Dirty hair, Dirty clothes
No shoes, Open toes
He sat down with a shake
But the smell of filthiness crowded the air
So eye started to stare
And mouths started to snicker
With a stand and sad eyes
He stood up without a sigh
The pressure his small weight could do
Cost more harm than a pair of two
His energy lacked,
So knees cracked cracked cracked
With shaky hands and legs
And all the might he didn't have
He walked away without a sound
His heart was far to weak to cry the sky
But his soul was so hurt
He failed to drain the water from his eye

It cost more muscles to frown than to smile

If you  have a roof over your head,
Be thankful.
There are so many people
Living on the streets.
If you're content
With  the country you live in,
Be thankful.
There are so many people
Fleeing from War in their Home Countries
They must  wander,
Crossing Borders,
In search of a  new place to live.

Casualties of our Arrogance
Strung out along the Riverside.
Casualties of our Indifference,
Waiting around to die.
Scarred by their Families
Rejected by their Kin.
To ask for help is  a weakness.
Beggars are assumed to be
They just dope themselves to death.
They conclude that
If they're out of sight
And out of mind,
Society will be happier......
Free to Chase the Dollar
And have lots of fun
With the money they earn.

Isabelle Jun 2

Don't ever build home in people
They all come and go
And when they leave you
Again and again
Homeless you'll be


Sad thing about being away, is when you do not have a pen. I miss writing and reading!

Don't know where I'm goin'
Don't know where I am
I'm a drifter
Goin' nowhere
And I don't give a damn!

vinny May 28

golden nails painted
dirt borders ingrained
pounded into crevices
He knows what's up
rolling backwards
wheelchair throne
Evading stare
phlegm cackle
Hey man that's the shit
Don't lower your eyes to me
I'm so close to that
Being you
One slip away
I want to be that

JC Godfrey May 25

No Sense of Belonging,
No Place to go.
Wander through the night, Wander through the snow.
Wander through the Storms, as it rains so hard.
No Home near, No home far.
Wander the streets and upon the Park,
Wander ‘til the sky goes dark.
They wander past, but they don’t see,
I’ll Never have a place to be.

No place to call Home,
No place to stay.
Wander, fade, till you rot away
Wander so wide, Wander so far,
Wander ‘til thy only memoir
descent to loneliness, reality to stray,
Your only memory, left to Decay.

My first poem. But has only just debuted on this site. built with thoughts of the Homeless.

Her speech is soft,
And she withdraws without offending.
A need for privacy, a gated soul.
Watchful, assessing all that one does,
yet not judgmental.
The tenuous connection of the wary,
careful with other humans.
But her compassion enormous,
reserved for the most unfortunate, who
through wretched happenstance  
are unable to make their own way.
The sick, the feeble, the troubled,
the emotionally destitute,
somehow find their way to her door,
the unknowable gift by which the needy
intuitively understand human kindness.
A rare generosity,
an uncompromised sense of right and wrong.
A shunned autistic boy befriended,
rescued four-legged friends,
clothing gathered for the poor.
A homeless teen brought to tears by the purchase of a prom dress.
No great wealth, no abundance of resources
waiting to be dispatched at the touch of a screen.
Only a wherewithal borne of an impassioned need to help,
to speak out, maybe to erupt in angry persuasion
to sate an abiding sense that one must do what one can.

Written for a friend.

I know it sounds denigrating
But I feed the Homeless as a 50 year old man
The way I fed the ducks
In Denver's City Park,
Ss a child.
"Will this man or woman take the Evohemp bar I'm offering?"
"Oh, good, I gave him (or her) some food!"
There are valuable lessons to be learned from Feeding the Ducks
As a kid.
Feed the Ducks.....
Feed the People....
What's the difference?
As long as the person or animal  you're feeding
Takes what's offered.

We don't always like  to face the Plight
Of Those who are Down and Out.
Their Condition or State of Mind
Hits too Close to Home?

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