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Silver Aug 12
day is coming and i am night, apocalypse, contained collapsing chaos candlelight. i am the shadows in the corners of your sleep paralysis plights and i am your hallucinations. i can't seem to find the root of it all. take me to the stars and leave me there so i can find some truth in the nothing. i am night, i am no one. i don't want to be afraid anymore and can you do that for me? i'll close my doors and crack open the windows and find the dust of my bones on the shards. take my hands and melt them into copper, bronze flower stems. cut my throat and pour the red clay into your palms and shape me a ***. place the flowers within and throw the whole mess out the window for me. maybe they'll be discovered by the darkness and the stars will come out in despair, delusion, delight. maybe one day we'll all disappear and no longer Be. maybe one day we'll figure out what it all means.
a ramble
hj Jan 17
A lot of them
Where i did things i can't speak of
I look at my house
A place I'm supposed to call home
And i can recall them all
see them all
picture it all
In each and every corner
Another fall
Another Fight
Another something I have to hide
And they all stay inside my mind
And mess it up

In that corner by the balcony window
I told her I had feelings for her too
In that other corner there
with a phone in my hand
and pills in the other
Don't  know how i got through
the corner in my room
By the drawers where i keep my mess
I broke my skin
With a broken mirror I couldn't see my reflection in
I that corner
Through my bedroom window
I threw my past and promised myself an end oh
But I broke again
And I keep doing so
And the corners witness
What no one knows
What I hide
What I'm not allowed to speak of
How I tried
But then I dove
How I loved
How I hated
How It started
*** it faded
How I cried
How I lied
What was enough
what was tough
What killed me
What brought me back to life
What woke me up and told me to hold on
What sang me to sleep
When I couldn't go on
I wrote this months ago but thought about sharing it now
Johnny walker Dec 2018
In the faraway corners deep within my mind
lay my secret dreams
that are off my private memories
That  only Helen I know exist, for we never kept
secrets from each other
But those memories of
Helen and I that I've have
Of our private thought's that lay deep In the darkest corners of the mind, that only Helen and myself have access
Important to keep secrete's safe
My corner piece of mind,
is all that I can find,
when i look for a reason,
to pass this unhealthy treason,
so that my heart might realign.
Confinement is refined,
along a static spine,
my body's so warm and yet I'm freezing,
at times I sit, dealing with being,
each thought of mine is fined.
I need a change of season,
that can give me just one reason,
to take me up, to show me blankness,
is not a faithless shed from clearness,
nor a sign that you have weakened-
All feedback is welcome and appreciated!
let me say your name again

we really like the way it bounced

writing you soothes me
brushing my thumb
soothes me

watching you sleep
soothes me

we awoke to you honeysuckle flavor
we awoke to be inside
that makes
dreams dream
you were there
you are here
with me

hey katelynn beth

what words
Arcassin B Jan 2017
By Arcassin Burnham

Ultimately I'd rather be a pawn in your game
Of love and trust but it was more like a game
Of life,
Let them know just how you really feel when
Your not biting off legs and your expensive
Taste for high heels,

I've begged the heavens for you to be one,
But they stand so tall and quiet,

there is no easy way to love you if you leave
me behind.

Originally i would have been a loner in a world
full of wolves that lay their seeds of hate and lust
upon the world,
Gleaming like your the only bright star in the room
of lost souls pleasing everybody through the

i feel it in the air tonight , it's everywhere in different
corners of my body, if i say you give me joy,

there is no easy way to love you if you leave
me behind.
Arcassin B Dec 2016
By Arcassin Burnham

You'll be blinded by the social scene in corners of your
Brain is shutting off right as we speak,
I'm looking at the t.v. and every lie that's spoken on
The news its what we don't get to see,
Record every moment spent with your family declaring
As an alpha, you will make decisions wisely, for the kids,
Cause they will see better days,
But get them pass these flashing screens ,
Away from the evils , away from the insane,
Won't make you a better parent than me, not being cocky,
For I prepare for every contengency,
I'll never be like the family that was birthing before me,
Carrying around secrecy like it's a sport,
I promise you all I never will come up short,
I'm still on the rise,
While you sit and just scrutinize,
I swear I will have no time,
For the ignorance that you possess,
See the fire in my eyes.
Lady Bird Sep 2016
walls closing in
no where to turn
in this dark room

four corners
sealing the cracks

being cautious
closed doors

lost thoughts
cubed inside

four huge walls
must get out of
this locked box
Waleed Khalidi Feb 2016
The corners whisper
A familiar tune
A nostalgic ill
A melodic gloom
A hopeless ode
A call to the moon
The corners whisper
They'll fall in soon
Hank Helman Oct 2015
What an odd ingredient sadness is.  

It salts a tear, bittersweets a kiss,
Hungers us for the things we miss,
Ever abundant, such a convenient thing,
I can find it in everything.

A death, a birth, I cry for both,
Gild a sorrow, a wistful hope,
Ripe melancholy I savour most,
Yet a pinch too much is a lethal dose.

I was often told it shouldn’t be,
But the clown that frowns was the perfect me,
Thin taunt and cackle, ghosts everywhere,
Sometimes I hide, but it’s still right there.

Perhaps I’ll woo this lifelong friend,
Embrace this thing I cannot mend.
Odd comfort in a peculiar way,
To know this thing is here to stay.
Is sadness a bad thing?  Why?
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