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Rich 3d
You ask me if I’ve tasted defeat
I’ve swallowed it whole and the digestion resulted in apprehension to any path I can’t crawl my way through

It’s ironic
the brain travels three thousand miles per minute
even as the body sits as still as Ice Age mountains
so my solution is to taste victory on golden platters in a dream sequence
the pattern is seamless
I’ve learned about suffering but would never teach it
A man like me could never lead, despite the absence of light that follows

but enough about aorta chambers left hollow, tell me of your timeline
what have you tasted
what has life left in your wallet
in your bed side
in your lungs
in your goodbyes
in your smiles
tell me what you know of reality and the singularity, our humble beginnings
tell me anything to distract me from the hours, the minutes, the seconds and every inch of my taste buds.

Bec Aug 23
Patterns are like chains
I can’t break free
Or at least that’s the way
It seems to me
our weather patterns
aren't as they used to be
I have a feeling that someone
or something has altered their tee

twenty five years ago
I knew what to expect
in the delivery of the
weather's prospect

but these days I'm never
too sure
as to the attire I must wear
on leaving my front door

the variance in the weather
does vex me so
yet I cannot return to
the climes of the ago

I'm of the belief that the weather
will become more drastically out of whack
for there are forces unbalancing
its inconsistent back
Olivia Henkel Jul 15
Discolored outlook
Am i still stuck in the loop?
Retracing footsteps  

An intrusive thought.
Resist casting judgment on
an obscured shadow
madameber Jul 13
i have lain here
for nights on end
trying to make sense of the stars

mama never did teach
me how to read
the patterns in the skies,
what reason did i have
to look up
when the fairy lights
we hung
were so pretty
if i wanted constellations
i could take a pen
and map out the spots
on my skin

mama never did teach
me how to dream,
what need could there be
when hers were already
big enough for
the both of us
to share
i could look up
and count the stars
in her night skies
and never worry about
my own

mama never did teach
me how to walk
tall, keep my back up
straight, with her chin
raised high she
looked right past
my crooked posture
and in to
her future,
i stood straight
in her visions,
it was all she needed
to see

i think she tried
i think she gave it
her best
i think she gave her
self better
and i’m still trying to make
sense of the stars
unsure of whose they are
Jon Thenes Jul 11

[Note : i am flushed with heartbeats,
fast panic breaths
and thought.
i have overwhelming stream of ideas]’s ridden through in our flooded veins

it’s furnishing our museums

  it’s marred out on parchment

     it’s mated together in privacy

      [Note : i tighten my eyes closed for relief]



     tried and executed

    preserved in wetland peat

   it can be called out

without the feed of the moon

without the woe of the ocean

 [Note : i clamp my hands over my ears]




genetically vetted

it can be rutted out

  falling **** through the generations

    the speed of the molecule

   or flitted across our grid electrically





      morse distressed




  and invested against

through historical text

it’s collected in your visage

and yawned back at you

  off of your morning mirror

   it’s in your needings

    your trolling of prayers and personalities

     and the breaking of your vocal jockery

     [Note : i dry gag and go silent]

     information is energy

    not erased

  but converted...

   ...and then nothingness

    an unwearable yelling void

     expanding pressure-less



     the immense feeling

    of feeling nothing

   the code/no-code

  the necessary ill behind the facade

of the purpose currency

[Note : my thoughts slow,
i note my breath
and my heart]








Lost May 15
Lessons learned lessen with time
Time takes its toll on memories
And failures are forgotten until repeated

I feel like my mistakes mold my existence
Into rolling regret that snowballs it’s way
Down a steep and steady path

Watch me plummet perpetually
Falling forever
Down to my ****** destiny
I've tried to understand myself, the what, the where, the WHY?

The more I look inside myself, the more I want to cry.

My souls been searched a thousand times and still I ask the question, who am I?

I sometimes think I've cracked it, got the secret, changed my mind. But it's all gone in a blink of an eye, I've ruined things again...Who am I?

No longer can I scream and shout because I've started to just sigh. This never ending question plays on, who am I?

I look to others for validation, or run away from their judging eyes. I'm not sure they can tell me, who am I?

In a day I'll have the answer, in a week I'll kiss it goodbye, in a month I'm going faster, in a year...Who am I?

And I've tried to understand myself, the what, the where, the WHY...But can I ask you a question? Who am I?
J Michael Apr 7
The twinkle in your eye
Passed galaxies beyond our blazing sun
The ball you walk upon
Is suspended in a sea of nothingness
But you still exist, nonetheless

Gaze into my windows
Infinitely vast and small
The universe crescendos
My soul singing along

Between the atoms and the stars
The awe inspiring grandeur of the span
Seems so nice
Beneath the Milky Way scar
Reminding me of who I am and how I'm just a man

As if it were, a breath of air
My life a grain of sand
Infinity made room for me
To have and hold your hand

Will you sing with me?
Our hearts a harmony
The aurora dances in the clouds
Colors of the entire world
Our souls spilling into sound
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