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when a bunch of  old Senate men
and some intimidated women
voted to heave

     an accused ******
     and proven liar with an alcohol problem
     given to irascible outbursts, fits of self-pity
     and insulting comments on women

into a lifelong seat on the highest court in the nation
     against voluminous evidence of his lacking qualifications
the statue of the Goddess of Justice
     whom a former attorney general
      had all covered up in blue cloth
dropped her sword and scales
tore off her blindfold
and covered her ***** ******* in shame
Apropos the U.S. senate 's decision to nominate Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court
Arcassin B Sep 20
By Arcassin Burnham

Pleasure , Pleasure,
Pleasurable desire to be pleasured,
And be looked into when love has this
measure, I could put this all together.

Sexist , sexist,
Thinking women could be ****** objects,
To be appalled in this transaction to look
good in that leather, I could put this together.
This Is a new experience.
This is a new experience.For me
This is a new experience.

Carter Ginter Jul 25
White boy
With your inherent privilege
Please, make another joke
About ****** harassment
No, really
It's funny right?
Especially because you're joking that
Your male coworker is sexually harassing you
*** jokes are funny too, huh?
That's the same male coworker
Who I had to explain
Just hours beforehand
How the ****** encounter he described
Did not include informed consent
How fitting.
White boy,
I'm curious how you'll fare
After I told the manager
About the content of your jokes
(Not the proudly homophobic one,
Who then looked uncomfortable
But seemed pleased when I told him that
I had already called you out
Because that means he doesn't have to
Because he wouldn't anyways
It doesn't affect him
Just some harmless humor
So then I tell my coworker about your joke
Who then responds with:
"He's still doing that ****?"
Apparently so
Because no one there seems to care
About jokes that put me
The only person at work read as a girl
(Which I'm not by the way)
In an extremely uncomfortable position
Why is no one else uncomfortable?
Why does no one else say anything?
They're all like you
Or they don't want you to judge them
Because you have that power
Because you're a
It was a long night at work tonight. I don't have the emotional energy for this ****.
******* Greg
Ron Gavalik May 20
Calling out dead poets
as sexists or rapists or users
is the opposite of woke enlightenment.
The poet’s job is not to censor
his experiences or his madness
for sanitized comforts.
The poet’s truth is his gift
of insight, a ***** wisdom
of hard love and difficult choices.
Narrow fools so often absorb
this sweat and blood poured onto the page.
After their souls are satisfied,
that’s when the fools unsheath
the long sword of ignorance
and ****** the blade square
in the poet’s back.
Read more. PittsburghPoet.com
Liesl Feb 5
They say that one hundred years ago
Women ‘earned’ the right to vote
It makes you wonder what men did
To earn that right before us.
It must’ve been something pretty impressive.
man once said to woman:
you fight like a girl
and she replied:
and you fight like a man
and he said:
that is because i am one
and she said:
and he looked confused
and she said:
i fight like a girl because i am one
Samantha C Jul 2017
When I was young I promised myself that when I grew up and got hot,
If I ever got cat-called, I would react.
I would scream,
Kick the bumper of their car,
Throw my overpriced drink in their face,
Be angry be ******,
Take no **** from anyone who dared to look at me.

I grew up.
I'm not hot,
I'm okay enough to look at,
Okay enough to earn the attention of two middle aged children in a ****** silver four door car.
I promised myself
I would react.

I froze.
Took another faulty step
Felt my ankle struggle under the weight
The ends of my pants brushing my toes
Blood rising to my face.
Not a blush.
I was not flattered.
An inferno.
My mind in flames.
The heat trapped by my mouth
Glued shut by $20 lipstick from a brand owned by someone who hates what I am.

Didn't I promise myself?
I didn't react.
Hardly moved a muscle.
Too slow to even furrow my manicured eyebrows in rage.

I know now
That the world will always be cruel.
And the world will always think I'm

So what good is having my own pretty face
When everyone else thinks that it's theirs?
Nobody will ever own me
Not even myself.
Riot Jun 2017
I suppose you feel threatened
huh, Amerika?
It must hurt you,
pain you deeply,
I care not to live
by these
(or should I say Rakkkist)
Doesn’t want to to deal with AIDS crisis
Doesn't give a **** about the poor or needy
Supports **** Culture
All Lives Matter except trans women, women, people of color AND Black  Lives,
Electing Donald Trump
I hope your founding fathers
Choke themselves with the noose they made,
in their respective graves.
the dead bird Feb 2016
why don't you
the man says,
looking at me.

you old thing,
the child says,
kicking the dead bird.

I'm not going to smile
to look pretty for you
a sight to see
a sight for sore eyes
I am not
a dog.

in my
my ex would tell me
every day
to clean his room
clean the basement
do the laundry
if i didn't
I was treated
like a bad
made to look at the mess
it was not mine.
many times,
when I did
it wasn't sufficient
"I *******

clean it yourself,
but no,
I did.
even when
I didn't like you.
even when
I hated you.

when I was 19
at the bookstore
a man
told me to get him
a card,
could have reached it
could have done it
guess I misheard him
and got him the wrong one
"are you ******?!"
in his thick
"****** girl
get me
a napkin.
throw it out
throw it out
I said"

you can't be any
good at video games,
you're a girl.

you can't be
you're just doing it
for attention.

you can't
wear that
and expect people to respect you
expect people
not to harass you
expect people
to think you're smart
expect people
to not think you're a

I am a ****
for being confident with my body
for being comfortable
my sexuality
for being open
my orientation
for enjoying
then yeah, I am
I am not ashamed
of any of those things
and they do not make me
less of a

tell me
to smile.
tell me
what to do
when to do it
I will do
what I want
whenever the ****
I want

I won't
I will wear
tank tops
and makeup
and beat your ***
in every video game
make you feel
I will
speak my mind
have opinions
I will
read literature
educate myself
educate others
I will
have ***
with whomever I want
safely, but
without any shame

I will
im trying to write a poem every day and oops its 12am and i didn't write one oops oops oops (this counts)
the dead bird Feb 2016
I look at the stain
My period has left on my favorite *******
And hold them in my hand
As I contemplate what to do with them.
I can try to get the blood out
But the stain will still linger
A reminder that I am only human
And ******* is natural but -
“Dont talk about that,
Thats so nasty.
Maybe that's why
You've been such a *****.
Typical FEMALES”
I am gross for being a woman?
Men worship my *****
But the moment I bleed
It's as disgusting as curdled milk.
Society wants to see me
As something unhuman
An object to worship
A ******, mindless creature
That does what she's told
But I am a WOMAN
I have ideas, morals, and input.
My thoughts and opinions that matter.
I can make jokes,
And drink beer,
And read,
And play video games,
And be a musician,
And speak my mind,
And bleed.
Like a FEMALE human.
Like a woman.
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