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Strying Jul 29
so alone
i forgot how it felt to be held

took a cold shower
because i didnt want to remember
but fr i just took a cold shower and it made me feel alive
10/10 recommend, especially while it's still summer
internetgirl Apr 30
i was taking pictures of you
with flowers in your hair
and i couldn't help but notice
the way your eyes held the sunlight
like the way
Sarah Lane Jan 30
You are made of gold
But each moment you can’t hold
Even you are not your own
Though each breath is what you’ve sown
Your life is in God’s hand
Who counts each grain of sand
So give everything you are
Because death is never far
For she held my hand
and walked me through the horror
but as l looked closer
she was grotesque,
l shouted to the best
calling for help.
And there l was in another
thispanman Nov 2020
I held this thought
Most find troubled
I yelled and fought
The pain only doubled

I held this ideal
That I could love
I fear it never was real
As I push and shove

I held this dream
That I can be happy
Thoughts run like a stream
How life's only ******

I held these close
My heart thumping madly
The pain only rose
I tell, just and sadly
Caitlin Faykus Oct 2020
I just want to be held
To be loved
And cherished
I just don't want to be alone anymore
CarolineSD Oct 2020
Holiness is there where the druidic
Shadows of the pines rise straight and tall and dark against
The languishing light of day

Fire streaked across the sky
And all the peaks beneath
Graying into the silence of the night

Treading the needles underneath
And how the orange-red remnants of the sun push through the
Empty spaces recessed within the forest's soul,
Motionless bodies of the conifers solemn like
The standing stones of old

And dusk comes in quiet through the timber now

And there is no more hiding,
No more striving and trying,
Just the gentle truth that

We are all dying

And this forest,
Climbing wide across the ravines into the mountains
Holds me without possession

And it would let me go
Like the yellowed leaves that scatter on the earthen floor
Like the last glow of the evening sun
Touching canopies of crimson and gold

And there is this letting go that feels like home.

Like I could reach across this void and hold my mother’s hand
Like these cliffs might drop to the open moorland of the Isles

Where the ghost of my father stands

Like I am pulled back to where I began,

Like the way that it feels

Each time I lay down in your arms.
CarolineSD Jul 2020
I like to still my heart in the lake,

Turn my face to the turquoise sky
And let each mountain rise along the shorelines and I am

Suspended in weightless space;
A resting place between sunlight and a blacker deep.

I turn my cheek to the caress of the water's
Firm hands that
Permeate my heart with love.  

A wild, alpine forest rises above


You are the only one

Whose arms

Around my soul

Will ever  be

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