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Melody Mann Jun 2021
Moonlight cascades down her spine highlighting the subtleties forgotten by sunrise,
Masking realities flaunted by recognition,
Soft corners celebrated at midnight's call.
Amanda Kay Burke Dec 2020
Intrusive image invading unstable imagination

Bursting bright bringing bouncing bobbling bits of bubbling illusions into brain

A memory of magical messy minutes moseying and mingling
A menagerie of magnificent moments miraculously marked in my mischievous mind

Coming into chaotic corners of cornea calmly
Cruising without cares
aspen wilde Jul 2020
creeps up on you when you finally think you're ok
but the winter has finished now
we gotta wait for summer to come around
when they're out in full force
when you turn the corner and least expect it
don't worry it'll find you
Bhill Jun 2020
from the remote corners of emptiness, the winds came
striking with such a constant and unexpected force
a tone unlike any known before
howling around corners and through the rafters of time
seizing anything in its way
and then it was gone.....
finished with the rising sun

Brian Hill - 2020 # 156
Kev Chino' Jan 2020
Dare, it’s fair.
Love, is far.
There, you are.
Near, I saw.
So sacred, you relate.
Mysterious, it’s fate.
-A Poem By Kev Chino’
Written by Kev Chino’
Amanda Kay Burke Dec 2019
I remember writing happy poems
Those days are gone
Distant as the star
I have been wishing on

I used to publish pleasing words
Now don't even try
How can I write about the beauty of life?
I want badly to die

I once sung upbeat music
From voice silence stole melody
Every song played through my headphones
Recorded in minor key

I used to write positive things
Thoughts like that visit less and less
Every direction my mind takes
Leads back to unhappiness

I used to create pretty pieces
These days pencil goes to mark
Before reaching the bottom of the paper
Verses take a turn for the dark

It is not that I have writer's block
Inspiration easier than ever to find
Problem is the subject matter
Originates from blackest corners of my mind

I remember arranging sunny stanzas
Covering love
And magic
Poetry used to be happy
Now each line will forever stay tragic
So now you know why
Silver Aug 2019
day is coming and i am night, apocalypse, contained collapsing chaos candlelight. i am the shadows in the corners of your sleep paralysis plights and i am your hallucinations. i can't seem to find the root of it all. take me to the stars and leave me there so i can find some truth in the nothing. i am night, i am no one. i don't want to be afraid anymore and can you do that for me? i'll close my doors and crack open the windows and find the dust of my bones on the shards. take my hands and melt them into copper, bronze flower stems. cut my throat and pour the red clay into your palms and shape me a ***. place the flowers within and throw the whole mess out the window for me. maybe they'll be discovered by the darkness and the stars will come out in despair, delusion, delight. maybe one day we'll all disappear and no longer Be. maybe one day we'll figure out what it all means.
a ramble
hj Jan 2019
A lot of them
Where i did things i can't speak of
I look at my house
A place I'm supposed to call home
And i can recall them all
see them all
picture it all
In each and every corner
Another fall
Another Fight
Another something I have to hide
And they all stay inside my mind
And mess it up

In that corner by the balcony window
I told her I had feelings for her too
In that other corner there
with a phone in my hand
and pills in the other
Don't  know how i got through
the corner in my room
By the drawers where i keep my mess
I broke my skin
With a broken mirror I couldn't see my reflection in
I that corner
Through my bedroom window
I threw my past and promised myself an end oh
But I broke again
And I keep doing so
And the corners witness
What no one knows
What I hide
What I'm not allowed to speak of
How I tried
But then I dove
How I loved
How I hated
How It started
*** it faded
How I cried
How I lied
What was enough
what was tough
What killed me
What brought me back to life
What woke me up and told me to hold on
What sang me to sleep
When I couldn't go on
I wrote this months ago but thought about sharing it now
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