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Mark Wanless Aug 7
i saw an echo of truth
it held me
it held me
Ashley Kaye Jul 13
dear i wonder is it you
that i love, treasure
is it the love you give me?
I am gilded. You deserve wonders beyond gold.
Strung Jun 25
I don’t want to talk
Somewhere between my eyes and my trembling hands
I couldn’t hold the pencil
To tell you.

It fell from between my fingers
And I watched the chance to yell
Hit the ground
— my voice thins with your hair
Noah May 2
In the dark.
I let myself shiver.
If I had a lover .
I wish they would hold me.
I wish they were there.
     So I don’t focus on the monster that’s not there reaching for my neck.
But  instead,their heartbeat when I put my head on there chest.
Like a flashlight in a dark tunnel.


* to bad I left it in the basement and it’s out of batteries*
    Like I am weak when they leave me
Lonely and confession I’m still afraid of the dark and my parents hate my part on the electricity bill.
Willow SR Apr 27
You held me                          
In your arms                    
Then let me go

You held me
In your arms
Then let me grow

You held me
In your arms
And I loved you more
Than you could ever know

Then I watched you fall apart
And held you close
Then I watched you fall apart
And had to let you go
Dedicated to my mom ♥
Amanda Apr 17
Why do I continually ****** my happiness into other peoples arms when they can never hold the weight very long?

My entire world I gift without the slightest hesitation

To a person who never asked to bear my burden

Never wanted the responsibility of taking care of my heart

Of course the life dangling from their fingers isn’t important-

-It is not their obligation to fufill

Whenever you are near me next

I will ****** my smile right out of your clumsy hands

And take back the happiness you so shakily held

If it is not already too late...
Don’t put your happiness in other people’s hands. They’ll drop it, every single time.
I miss the touch of her hand and to wake up on
morning light knowing
my darling was laid
there beside me

Those beautiful Intimate moments that loved ones share behind closed doors and away from watching eyes of the world

Those beautiful moments that were shared but you know In a heart that now you're loved one your partner In In life soul mate departed from

The realisation hits hard knowing never ever will you love that way again like animal In the wild that's lost Its
all that's left memories In vast wilderness of nothing but loneliness because you In your heart you will never love that way
again your lifetime partner has gone

The one woman you really got you to know and fell In love with and just like the ending of a performance on stage and then the curtains fall for Helen has truly left the
Memories, while I laid awake, can't sleep so I wrote this poem
just love writing of Helen
Johnny walker Dec 2018
Deep In thought I am
of today and that of
my darling a year
Helen passed away
I'm thinking of the
last that I held her
the last she ever
spoke to
but somehow can't
seem to remember
why I just don't seem
to no where once I remembered
Try to remember the last I held her last time she spoke to me, I can't don't why
Johnny walker Nov 2018
Shadows of our life
come dancing off the
walls acting out our lives
when once we were
together and how happy
that we
But I know this to be a
dream that I'm dreaming
don't won't the dream
to end now I've held and
kissed you, but never want
to awaken from this
A dream of our own shadows dancing of the walls
Joseph Loggi Oct 2018
I got a couple of things to say
That I feel would clear
All that fog that hangs
Inside my head
and makes it
so hard to
But if I open my mouth
All the mist will
Come out
And I won't see
the truth.
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