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MA Mar 2020
You ain't my type of song
I don't even want to sing along
But you're ever so stubborn
You have shattered my cover

And here I lay on this bed
I feel like I'm Rolling In The Deep
Sinking, drowning with the thoughts in my head
Thinking.... we could've had it all
If only I could sing the entire song

We could've Set Fire to The Rain
If that is even a thing
Or stop the Turning Tables
Like we used to play When We Were Young

It does feel like a Million Years Ago
But All I Ask is...
If this is my last night tonight,
Know that I will always say Hello from the other side

I may be Chasing Pavements
But I will always Send My Love to Someone Like You
This is my Sweetest Devotion
So once again I'll go back to rollin'
Just fun stuff I did a few years back.
Aa Harvey May 2018
Twenty One

So far above, you’ve been flying high with the angels
And still you stand so far above us.
You are amazing to me, when you speak about your problems
And those things you wish you could have changed; such pain.
Impossible not to like you when all you do is show us love.

So complicated to me, I want to walk inside that mind of yours
And share your empathy, because you speak so elegantly,
When you write about your love life
And you show us how you really feel on the inside.

A broken heart that we all share.
I want to put us all back together with the pieces we are lost without.
I hope you are happy in love;
I want to find a place I too belong as I too need to be loved.

I’ve met a woman like you, but she will never compare,
To those feelings that I hear in your voice
And I am still having these doubts,
But she loves me like I love your songs; they are so good!
So I think I will let her become my reason to believe in love.

You got me through to the other side,
When I was lost, you made me see the truth and I too found my way
And now I see all those tears I cried,
Were just a way to regrow the feelings that I thought I threw away.

Now I am happy in love with her,
So I can never tell her of you, or she would just be gone;
But we each share our love for your love songs.
So I will let her have all my devotion,
But I will never forget an album called Twenty One.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Rasmia Oct 2017
Happiness called my name... but I didn't answer.
I knew that it was another trick, used to get my attention.
A set-up for the ultimate defeat and heartbreak.

I loved before... it was pure. It was good. It was quite
literally everything.
Just how the mind wakes you up
after you die in a dream because death is something
outside of our imagination so was the amount
of feelings I could have for another.

The time has come where I must let my lover
love life. That means never having the
life we talked about. All those wishes
will never be granted.

So that's why I say when happiness called I
didn't answer.
I responded the last time and now I'm sitting
here writing about having to let go the love of my life
in a puddle of tears.
Isabelle Apr 2016
All I Ask by Adele

If this is my last night with you
Hold me like I'm more than just a friend
Give me a memory I can use
Take me by the hand while we do what lovers do
It matters how this ends
Cause what if I never love again?
I do not own any of these. I'll be posting lyrics from songs I wished I had written. So basically, songs that I find beautiful or those that I can relate too.
Alexa Sinclair Feb 2016
No song of yours can hurt me more than
Seeing one child in pain
A picture is worth 1000 words
Donate to feed my starving children please
xmxrgxncy Feb 2016
I have been in an Adele sort of mood lately....
Depression always hits me on Sunday's and I don't know why>.<
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