Embrace your heartbreak
Suffocate your sorrow
Be the girl he couldn’t hinder
Ignite your inner bravado
My universe comes
to an unnerving halt when I see you
But I continue to walk
as if I’m in a rush with somewhere to be
Every morning
I open my tender eyes and see you
I feel your soft skin against mine
It’s a dream all of its own
That I wish to exist in
For forever and a day
I only wanted to love him
But his love wasn’t tangible
The greatest strength I have
is what I built
after you destroyed everything.

I became my own knight in shining armor.
The repetitive melody
A symphony of peace and joy
Two lives coming together
Combining generations
To create one

But there’s something about that harmony
That I don’t understand
Something that boils my thin blood
So hot that I hyperventilate
And it pushes me away
Beyond the song
And past the crowd
To a place of solitude
A lonely place of thought

Why is love so broken
And all of the people involved
Why are we all so broken
Because of love
I’ll take the blame
Because I know it’s harder for you
To admit your wrongs
To realize your wrongs
So I’ll take the blame
And I’ll listen to your pain
Because I know it’s harder for you
To heal
To move on
So I’ll take the blame
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