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Ritz Writes May 2019
I am in love with every inch of your skin;
every corner of your mind and everything in between,
I want you for eternity.

From the day we went incognito to reminisce the time we shared; from romantic dinner and wrapped in your arms, with eyes fixed on each other.

I want you in every way there is to love a person the way they are.
If Only You Knew and you won't.
" Women are meant to be loved, not to be understood. " - Oscar Wilde
Sharon Talbot Mar 2019
The first one happened in the dark,
On an awkward bed in too much haste;
It was not really what I wanted,
Not a meal but just a taste.
The second and third were foggy at best,
A handsome face or long, blond hair,
The connections, sweat and smooth chest,
But the memories are still fair.
The fourth one kept hailing me
And I almost saw him there,
But his pursuit was like a drug
Too flattering sweet to miss;
Unknowing pain dispelled with a winter kiss.

Other trysts would follow:
In an empty room, on a stripped-down bed,
In a forest that covered a hill,
Inside a corner room,
With nights in white
Cotton and you missing still,
While floating snow fell.
I saw your face out in the storm.
No one there to keep you warm.

A summer lad was tall and fair,
His arrogance disguised as a dare,
Flaunting traits you wish weren’t there,
But a bacchanal makes up for OCD.
Until his obsession is directed at me.
Imagine Apollo in a haze of J.D.!

He took me home (unsuspecting) in his car,
Across the Valley, but it wasn’t far
Enough for me to endure his howls
About my lack of even temper
When he inspected other girls.
I stopped his rant and smashed a car door.
Yet he called the next morning,
Insanely wanting more.
And I told him that:
If a ten ton truck had crashed
Into his tin VW and we were mashed,
I couldn’t think of a worse way to die,
Than to be pinned there by his side!

So to you and all the others I bemoan:
Don’t take me back to your home.
I have no use for your romance,
I don’t need your wants,
And you don’t want what I need.
There’s a bed of my own where I prefer to sleep
And in the sunrise I will keep
A sweet liaison with coffee and birdsong,
Of synthesized music all morning long.
With a new gold dream beside me.
And summertime inside me.
There is a light and it never goes out;
Those who don’t see it have been shown out.
Ryan Joseph Aug 2018
In the breeze and cold day of night,
I had a though that I needed to fight,
That even though you already found someone,
Still I needed to think to be a kind one.

A kind one who is not even afraid,
To let his own feelings not to invade,
Of someone’s nice but-low quality liaison,
But it doesn’t mean that I’m afraid of taking an action.

Moreover, after how many days,
My absurdity paid me and made me says,
That I had wasted all the things and time,
Of giving an efforts even most of it are crime.

Well yeah, I did investigate,
You two fought and you cried,
And  I saw you were left behind in the gate,
Therein, I started to think that you were really my fate and soul mate.
Just don't mind
A tear
of Bobby's
let me
swelter by
her bagpipe
but with
the snow
where I
lie a
twist with
her till
dawn when
I danced
on her
skin my
sensation or
chagrin again
a daughter
l love
you now
as yer
turn table
extol in
excess for
sea with
a kick
that the
new wave
let her
ride here
but a
train in
Tokyo spit
her under
toe awhile.
a tropher found Grau
and everywhere lay his fawn
while love's artifice dig chéri
and orient this earth that desire weather

and while out on the horizon he'll dust the farm
but still pond a sparrow 'bout to splatter its bath
in a morning of lust that soon will burn off

with an intent lasting sheen
fore the hour drive to town
as his roads are the ride
amid this country has made her shine
that always ponder the air on such afternoons
only to purchase a bottle of her perfume
then pleasantly he'll puncture the throttle
with a just look in her garden.
PaperclipPoems Oct 2016
I thought maybe if I was his secret,
he'd keep me forever
Y Rada Oct 2015
Lipstick so red on lips so blue,
Shadows so black on eyes untrue.
Puff of smoke huffed to the air,
Swirling amorously around the lady fair.

Lust is dancing with natural ease,
Hips sway to and fro - what a tease!
Hands beckoning at night's affair,
Fingers snap with passionate flare.

Words whispered with carelessness,
Hearts shielded from tomorrow's mess.
For tonight lovers cling for security,
Such solace found in darkness' infidelity.
K Balachandran May 2014
The panther's blazing eyes
stares at him first , scrutinizing,
her rough tongue likes him clean
when amorous longings subdue.

— The End —