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Try 1d
Drop Drop into the deep end,
new faces daily right up to the weekend,
the realization of your current situation yet to set in.

some are looking for retribution,
others caught in eternal confusion,
thinking they see the end of the path but its just a delusion,
hardly any one making moves,
many of them are just goons,
blue baboons.

there's only a righteous few,
making daily moves,
which they can prove,
as they get out the shelters,
into a new home quite soon.

so look towards the new moon,
get into the groove,
for you have yet to bloom,
don't let the place consume you.

© Try
some personal experience of what you get when living in a shelter, i may not have been in a position to go and live in one for a year, tho to understand the real struggles people go through on a daily basis it was a much needed experience.
دema 4d
So many times,
I’ve tried telling you
that I love you and that I care for you,

I need you to know that I see your intentions,
that you are indeed trying,

He does not see you for who you are,
she can not see you for who you are,
they would not see you for who you are,
if you do not acknowledge who you are,

dear self,
care for your soul, it’s been homeless too many times,
sing to your heart, it’s been homesick for some beats,
make peace with your mind, it’s the only home for your thoughts,
thoughts like this,
that have not been cared for at all
and not once filled with some love.
Laid here watching a bit
tv, and can't believe the number of ads for homeless
Children young adults and families,
I keep asking myself what Is going wrong, I was led to believe we are a caring society, how can we be when we let this
Maybe I'm daft missing a point or something maybe  I've got it all wrong, It can't just be me when this elected government was sworn In, they were out to hit the poor and disadvantage disabled and
I'm disgusted they should be ashamed but dought they are, don't think It going to effect there nice comfortable
Christmas think we should bring out the film Scrooge at Christmas there's an awful lot
of Tiny Tims out here I include myself, can't afford
the heating struggle to buy food and with osteoarthritis almost crippled think I'll change my name to
Just don't understand what's wrong with this life were's the
compassion It not really a world I want to be, but I'll
have to put up with It
Jo Barber Nov 28
Home is not a place.
Home is not a person,
nor a season, nor a taste.
Home is elusive.
I can’t tell if I’m running
towards it or away.
I grow older each day,
aware only of
the confusion
that resides within me.

Home may not be a place,
But it is not where I am.
July Laviena Nov 27
We pray in shelter

while starving cold people hope

for a better day
I live in NYC. That's the inspiration
Johnny walker Nov 23
There was a time I did
once live upon the streets
the hardest thing I ever
It not but a few days ago
8 homeless people died
on our streets, what wrong
with the government who
run our
How can they allow this to
happen where Is the
why do they not ever want
ever want help there own
after all most put out on the
street due there
Do they not understand but for
chance all of us could end up
in the street I should know I've
Government where Is there compassion Is It they all become so greedy they just give a dame
Izzy Aghahowa Nov 12
the sky is a messenger
a catcher of stories from dreamers
a holder of the stars that inspire even non-believers

can the sky hold by confessions
can it be my listener?

when the sky is empty
my dreams are homeless
for nowhere can hold worlds as large as infinity
Baqir Talpur Nov 12
There it is,
A blank piece of paper
Looking at me like a homeless child
Asking me to fill it up
With love and care.
But I have got nothing.
Words lost, feelings deaden.
Eyes dry and heart frozen.
Sitting here, hopeless
Looking back, speechless
I Feel its pain and heart break
But I couldn't do anything
Except for thinking
How could i be this gruesome?
How could world be this gruesome?
Johnny walker Nov 11
Laid In thoughts of
yesterday avoiding
present-day drifting
In and out of dreams
it's to where I have
control I have
the say
Free from problems
don't need newspapers
or to listen to
Don't need the clowns
who think they run our
lives with their dumb
In just short space time
they have destroyed
this country where once
I was proud to
They have no compassion
for the less fortunate
people who have no
chance to break free from
everyday poverty forced
upon them
A failed system food
banks unheard of when I
was  growing up as a kid
young people forced to
live on the
One day there will be a
reckoning on all those who
caused so much suffering
on the hard working
people who without them
this country would be
The poor sick old the young disabled all
forgotten by those who only care about there own self Importance
I have slept in stairwells
slept under trucks that
were gone when I came to
slept in parking lots and between
green garbage bags

I have eaten month old bread
dog food, mostly dry flour
and insects.

I have worn blankets
bread bags for socks
newspaper in my shoes
and someone else's deodorant.

I've done Brother, can you spare a dime?
Show me your change
I'll show you mine.

Made them laugh.
Although I am a fine upstanding citizen in my approaching golden years, I was not always so. Here is a poem I wrote a VERY long time ago about what it was like to be homeless (we didn't call it that in those days).
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