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Robert Ippaso Nov 14
Does society need a push to be made just,
Can we not together find solutions set to last,
Homelessness and poverty rife with shame,
With people given numbers but no name.

Are we so callous, blind and proud
To block our ears from cries so very loud,
Their wants and needs not our concern,
As we shake our heads with gazes stern.

Gone are the neighborhoods that kept us close,
Replaced by ones which only inequalities expose,
Gleaming steel towers where merely money speaks,
Silent neighbors with no word spoken for countless weeks.

Corporations filled with wanton greed,
Blind to crippling poverty and need,
Governments complicit in this crime
Grasping for income all signs of morals they begrime.

Solutions few, decisions hard,
So many options by self-interest barred
And yet in some humanity prevails,
Providing sustenance that such humanity entails.

To the rest of us, the watching masses,
Idly gazing through rose colored glasses,
The moment beckons for a  society to heal,
Lest that apathy our very soul forever steal.
Traveler Nov 10
I don’t mean to shut lovers out
A forcefield of uncertainty surrounds me
As I expand with the expanding universe

As a force of creative energy
Forged and tempered in spirit fire
Bridged in eternal continuity
A Traveler must travel alone

There’s no place like home......
There’s no place like home.......
There’s no home...
Traveler Tim
alupa Nov 7
I was sad.
So I walked the way that was still traced in my mind
Searching for security
Followed the path blindly, subconsciously
Searching for comfort
Only to find myself
In front of the reason for my sadness
In front of a stranger's house that once felt like home
I've never really been homeless
but I lived right next door forever and ever
or so it seems
I've never been hopeless
but I've seen my light
go dim for a while
as I while away
without any dreams
I've never really been lifeless but I've had times
I could have lived
a little bit more
I never really felt worthless
but I've had those times
I felt like my life could have
had a bit more in store
never have I been homeless
so I have no idea... how
it really must feel
even though ...oh ohhhoh
I always lived soohohhhoh close
to that edge-  it's not
the same....
it's not how
do you feel?
CMXIClement Sep 14
Florescent lights pierce
my eyelids at five o'clock.
I open them and I squint.
I have to remember to
turn my head when I wake up.

Shuttle leaves at 6 o'clock.
I do not have time to wake.
I lumber to my locker.
Carefully turning the dial.
Careful no one sees the code.

I dress myself lazily.
The coffee here is weak.
If not, then it is day old.
Beggers can't be choosers.
I ready my beach cruiser.

Waiting in line while my breath
forms a bellow of hot
human vapor.  They pull up.
I place my bike on the rack.
I get onto the shuttle.

Fifteen minutes later I
arrive at my shuttle stop.
A five mile ride to work
while the sun bleeds over the
horizon and shines on me.

There was a peace I felt as
I vibed to music on my
way to work.  I felt free then.
Then, arriving at work, I
worked until the ride back there.

As the sun set I waited.
Shuttle pulls up and I place
my bike on the rack.  Back to
the place I wake up squinting.
I can't wait for my bike ride....
OC, I, dont know,  I dont care, **** it.  Here you go.
dexter Aug 23
I carry the torch of this misery.
The bearer of all secrets that kept us terminally sick.
Held hostage by brokenness
Hostess to alcoholism, cynicism, paranoid delusions
A pillar upon which a false empire was built?
Was the straw that broke the camel's back composed of grass or guilt?

A person who feels like home can be dangerous when you carry the blame of destroying the one you grew in.

Emerged from my isolation to walk under the stars.
$11.11 was the total for my holiday purchase of alcohol and cigarettes
I wished upon a scar that I would one day grow to be whole.
I listened to your playlist on the cold walk home.

These metaphors for living pure are cheesy
All existence is chaos
Anthems of anger, ballads for those who have lost
Holding fading souls and cradling hearts like hammocks for the homeless
dexter Aug 23
Executive dysfunction
Blurred lines, blurred vision
Sleeping in the grass
Sun set / sun rise, time passing like morning dew eases away from forested valleys' lake.
Slipping away, like sand through my fingers, drift into space.
I'm living slowly, lonely these endlessly numbered days.
Dazed, hazy, wake bake skate.
Mindful meaning
Fleeting smiles sink into me
Can we stay for a while?
Grinning beneath unlucky skin
Sinner within undercover
No lover, no friends
No pool No Pets No Cigarettes
No sleep, finding safety beneath a poet-tree
Seeking sanctity in sacred places.
Harmony is heavenly
Rise and shine! Levitate and radiate!
Never trust tomorrow, embrace whatever comes of today.
Madeline Aug 21
I have no home,
I have no shoes,
My parents are out
Drinking *****,
I struggle to stay upright,
My bones are weak,
My lungs are tight,
Mortal hell,
Living is a chore,
A corpse on the streets,
Nothing more.
First poem.
Alex Scaife Aug 9
Without the courage to end it,
Or the will to go on,
The vagrant wanders aimlessly
Under the artificial lights
Based on Samuel Beckett's the end
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