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tears drop from a thousand eyes
and wash the sidewalks clean
of filth
of blood
of desperate cries
gone silent with the dream
darkness lights the alleyways
where life is cheap as rust
needles lay in greasy puddles
rats feed on the crust
deeper we fall
into nightmares awoken
speak not of this if you live in the light
there are tears enough for that which is broken
just close your eyes
and sleep at night
Heidi Franke Jul 2022
Helping a child with a mental illness and co-occurring disorder such as substance abuse disorder. Our little diamonds who grow up with a broken mind.

Diamonds are in the rough. How long does it take to mine a diamond?

If you as a parent do not have any tools, you will have bloodied hands and feet  and never will you get to where your child can shine without the addictive source.

Diamonds are found in many ways, but to communicate with the diamond, the ore around it is crushed and milled.

Diamonds repel water, but are drawn to grease.

Expect to get down and ***** when helping your addict, but DO NOT, go into the pit. You will be of no help once you are in.
#diamonds #travel #homeless #sand #mentalillness #Addiction
Saša Milivojev Jun 2022
Snow. Ice. Bitterness.
Fear. Huger. Distress.


Without water and electricity.
Without liberty.

Nobody, just me,  
and a cold blanket
sighing sadly.
And nothing else.
Betrayals countless.
Without a friendly face.
Without an embrace.

Puddles of tears surround me,
I will cut my wrists to end this misery.

My frostbite wounds
Millions of people are passing by
never a one to stop
to offer a shoulder on which to cry

I don’t need anything
no cash, no bread
no shoes, no roof over my head
just a single heart to start beating
beating for me, crazily.

Saša Milivojev

Translated by Ljubica Yentl Tinska
Nigdaw Apr 2022
if ever you wondered what purgatory
looked like, it's here
whatever these poor ******* did
they have paid
in spades
here on forgotten streets
among the flotsam and jetsam
from the higher echelons of society
this is Skid Row
the lowest you can go
doorway to hell
Skid Row is everywhere
mae Mar 2022
My entire life
is in a backpack
because even if where we stay isn't the same
as the day before,
at least the stuff I carry
in this backpack
is the same stuff every day.
Sitting in  my alleyway
I watch people every day
They see me in my cardboard box
I hear the things they say

It used to bother me, but now
I just let them look and pass
I used to beg for their spare change
But, now I do not ask

I think that as they pass on by
It's my situation that they see
Homeless, living in the cold
They're not seeing me

Some stop, and stare in silence
They don't have the words to say
they see just what they want
While others turn away

Some who pass, they cross the road
On to the other side
They'd rather think I don't exist
Although it's here that I reside

I think that as they pass on by
It's my situation that they see
Homeless, living in the cold
They're not seeing me

If you ask, I'll answer
I'm a man, I have a voice
Although I'm in this alley
I am here by my own choice

Alternatives are out there
But they are not for me
Remember, it's my situation
Not the man I am you see
Karijinbba Nov 2021
You in your wait,
me and in mine,
we've brought to a halt
our whole LIFE for awhile
your garden sprouted new seeds
I don't want to live nor die
without you
You've gone willow on me
I blame only me
Hear my plee and re-appear
bless me ágain babe
Pick me up from this dessert land
where only evil passes by to steal
my last portion of bread.
my last earned dime.
I am homeless near your
gold mine and frozen wind
in your power bless me.
Please fortune maker
build me an abode.
  Save me from this homeless
exiled purgatory.
I've paid for my mistakes
I am only human spare me.

need your help need you be my friend. 1678-517-5066
loving you only you eternally bless me only you can stop my slippery slide you got power to stop it help me please
K E Cummins Nov 2021
Will you bear witness to what I suffer
Held in the life of a woman
Cross-legged on the sidewalk
Incoherent in my grief and ignored
Will you bear witness?
Pull down the night
to use
for a blanket and a
cloud or two to comfort
a couple of stars in your ears
to lighten the load of your fears
and settle down for the evening,

it's getting colder and you know, not because we've told you,
but because you feel it creeping into your veins
fogging your brains and maker it harder to think and so you sink into an uneasy sleep where the dreams that turned bad are the dreams that you had long before this kiss of death

and each breath that you take makes you wonder if taking one more breath is better than..but if hope's on the horizon it had better get its skates on,
time's running out for those sleeping out and Winter is licking her lips.
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