Joseph Miller Jul 21

On city streets
late at night
in the cold winter
I walk
and run
not too numb
to feel
not too blind to see
my dream
like a summer day
long gone now
only cold to crystallize my fate
like frost on the window
icy patterns
trying to get in
reached the limits of my reach
I reach
and pound my fist
against the wall
of humanity
of denial
stretching across the horizon
as far as I can see
I am lost in a crowd
only the sun
beating down
reminding me
I am hot, so hot
I'm going to die
on city streets
It won't be easy
remember me
I walk
and run
like a summer day
long gone now

Here's something you don't see everyday. Although I've seen it a few times before on my street... A homeless man pulling a bicycle which is attached to the most astounding construct! Made of bicycle wheels and plastic webbing, chicken wire and aluminum piping, this huge mobile container for tin cans, and whatever this homeless individual can scrounge to resell, is almost the size of a garbage truck! And carries probably hundreds of pounds of aluminum cans.

In constant danger from cars and trucks, this is an outstanding testament to human ingenuity and dogged determination. The man marches on, stopping occasionally to take a container to dumpsters looking for cans. Whatever he can find.

I asked him if he needed something to eat or drink. He just smiled and shook his head. "I need to move on." And I realized he probably takes advantage of the nighttime to do his searching, as it is too hot during the day to do so. I smile and wave and wish him blessings.

If I ever feel like I am put upon in this life, I should feel ashamed. This man has shamed me utterly. I've invited him up to my porch in the past. Giving him food and drink. He is a believer. And I've never met a more cheerful brother in the Lord Jesus Christ! But he doesn't take any credit for his outstanding ingenuity and Drive. He gives the glory to God. I have tears in my eyes as I write this. He was also an addict and finds it very difficult to find a place to live due to his past. So he sleeps on the streets and does what he needs to do to survive. And survive he does!

I say a prayer for this stalwart. His name is Ben. Will you join me in my prayers (good thoughts)? I think he deserves them, don't you?

♡ Catherine

I haven't been on site because my father had a new procedure done. He is also in need of prayer, good thoughts. I come on occasionally to check my messages and do a little reading. But I honestly don't have a lot of time. Thanks for understanding.


No hope
No dreams
No Vision
For the Future
Just trying to make the pain go away.

"At first it is not so bad...
...the freedom, that's the way you see it.
Then the other things start happening."

"The consequences of freedom..."

"You tell yourself,
I live on the street,
this is what happens,
bad things too...
can't let IT get you down?"

"The consequences of freedom..."


To be or not to be...


To Be or Not to Be...

That is 'A' question
-for a Street Kid?

Conservative  Senator Sam Snodgrass,
Sat with his aid, Peter Balfour.
As their chauffeur, Carlos.
Drove them down East Colfax Avenue in Denver.
The Politician asked his Peter.
"Is this the Human Sacrifice Zone?"
"Excuse Me, Sir?" the aid asked in response.
The realized he had made a Freudian Slip.
"Is this the Human DEVELOPMENT Zone?"
"Oh," Carlos the chauffeur,
Who was originally from Zacatecas,
Felt relieved.
"I thought  you wanted to sacrifice those Homeless Girls"
"In the manner of the AZTECS."
"Carlos,"  Senator Snodgrass told him.
"I don't want to emulate Mexico in ANY WAY."
"You have a terrible Rape Culture there!"
"I just think that Denver needs to clean these people off the Streets."
"It's a filthy city!"

We have no hope.
We have no dreams
We have no faith.
We just want to get wasted and crash out.
That's the extent of our aspirations.

Cat Wilson Jun 30

Sleepy knees, struggling to keep one up. Slipping minds hang on the faintest peice of reality to keep us sane. (Ticking time bombs, one tick and we're e gone. )Weak hearts, broken so many nothing will heal all the damage. Lost people: the act they put on is soon turning into a life style. Voices get drained out by those with more importance. Those with more importance shun the ones with no voices, little by little shadows engulf the voiceless. The shadows hold more stories than one can tell. Stories of great triumph, lost souls sleeping, whispering for god. Stories of dread......

My view on life. And how it works

Freedom from Rules!
Freedom from Responsibility!
Freedom to use Whatever Drugs I want to use!
Freedom to own a gun!
Freedom to fuck whoever I want to fuck!
Fuck YOU!
Freedom from an Oppressive Government!
Freedom to Privatize Prisons!
Freedom to INVEST in Privatized Prisons!
Freedom for Corporations to be categorized as people
And use their money to  support political candidates
That will back their agenda.
Freedom for Prison Guards
To rape me in a Privately owned Prison!
Freedom to become traumatized!
Freedom to commit suicide!
Freedom for everyone else
Not to give a fuck about me when I  kill myself!
Wait a sec!
Is it really  "Freedom" that I  want
Or would I rather live
In A More Caring World?

Poetic90s Jun 17

Dirty hair, Dirty clothes
No shoes, Open toes
He sat down with a shake
But the smell of filthiness crowded the air
So eye started to stare
And mouths started to snicker
With a stand and sad eyes
He stood up without a sigh
The pressure his small weight could do
Cost more harm than a pair of two
His energy lacked,
So knees cracked cracked cracked
With shaky hands and legs
And all the might he didn't have
He walked away without a sound
His heart was far to weak to cry the sky
But his soul was so hurt
He failed to drain the water from his eye

It cost more muscles to frown than to smile

If you  have a roof over your head,
Be thankful.
There are so many people
Living on the streets.
If you're content
With  the country you live in,
Be thankful.
There are so many people
Fleeing from War in their Home Countries
They must  wander,
Crossing Borders,
In search of a  new place to live.

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