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10.8k · Dec 2015
Begging Tumble Weed
PaperclipPoems Dec 2015
He walks with himself
He is his own best company.
He pushes forward and you often do not notice
You ignore his plead but you see him wander
A breathing tumble ****.
Shrubbish, wobbly, and *****
He zig zags through the crowd
Sometimes he screams and he too cries
Just like you
Sometimes he trembles in the night
Just like you
Sometimes he dreams of better days
Just like you.
A brief and scattered poem about a homeless man I encountered.
7.7k · Sep 2016
Others Who?
PaperclipPoems Sep 2016
Do you mean the ones who live on the other side?
Clear across the ocean, two miles in from the tide?

The ones that live with little means or the ones that live like we were meant to?
That work, play, stress, fear, and cry, just like we do?

The men who were created from the earth and the women from Adam's rib?
The ones who fall asleep staring at the same galaxies wondering if we're all there is?

Do you mean the ones in straw houses near dirt roads?
That learn how to survive on the land and wear the clothes that they sew?

Others and me,
I'm sorry, pardon me... I'm just slightly confused
Because when I think of them, I think of me
I can't separate the two.

Thanks for the topic!! It's a good one. :)
6.4k · Feb 2016
PaperclipPoems Feb 2016
She dances,
In such grace and poise
Positioned in between the tallest buildings
And she poses
For the camera
The bright flashes

Or on stage
In the spotlight
Twirling and twisting
Not a hair out of place
Not a step out of line
Not a breath unplanned

Trained to be accurate
Self destructing, but so well collected
The most beautiful dancer the world has ever seen.
5.8k · Jan 2016
Pisces & Leo
PaperclipPoems Jan 2016
Astrology claims it has seen us before
Maybe back when the greek gods were in power and they fell in love like liars.
Always dreaming of each other and forming plans for humanity
while tangled up in each other's bed sheets.
Are they the reason why we are not compatible?
Because they have determined that  I only seem to catch things on fire and you calmly throw your waters upon my destruction..
Because I hunt among a pack and you swim with currents of the sea..
We are but slaves to the stars.

But I do know that astrology has never seen us
Call me a hopeless romantic for believing that we are different
So be it.
4.3k · Jun 2015
The Love Drug
PaperclipPoems Jun 2015
Addictions are for addicts
The most common drugs will **** you
But nobody talks about the drug that keeps an emotional hold on you

Nobody wants to mention the drug that keeps a girl running back
And every time he flirts, it hurts
and sets her in a heart attack

The emotion drug that sets you free and also keeps you in chains
You try to fight it but deep down you like it
And you can't figure out why you stay

Some call it love, some call it pain, others call it life
Either way you see it, one day you'll feel it,
and it will take you on a ride

The ups and downs, the ins and outs, eventually you will feel them all
It will break your heart to pieces
Then have you running to its call

A feeling you would die for
Just to get a taste of its lust, everything about it draws you in
You won't ever get enough

You know you're hooked on him
When you think about him day and night
His eyes, his smile, his smell, his body,
You can't stop missing him by your side

His tongue will ****** your mind
While his eyes will **** your soul,
He sees right through you,
So you let him take you down this infinite hole

If you're lucky you might wake up
To it all just a dream,
but if its real, then you're in trouble
and you might fall in too deep

I'm an addict, I'll admit it
I somewhat like the pain
It reminds me that I can still feel the love of another,
that I'm not numb to everything
This man is dangerous I know he is because he's too good to be true
but I don't care, take me down,
Because I only want you.
4.0k · May 2016
Little Feet
PaperclipPoems May 2016
Her bare feet were tougher than her soul
They ran through the woods all day
Snapping twigs, relentlessly killing the life below.
Little bare feet that raced each other through these halls
She grew older and she grew wiser
Gaining strength from every fall.
Little girl, now not so little
Chasing new little feet
Through the house and out the door
Adapting to this new wild beat.
PaperclipPoems Oct 2015
Hello? Yes, hello...
You must have built up so much courage,
But I'm inclined to say no.
Because although,
Many years have passed...
I'm still trying to rebuild the girl you destroyed and burned to ash

Hello, can you hear me?
Oh now you want to reconcile after all the pain you caused me...
So I've heard, you've been talking,
Going around telling everyone
How sorry you've been feeling...

There's such a difference, between us...
And a million miles.

Hello from the other side
It must have really hurt your pride
To have sat there, waiting.. for me to come around
After all the humiliating words you said to the crowd

Hello from the outside
I learned to walk away and smile
You have written letters and knocked on my door
Begging forgiveness but I must confess I feel nothing for you anymore....

Hello, I'll stop you there
Where's the girlfriend that you had back then
As you would run your fingers through my hair
I hope, she saw right through you
And that she left you just as broken as what you deserved coming to you

I'd tell you something, that I know now
But you're just not worth the time.

Hello from the other side
It must have really hurt your pride
To have sat there, waiting.. for me to come around
After all the humiliating words you said to the crowd

Hello from the outside
I learned to walk away and smile
You have written letters and knocked on my door
Begging forgiveness but I must confess I feel nothing for you anymore....
Love the original song. But I'm a huge fan of writing on behalf of the other side so here's my take on it.
3.0k · Jul 2015
Meet Me Tonight
PaperclipPoems Jul 2015
And one day he said to me
*Do not be fearful when I leave
Do not hide, and do not weep
We shall meet every night- in your dreams.
2.5k · Dec 2015
Little Wolf
PaperclipPoems Dec 2015
Little wolf, let me tell you something. The world is an imperfect place. It is violent and cruel. You will not learn from me and my lessons, little wolf, you will learn from your own. And I could shelter you and smother you, and yet you will still learn the worst of the world.

You will love and you will be loved. You will run and you will collapse. You will hurt and others will follow you because of your bright light. That same light will attract others who want to put out your flame. But I tell you now, little wolf, they cannot. They cannot burry your soul and quit your howl. The moon will always be yours and you will always be the symbol of love and strength
2.4k · Jun 2015
I'm No Good For You
PaperclipPoems Jun 2015
I was young and I was hurt
Somehow you swept me off my feet
There was something about your golden eyes
And the way you wanted me

I was infatuated with you
I feel in love too deep
To the point where I was below the tide
Without you I couldn't breathe

Then one day I was hurt again
By yet another lover
But this time was different than before
Because this time I didn't recover

This time it broke my spirit
And this time changed my perception towards love
This time your apologies and promises
Would never be enough

I tried to move past it
Believe me, I wanted to move on
But something about you still in my life
Felt so desperately wrong

Your love for me has grown
And you are a better man today
But despite all of your new found qualities
Those memories and that hurt still remain

You take my hand and all you ask
Is that I try to love you in return
But I can't bring myself to agree
To say 'I love you' nearly burns

This aching in my heart
Causes a throbbing in my head
I contemplate and argue with myself
I want to live with you, but you make me feel dead

My body is living, I am here
Trying to feel things I did once
Fighting with myself against these
Demons that replaced my love

I don't know if this is a battle
Worth fighting anymore
I've been trying to push you away
But you stay and I don't know what for

I say things and I hurt you
Like cannons in a war
But you continue to stand there
And you lay down your sword

You try to get closer to me
You ignore these land mines I lay down
All of my tactics and all of my walls
Do not prevent you from gaining ground

And in a sense I hate myself
For allowing you to stay
Knowing how much I hurt you
And letting you live this way
2.1k · Jan 2017
Une Conspiration Du Silence
PaperclipPoems Jan 2017
It's easier to suffer in silence than trying to explain the extent of the pain.
English translation :  A conspiracy  of silence  
It's more beautiful in French
2.1k · Sep 2015
Get It Together
PaperclipPoems Sep 2015
I'm out of my right mind sometimes.*

Good thing I have my left side to fall back on.
2.1k · Aug 2015
PaperclipPoems Aug 2015
What is a hero. Who does he look like..
The father who makes time for his children and loves them with all his heart. Who never holds back to show them he cares and always supports their ideas and decisions..
The single mother who crawled out of a drug hole to better herself and become a woman after a lifetime of childhood and hiding behind closed doors and dark rooms, who now sees light and a path..
The warrior who knew his calling was greater than desks and lectures, who felt a passion in his heart for our country and therefore decided to protect us all while he endured the worst..

We can all be heroes.. We all need to be saved.. We all face life struggles in our different ways..
Anybody can be a hero to somebody.
2.1k · Jun 2015
Never Scared
PaperclipPoems Jun 2015
I'm never scared
That's what I say
Because deep inside, I scream lies
And that's why I'm this way.
My soul holds all these secrets
While my heart silently cries
Everyday I try to let go of this chaos
That my better half tries to hide
I appear to be together
But inside I'm a mess
I blame my twisted thoughts and dreams
That bring me this distress..
I blame those hurtful memories
That gave me this despair
"How fortunate" you reply to me
When I say I'm never scared.
2.0k · Jan 2016
PaperclipPoems Jan 2016
I know you're strong.
A force to be embraced and not confined.
I can't grasp you,
You're too powerful.
But I can lay here with you and enjoy your fury.
I can wait for you to move me...

You are a hurricane
I feel your force and I know that you can cause damage.
I do not question your abilities, but I push your boundaries.
I want to hear you crash on my shore and pour down upon me.
Break me.
Don't hold back.
Show me what your made of.
2.0k · Aug 2015
Onions and Men
PaperclipPoems Aug 2015
I cried.
Not because you shattered my dreams or ripped my heart out of me.
Not because you destroyed every hope I ever had in men.
Not because you learned to hate me and abused my body and soul.

I cried because as I chopped this onion it forced me to cry. That's just what onions do. Kinda like you. That's just what you do.
i really don't know where I was going with this
1.8k · May 2017
A Desert Dream
PaperclipPoems May 2017
It was a seductive day in Phoenix
The only one I'd ever seen
Rain fell from the heavens so harshly
This wasteland turned into an evergreen

Just as overbearing as the heat of day
This desert showed no mercy
The barriers were broken and the flood was released
Blessing this land with novelty

Thunder like drums through the midnight skies
Lightning to lead our way
For twenty-four hours, this place was pure ecstasy
Never was there a more enchanting day.
1.7k · Nov 2015
I'm Not The Only One
PaperclipPoems Nov 2015
You haven't said one word to me
But truth is, you don't need to
I know I'm not the only one between us that's suffering
If you're reading this, then I know that's true.

I know I'm not the only one between us
That wonders what the other is up to
And when life get hard and nights get lonely
I know I'm not the only one who wishes I was with you.

I can't be the last one standing at the end of all this
Who is the only one feeling this pain
And if by chance you're reading this tonight
Well then now you know I feel the same.

I know you think you're doing me a favor
By staying away and never calling
I know you think I hate you and I'm angry
But truthfully, I just wish I could hear you say you're sorry.

I know you go about your days the same
And that I often cross your mind
The only reason why I know that's so true
Is because I can feel you thinking of me when your on mine.

It's crazy, I know. It sounds insane
But I know I just can't be the only one
I know I play it off like I'm fine every day
But really, I know neither one of us have moved on.

**** it, if you weren't so stupid
I could have stayed right there with you
I would be with you right now, wrapped in your arms
Instead of writing these poems like I always do.
1.7k · Jan 2016
Little Birdy
PaperclipPoems Jan 2016
Little black bird,
I was once you
I died inside myself and hung in the shadows
There was nothing on this earth lonelier than I was
Just as you write

I was once you
I saw a slight glimmer on earth and that was only a puddle beneath my feet from my tears falling off my face
I saw humanity but nothing worth saving
I felt nothing and screamed inside all day long until it was time to finally rest for a few hours
I answered questions doubtfully and walked alone

I was once you
Silence understood me better than anyone could ever begin to
Darkness was my best friend
Love was my enemy
Family was a foreign concept
The sidewalk knew me better than I wanted to admit
My diary stared me back in the face and mocked me
The mirror couldn't stand me
My eyes were always hazy
And music was my savior

The realm in which I lived was heavy
Every day was an ongoing battle of depression and it was never ending
Life was a sick joke and happiness did not exist. Ever.

Because I was once you,
I know that you are great.
I know how beautiful you really are inside
Beneath the destruction,
In the place where nobody else knows where to find
Someplace you have not yet discovered

Trust me little black bird,
You may be small but you are not overlooked.
You may feel weak
But you are stronger than you realize.
Share love with others around you. Sometimes all we need is someone who understands us. Show compassion.
1.6k · Jun 2017
PaperclipPoems Jun 2017
We needed each other

A passion I will never forget

Carrying on with your absence is hectic
But it turns out you're too sweet and I'm a diabetic.
1.6k · Jan 2016
PaperclipPoems Jan 2016
He grabbed her hand
     Covered her eyes
      Snatched her from gravity
      Flew her to the highest point in the skies
      Held her body tight

" O p e n  y o u r  e y e s "

She did and what she saw was terrifying
      The world beneath her feet

He said
    *Don't be scared
        I've got you
             And I'm  n e v e r  letting you go
Don't let me go...
1.5k · Oct 2015
San Francisco
PaperclipPoems Oct 2015
I left my heart in San Francisco
I lost my mind in Alcatraz
Atop the waves of the bay that day
I realized I could never go back.
I realized all decisions were final
And to be in love is a fatal thing
That sometimes you see the best in someone
Even when there is no good to be seen.
Those empty hallways that once held souls
Are now just pictures to a tourist
And not a single person can possibly feel
What each criminal that lived there witnessed.
Those busy city streets that whistle,
Screaming life and revealing 'self'
Could make a person feel the most whole or empty
Depending on which corner you find yourself.
1.5k · Jun 2015
Fear of Men
PaperclipPoems Jun 2015
So much hurt, so much pain
You'd never know it by just a glance
You'd never feel her timid fear of you
While you shake her hand

You'd never know she was touched and abused
By the smile she gives you
And you'd never think twice about her innocence
Because of the way she moves you.

You'd never know of her fear of men
Because she seems so bold
But appearances can be misleading
And her eyes do not tell the story of her soul.

Alone deep inside
She sits and she wonders
Where her heart and soul have ran off to
And why they left without her.
1.5k · Sep 2015
Goodbye lonely
PaperclipPoems Sep 2015
Even with all those women you possess
You're still the loneliest man I have ever known.
1.5k · Jul 2015
PaperclipPoems Jul 2015
He looked at me
But did not see me
He could not feel me
He only saw what he wanted to see.

An object, a female
As if blood did not run through my veins
As if I can not feel hurt or shame
Almost not worthy to have my own name.
1.5k · Dec 2015
Wild One
PaperclipPoems Dec 2015
There was something wild in her
Something corrupted
Something destructive
I often wondered if there was a fighter plane
soaring high in her skies
Fighting to defend something precious.

There was something wild in her
Something loud
Something overwhelming
I observed her in her calmest state and watched
as she demanded power from the others
But in the most manipulative way,
where you would never know it was a command.

There was something wild in her
Something loving
Something passionate
I was blessed to lay with her from time to time.
I wanted her heart for all of these reasons,
But she was too wild for anyone.
It just came to me..
1.5k · May 2017
Monday Morning
PaperclipPoems May 2017
I missed my exit this morning
My boss is blowing up my phone
I don't know what to say to her, my foot wouldn't let up
I just continued south about three hours ago

I'm not sure where I am or where I'm going
I picked up a few bad habits along the way
Somehow this tequila/coffee mix in my sparkle cup
Seemed like a good idea today

These dusty roads have seen me before
The lost girls, numbing their brain through the stereo
I'll keep driving until I run out of gas
Or until I reach the border of Mexico.
1.4k · Aug 2015
My Angel
PaperclipPoems Aug 2015
I asked for an angel
And yet God sent me you...
I never understood why he did this
I thought it was a joke and he the fool.
A broken girl with a hurtful past
And yet you send me a gangster
There's no way he heard me right this time
This really couldn't be his answer.
Every day I thought to myself
There must be a reason God sent you
To me you belong for a reason
Show me what he found so special in you.
But now I know the gift was not him
He was a blessing in disguise
The beautiful baby girl that this man gave me
Was the angel God placed in my life. :)
Babies are blessings. But my sweet angel daughter was way more than I ever deserved.
1.4k · May 2016
The Power In Poetry
PaperclipPoems May 2016
She let her words flow like the quickest stream
Falling from the glaciers to the meadow
Her mind never rests
So full of life
Healing the valley's drought
Her waters are soothing
The resonance of rhythm
The sound of silence...
Her words will baptize you
Make you believe in another power
The strength in solitude
The power in poetry.
1.4k · Jun 2016
Dreaming of You
PaperclipPoems Jun 2016
I've been dreaming lately.
Painting watercolor images on the canvas in my mind
Watching romantic movies on my eyelids
Singing in my sleep.
I dream that I confess everything to you
The way that I feel, what I truly think
And I even place my heart in your hands.
I wake up whispering "I love you".
Sometimes your forehead is resting on mine as I say it
Other times you're walking away...
The scenario continues to change,
But the result is always the same...
I continue to love you.
1.4k · Jun 2017
Make Some Noise
PaperclipPoems Jun 2017
When all the world is busy
That is when I hear my thoughts the clearest
1.4k · Aug 2015
I am Human
PaperclipPoems Aug 2015
I'm a person just like you

Although you may not see what I go through

That makes me no less human than you .
People cope with things in different ways. But in our veins. We are all the same.
1.3k · Mar 2016
Yes Boss...
PaperclipPoems Mar 2016
She is harsh
And the world feels her wrath
When she speaks, she speaks at you
Never a conversation you want to have

Her opinions are one sided,
Her directness is bitter
Many cower underneath her fury
While I desire to stand beside her

I desire to join in force with her
Because of her willingness to fight
And although she may seem overbearing at times
She always does what she believes is right

Which is a quality I, myself possess
In which I have been criticized for having before
But she and I, we have this same trait
That gives us purpose in what we're working for

You can tell me that she's the toughest boss
And that I should stay far and clear away
Tell me stories about how she's sent you home
In tears at the end of your work day...

While you may prefer a more compassionate boss
Id rather work under someone who pushes me
Someone who gives me more than I can handle
Which will challenge my limits and strengthen my ability.
My boss made one of my associates cry today and although I felt badly for her, I also felt badly for my boss. Everybody sees her as an enemy and someone who's cruel, when in fact she is just very direct. Believe me, I have felt her wrath and I have been pulled outside and screamed at, but never would I ask to be on anyone else's team. She works hard for her team and I can see that she wants us to succeed.
1.3k · Dec 2017
PaperclipPoems Dec 2017
I saw it in her eyes
She was going to leave
*But she didn’t know it yet
1.2k · Jun 2015
Hello Cupid
PaperclipPoems Jun 2015
Oh Cupid... Hello again
Have you come to send me, Yet another man
I said "Take him back, I do not want it"
He said "My dear, I promise you will love him"

"I loved the last, and he before...
And yet you do not cease to send me more..."

"This one is different, just take a glance,
He wants so desperately to hold your hand"

"As do they all, yet they leave me abandoned"

"This one I know will Not leave you saddened"

I turned to walk away,
Uninterested in what Cupid had to say

Until I bumped into the sweetest man
With eyes of gold and the strongest hands

He pulled me close and I was petrified
He asked me if I was alright

I did not speak, I could not think
I only felt his arms around me
So strong and demanding
He smiled so gently
I blushed and turned away
Before he could kiss me.

"Take him back"! I screamed at Cupid
For too many times men have left me deluded.

Most charming indeed, this man cannot stay
I looked back to him and said please go away ..

His eyes seemed to fade and his hands disappeared
He soon washed away and my mind was cleared

Cupid shook his head and flew away
But not before he got the chance to say...

"So sad my dear, that you cannot see
The result of these loves are up to thee,
You push them away and so they leave
I only bring another because you say you are lonely".
1.2k · Sep 2017
PaperclipPoems Sep 2017
Watch her
She will leave. Just as fast as you can blink
Watch her
She will leave. Despite what you may feel or think.
Catch her
If you can. She will fade with every breath
Catch her
If you care. She will be your worst regret.
1.2k · May 2016
Don't Blink
PaperclipPoems May 2016
Little girl with bright blonde hair
Cheeks painted pink
Playfully hid behind the table
"Mommy do you see me?"

Innocent eyes and a smile so grand
Her laugh so bubbly
She looked up to her mother
"Mommy do you see me?"

Her mother looked down
And she covered her eyes
Only just for a moment
But she opened to a surprise

Her baby girl had grown too fast
And she herself was aged and weary
In the hospital bed, by her side her daughter sat
"Mommy don't leave me"
1.1k · Jan 2016
Catch & Release
PaperclipPoems Jan 2016
His arms held me so tight that I could not escape
His kisses kidnapped me
His smile captured my heart

But he freed me.
And that is what made me solely his.
1.1k · Nov 2017
Whispers & Bluebonnets
PaperclipPoems Nov 2017
I want to go there with you

You know, that place you whispered to me

Whilst I was deep asleep in your arms

Where the air is cool and the river awaits for our feet

With wild horses and overgrown fields of dandelions and bluebonnets

Take me there

And keep me there, like a gem you wear night and day

Passed down from unknown times

But precious to you

A keepsake worth more than all the coins that have ever passed through your fingertips

With a love so sweet you refuse to take the last bite, for then it will be no more

Take me there and I will always stay
1.1k · Jan 2016
PaperclipPoems Jan 2016
You think you know me
Because you know of patterns
You know the way of people
And you've been told the way the world turns..

You expect my next move
As if we are playing a game of chess
And you anticipate your next win
Upon my unmoved guess..

I tell you now,
that you know nothing of my mind
I move with the waves of my heart
My chosen next move is mine.
1.1k · Sep 2016
PaperclipPoems Sep 2016
I had a dream of you
But somehow it was mixed with reality
You hated me because you loved me still
And yet you found someone to replace me

I was envious of her, jealous that you chose her
Even though I had someone else too
She was the woman, married to Hector
Whose sister you slept with when I loved you

We exchanged our daughter in a parking lot
You made no effort to hide her
Foreign emotions overwhelmed me
Settled resentment returned

Her name I always remember from high school
She is Blanca, still technically Mrs. Blanca Garcia
Somehow you both resemble the devil
To remind me of your affair with Hector's sister, Ophelia

¡Diablo vete!
You're a past memory, long forgotten
You come in the night, inconspicuously
Finding any light left to darken.
1.1k · Jul 2016
We Are Not Safe Here
PaperclipPoems Jul 2016
Man down, man down
Get your weapons, hit the ground
Terror and madness stretch from town to town
Escape the ****** streets, run from the sound.
1.1k · Jan 2016
PaperclipPoems Jan 2016
If I know of but only one thing to be true..
It is that I am more myself when I am with you.
1.1k · Jun 2015
And I Was Grounded By You
PaperclipPoems Jun 2015
We were passing souls who stopped for a minute to admire the other.

Your eyes and mine fell in love. For one moment, we were everything to each other.. But only for a second. The more we analyzed each other, the faster we disconnected.

You were on another path and I was from a different world.
1.1k · Jun 2015
A Possession
PaperclipPoems Jun 2015
In the most random place
In the middle of no where
I met a boy
Who turned out to be a nightmare

In a room filled with others
I felt something strange
To look up and across the room at someone
Who seemed to already know me
As my eyes met his
It felt like we were staring for days
And in that moment I knew
Everything was about to change

What felt like hours had passed
Seconds went by
Until the person I was talking to
Snapped me back to real life

I detached from his eyes suddenly
Then looked back that way
He was walking out of the room
When somebody called his name

He seemed displeased to take me
Where I needed to go
And the whole car ride there
He made me feel so uncomfortable

Feeling like a burden
Until we reached the destination
I quickly reached for the door
Then he asked to see me again...

The next time we met
A rush jolted through me
And every time after we parted
Felt like a sad story

This was all so unplanned
And I was lying to myself
Made myself believe
That I was ready for someone else

I thought I fell in love
But realized I only just fell
I hit the ground face first
And it hurt like hell

He didn't really want me
He only wanted to have me
A possession he could call his
Put me in his pocket and keep me
Just quick thoughts about a memory
1.1k · Oct 2016
PaperclipPoems Oct 2016
I thought maybe if I was his secret,
he'd keep me forever
1.1k · Jan 2016
It Must Grow
PaperclipPoems Jan 2016
For all of the times that I thought I fell in love
This surpasses them all
Lifting my body and soul into the clouds
There is no need to fall

There is no pressure to jump
Only a hand to walk by my side
For all of those times that I thought I was in love
I now just say I was simply blind

With the weight of my stresses forcing me down
He soothes my mind and brightens my days
Gifting me laughter and his strong embrace
He understands me in all of my different ways

For all of those people whom I've claimed to love
The love had faded each time so fast
I do now believe because I fell into it
That love never truly had a chance

This man, he has given me a seed
He gently wrapped it in my hand
He helps me water it daily
And we wait patiently for it to expand

Delicate and frail this tiny blossom shall be
But in time it will stand strong within the forest
A symbol of what he and I could be
If true love is in fact written in the stars for us.
Thoughts are skipping around, so many different ways to go with this, but this is the first thought that came to mind and sometimes a messy poem can portray the realist emotions.
1.0k · Jan 2016
A Poets Emotions
PaperclipPoems Jan 2016
We feel so deep that we reach an abyss

We feel nothing because we feel everything all at once

Our hearts are trying to send too much data to our brains--

O v e r l o a d !
1.0k · Nov 2015
Nice Knowing You
PaperclipPoems Nov 2015
Hold my hand while we fall
Kiss me until we break
Whisper sweet things in my ear
Until we meet our future fate.
Love me today
Remember me tomorrow
When the day comes for me to walk away
Let me go and do not follow.
Turn away and don't look back
Our paths do not combine..
We were toys to the gods,
You were never meant to be mine.
We met at a crossroads,
In the middle of an X,
It's written in the stars
That you eventually go right, and I go left.
Truth is I don't trust you
But you must know that already,
With so little that you know,
How can you say you love me?
I see deceit in your eyes
I foresee nothing but pain
You're a womanizer and a heartbreaker
I see right through your habitual game.
996 · Apr 2016
PaperclipPoems Apr 2016
I buried my heart in his hollow ground
Latched my soul to his sinister pneuma

He was the walking dead
And I was his conduit.
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