K Harris May 21

i dont know what the hell im doing
i just think i want to do it with you
with you

Wyatt Mar 24

When I look in the mirror
I see a face that's afraid,
it shows why I procrastinate.
When the time comes
to jump up and go get it,
the butterflies in my stomach
give me cold feet and I forget it.
The second wind is never
stronger than the first.
It's a losing battle inside,
let off the throttle and the
insecurity steers me off the road.
My speed depletes,
my feet won't move
and I'm paralyzed.
Held down.

Words come faster than I can type them, but the accuracy makes them come slower...and slower...until the end.

Hands that drew.
Hands that wiped.
Hands that carried.
Hands that screwed.

Hands that shared.
Hands that dispatched.
Hands that crossed.
Hands that loved.
Hands... for hands...
Yours for me.
Mine for you.


Don Moore Dec 2016

We meet; we meet so many times in each era as love transcends the flowing line
Sometimes all is well and on others it is fury and anger as love crashes all around
Each time I see you in your new disguise, it matters not as mine eye pushes on
There will be others first, but when I spy you, I know you are the one for me
And each encounter brings a feeling of place and peace, as I realise you are found
But for all I know you, there is hesitation on your part to recognise the truth
And so we ebb and flow, as do our encounters until I have to leave once again
Then as I close my eyes for the last time knowing I will see you in another guise
Knowing our joining will be new, yet with a feeling of regret for what was once
So our love will build a new, and I will protect you through all of time as before
Your innocence is so enticing and like a heady drug, so I cannot let you finally go
Trapped forever with my love for you, committed to the crest of a rushing wave
No end in sight, or ceasing of our ardour as I fight to hold you safe in my arms
Then one day it must end as time turns to no more than dust as light goes out
And for us..? Will we transcend, or stop and wait for the next train of thought.

Rebecca Lynn Dec 2016

When you asked me out.
I smiled

When you held my hand
I smiled

when you kissed me
I smiled

Do you see a pattern?

Do you see a pattern?

I smiled
When you kissed me

I smiled
When you held my hand

I smiled
When you asked me out.

Lady Bird Oct 2016

my soul is alone
and wants to be held
my heart's dispirit moan
beats one ray of hope
for true love is unknown

I've watched a video
at the end a man mouths some words while  lying on the sidewalk....
this is what I imagined he said...
Elioinai Aug 2016

the strongest hands
have slipped into the place
the grooves and curves
I didn't know was meant for you

this is love
to find my hands are strong
to slip them into place
the grooves and curves
You didn't know was meant for me

to carry
to be held

Very basic, but this is a new experience for me
Liam C Calhoun Jul 2016

There was this grief of a
Permanent kind
Etched upon her face –
Light playing shadows
Christened, “Solitude,”
And a dark that’d dance before
The grace of those long gone.

And so, he’d grabbed her hand,
Nudged her cheek with a
Nose broken crooked,
Tender was the trust bent her back
And failed was the promise
As “tomorrow,” never was;
It’d never ever be.

Sure, tomorrow, the day after
And tomorrow once more
Happens for others,
But one more year, for her,
Would be carved upon brow
Come one more drink,
One kiss and the other, dead.

That door’d been destined to slam
And soon it did with tear drops
Abandoning the never delicate face;
Eyes like a reservoir missing fish,
Pupils with paddies depleted rice,
And once again, but one, “tomorrow,”
Shy an hour or twenty.

Crippled, she’d carried, crippled
And carried on, All the way
And with only pennies to show
With a back bent epochs and
Crooked to bury crook; Under dirt,
Under home and alongside
The love she’d never lost for him.

I just want to be touched
To be held in the arms of someone who will protect me
Someone who cares

I crave to be touched
For someone to see everything inside
How sad I am, everything that is happening
And because of what this kind person saw
They feel compelled to hold such a broken soul
To try and squeeze it's pieces back together

But every time someone gets to close
I flinch and walk away

eleanor prince Jun 2016

seas receive
thousand cries

stifled sighs
broken ties

silent tales
held within

cache sounds
unheard din

breakers come
to incite

endless rite
pointless fight

tall he stands

rocklike form

striding on
ancient seas

takes her due

steals his hold

casts its spell

with each swell


her control's


must agree

all it takes
is a move

change his stance
he can prove

though the seas
snarl and pout

in the end
there's no doubt

while there's worth
status tall

at some point
we may fall

think ahead
where we be

lest we're trapped
in some sea

this is the Flickr pic I selected to go with this poem: https://www.flickr.com/photos/sverrir_thor/15866624195/in/faves-51029280@N05/
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