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Jo Dec 2019
I thought true love was caught, in a tunnel,
between yesterday and today. 

And as time passed, it seemed to me it would
always stay that way. 

Sort of like a butterfly caught in a cocoon, I
thought love was for others, and for me, it
would never bloom. 

Leaving me to wonder what does it take to
show one cares.

And why is it no one sticks around to see
what's there? And then I met you.
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Grey Dec 2019
Arms wrap around me
Just before I hit the ground
I am saved at last
Jenny Moran Nov 2019
it’s a trial you know,
standing by your side.
it’s a test of my strength,
my courage, my pride.
do I want to give up?
give up in us?
what us?
it never existed
it was all in my head
i let myself think there was a
meaning behind the bed.
but you were my demon
sitting deep in the dark
waiting to pounce
waiting for that spark
you took my feelings and shoved them aside
just because you were worried about you
and your pride
I am not significant enough
for you to spend your thoughts on
well yeah, that’s pretty rough
Faizel Farzee Oct 2019
Some times I steal a glance at you sitting
Lost in a spaceless haze

Thoughts of wonder I hope, running through your mind
I smile slowly creeping over your captivating
Unknowingly it instantly lights up the sky

Your beauty at this moment overwhelms me
I promptly forget who I am, I too get lost in a timeless daze
The love we share I can never truly capture
Your beauty these words can give justice to
Just know I'll keep trying my love
Until my last breath
This words from my soul is true.
I hate you sometimes
Because you exist
In every single guitar solo
And in every single crowd
I can hear your voice
Just around every turn.
Your eyes are always on me
Even when I'm alone
It's truly an intrusion
Of my privacy
I wish I minded just a little bit more
Maybe then, I could convince myself
That I don't really like you

And all of me knows
That we won't ever come close
To what I'm imagining
But you're older than me
I can picture you holding back
Watching me from the sidelines
As I watch you from the field
Our lives don't cross paths
Only a couple of times
But I can smell the chemistry
That heavy breath before a storm
Judging by that look on your face
When I catch you staring at me
I think you do too
She doesn't look away. When I catch her eye, she doesn't look away. Sometimes we smile and make jokes, but then there's those moments where we stare at each other like fools until one of us realizes we're in public. It's awful. She's supposed to look away, or not look at all.
God, I wish she would just pull me on top of her and tell me to pin her down already. This is ******* terrible.
Seanathon Aug 2019
Source, a heartthrob life
Be thought, and alone no more
In my being caught
Tuesday 12 - This one reads like a prior dream. Lol.
Ackerrman Aug 2019
I once caught a sparrow, small and black, its wings shivered as I took it in,
Fed the poor little thing, stroked its breast and listened for a heartbeat,
There it was, small but strong, its pulse erratic. Scared creature,
After the day, it had recovered and was ready to fly away, as it was born to do
So, I broke my sparrow’s wings.

Now my sparrow sits in its box, its heart is small and strong,
But I don’t let it out to see the light of day for too long,
I love my sparrow, I look at it night and day,
My warm embrace, from time to time, reminds the thing that it’s mine,
I keep my sparrow in the dark

Today, my sparrow was looking as effervescent and as strong as ever,
It hopped with pride and glee and looked so lovingly at me,
So, I took it out of its box and placed it by the open window,
The wild-eyed adoration of Raa was in its eyes as it peeped at freedom,
So, I broke my sparrows wings.

My sparrow is looking a little tired and upset,
I placed it in the box without a friend or a strand of hope to live on,
I told my sparrow that I love it and that it is special,
And it believes that I love it as it loves me, but I only like it because it is black.
I keep my sparrow in the dark.
I am not sure if I am the sparrow or the tyrant...
Heavy Hearted Jul 2019
Caught between two worlds
It becomes harder to find your people.
the many nights are never spent
In ways worth all the while

still trapped within a life of glass and in a fragile world
The death of these pretty distractions is how my truth's unfurled.
The relinquishment of crude enticement
May halt this broken life
As I watch the moon and stars and rain
And try wielding virtues knife.

May I know you, true life,  someday,
& may my memories mindful; stay
In Brightest futures my hopes now lay,
As Henderson Avenue guides me away.

confuse my judgement sometimes I still do
too often reciting the prayer's haiku

As both worlds begin the same-
Consistent with worries and longing disdane,
One is love while the other is pain-
One is interest, while the other's mundane.

And so the initial ideal world
That's leading onward out of range
Is where I direct myself now to
And Hope I truly make it
An interesting pain & A Mundane love
Johnny walker May 2019
When my sweetheart passed on I felt like scared rabbit caught the headlight unable to move frightened through fear of not copping without
For she was nore than a wife I'd lost but Helen was mother to our son she was my lover and best friend I'd ever had this rabbit that was caught In the
But this rabbit knew It had to survive to escrape from the blinding headlights ran to darkness by shutting himtself away this rabbit hide from the
Johnny walker Apr 2019
I woke this morning with a  smile on face for had a dream last night that my sweetheart was laid beside me
her head resting on my pillow and although I was asleep I could feel Helen laying behind
and I'm sure I could catch the sweet smell of her beautiful perfumes she used to wear I'm sure I could see an
on the pillow where her head had laid or perhaps all but a dream that I
just haven't awoken from
All a dream but  seemed so real to me that Helen laid down beside with head on my pillow
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