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Empire 4d
I'm losing control
I'm letting it all go
It's slipping through
My fingers now
Everything I believe

There's just too much to hold
My burdens feel so heavy
I'm just not strong enough
I'm too weak to hold on any longer

You told me I could do it all
So I did, but you were wrong
Now my faith is scattered
And I don't know how
To pick up all these pieces

I haven't let go
I don't want to
But I can't hold on alone
Everything is already slipping
Spinning out of control
And I need
Tossed around
Torn apart
Broken away

Pieces caught drifting in the wind
Scattered among the ruins of a fiery path

My heart in a whirlwind
Caught in a bind
Pieces of me scattered
No where to find

Lae Mar 3
It felt like a shuddered memory, a ghost from the past i tried so hard to remove. Your name as i heard them in the silence of my sleep. The half paged book i left scattered on the floor and that gold antique necklace left where you held it. We were supposed to be happy, yet it ended so quickly.

- = - = - = - = - = - =

"We were so happy. Why did it end?"

"We were so happy that the heavens punished us."
Dominique Feb 21
i have so little of me left

                                                    it's  s l i v e r s, really, silhouettes

a     scatter ing            of cel ls     at be st

                                                       why would i let you have the rest?
i wish i could unselfishly give myself to people
unfortunately today it seems that there's barely enough of me for me.
Michaela N Jan 26
we are pieces of ourselves,
constantly scattered.

a generation of milk carton children
we’ve soon forgotten.

we find ourselves
in the past or the future,
though never seeming to feel whole in the present.
Jessica Jarvis Nov 2018
You know, I haven't written in a while.
It's been hard, because I don't know what makes me smile
anymore. I see one's eyes, feel his fingers through my hair,
while, on another note, I cannot forget how another one cared.
I thought love was something that I once knew,
until my love for my best friend suddenly grew.
I fought and I argued and I justified the means,
but now my heart hurts from hearing my head's screams.
I'm torn, I'm broken, and my heart has been shattered.
I don't know what to think, as my romantic thoughts scatter.
I can't help that one is so close of the two,
but also can't help but wonder if the One is You.
Eenie, meenie, miney, mo;
why were you the one to go?
Why is another one so close by?
How can you both cause my heart's cry?
The time is not now, so I'll wait for it's end,
but it's difficult when some want to be more than friends.
I wonder if this collision is sometimes inevitable,
but if this is it, how could I feel so terrible?
I don't hate the kindness or subtle ways of affection,
but it feels like that's the surface of this overwhelming infection.
One overtakes me completely, working hard with great intention,
while another barely speaks, and he has all of my attention.
Which love is greater? Is there such a love as this
that can take my breath away with a subtle little miss,
or is it of another, the one who gives me all his time
to sweep me off my feet while the ground is one my mind?
Am I falling in love or caught in it's memory?
Can I call it quits now, or still wait for my legacy?
If I knew, I wouldn't be ranting in a poem.
I just wish I had closure, so I could better know Him.

Love is scary for the impatient ones, as there is danger in the unknown... but why is this unknown?

I don't know.
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