a secret
Often a vanishing silhouette
into the manifold shades of the night
beneath the endless stars!

It's open in plain sight
seen many a time
in mesmerising first light!
Seanathon Oct 2018
Edged like a brick wall
With a black hole post explosive heart
And ink drop shoes
Matted hair torn apart
Standing tall on the horizon
Like an exorcism
All the lights put out
Down the shadowy hall
With an outline fierce
Jagged almost
Edged like a brick wall
Standing tall
Asking every now and then...
Ben Estrada Oct 2018
More than just an outline, of the one that used to be,
more than the sum of what the eyes can see.
More than the imprint of times gone past,
more than a figment of something that won't last.
More than what I could be on my own,
yet never as much as what's cast from the throne.
That blinding glow thine shines so bright,
I will never be able to have that light.
All I can hope are few chances to get,
to be all I can be, a silhouette.

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