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M Vogel Feb 2021
D Vanlandingham

..turn on,
and faucets.. they turn off
but the fear of the lord
remains forever.

  The reality-shifts within
your ever-controlling  need
to define,  change nothing

  or maybe it does--

  "Hot, into cold;
and now white, into black
what was once good, now
becomes  'bad'" --

   Life..  into that,  of  (non.)
Your need for me to now be
those things,  has caused

      that very end,  indeed.

.. and now I am become, death
the destroyer of worlds--

have a nice day xo
Amanda Kay Burke Nov 2020
Make up *******
You always do

Is there a sliver of hesitation when the colorful stories you animate roll off your tongue like hot butter melting across a frying pan?

You alone have this mystical ability with words
Spinning ordinary
Letters with sick deranged threads
Vindictive deception

But don't even realize you're doing it

It is remarkable
You would lie if the truth sounded better
Sherenna Mar 2020
I am losing you,
I am losing her,
I am losing him,
Where am I?
Lost in an unknown world,
Trapped in my own world.

I lost you
I lost her
I lost him,
Where am I?
Stranger, stranger, stranger,
So familiar yet so strange,
I am lost in my own world,
A world I created my own.

I've lost you,
I've lost her,
I've lost him,
I am sorry,
For what I am a sinner.
Scilla B Feb 2020
i always wrote about the day where i would lose love
days turn to night
and night turns to morning
i haven’t slept yet
daydreaming about you calling

you can call me for anything
even if you wanna cuss me out
cause i know i’ve been a pain
coming back into your life
knowing i’m gonna walk right the **** out again
you know i’m scared of a lot of things
but i’m gonna blame you
because blaming you is easy
being victimized is all that i know about

what bad news do you have to bring to me this time?
why can’t we ever go for dinner
and not bring up old times?
why do i have to own up to my faults
and you drown yours in your dabs that you take before lunch time
maybe because blaming me is easy
being victimized is all that you know about
Amanda Kay Burke Dec 2019
The lies do not stop once they start
Know I'll eventually master the art
How long until they come apart?

I think it is time to come clean
Should never let fear be seen
No one know details of your routine

So go ahead and hide what is true
Sanity secretly an unlocked open zoo
You've all got answers but not one clue
Day 24: a poem unlike anything you've written before
Oskar Erikson Mar 2019
Speak the words
you let lie in your throat,
the spiteful synonyms
these cruel anecdotes.
Trap me with a ***** look
you cast my way,
let your insults hook
all of my willingness to stay.
Inevitably you can find
another reason to say nothing,
yet I can only remain to be kind
for the sake of merely having something.
Holding onto this pain
for all the fear of being alone again.
Richard Yeans Feb 2019
You know what?
It may not feel real to you, but
It does to me.  
Lies so often that it’s uprooted my own
Sense of sensibility.  

Gentle, loving touch
I feel it deep shivers down my back
The services you render
I haven’t seen
Since I ran Allroy off the track.

Peck rapidly with your thumbs
Although you can barely read.
But here I stay, I care
I can’t explain the need.
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