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Dr K S Bhardwaj May 2020
"Arey O Bumble Bee!
I Always Greet Thee,
Why're You So Restless,
Spend Little Time With Me."

Bumble Bee Replied,
"Juice Sucker I Am
****. Then I Leave
Not At All Restless I Am.”

Rose Said With Grim Voice,
“Noted For Future Use,
Shall Be Very Careful
That No More You Misuse.
Readers To Muse On The Contents Of The Poes.
Amanda Kay Burke Apr 2019
Why are you still playing games?
We are a bit old for that now
Is it possible you're still the same?
I would fix you but I don't know How

Crazy how we were once young
Thought the thrill would last forever
Dwelling on past moments and songs we sung
Not understanding why we aren't together

I feel you bend the rules
Every time I catch your tricks
You make of me a fool
Doing it just for kicks

Maybe there's a good reason
For your net of make-believe
Wondering if you get the severity of your treason
You sure don't understand what it means to grieve

You process sadness like a child
Do not say you want to die
Parts of our personalities have been defiled
But not those we try to deny

You are capable of playing fair
If you did I'd participate
Choose to keep cheating and see how you fare
Pretty sure you're aware of your fate

You had almost won not just the round
But the whole ******* game
Right before the victor was crowned
You were forced to resign with shame
Playing around here a little with metaphors
Let my Absence teach you what my presence did not
Let my laments teach you what my songs did not
Let my disloyalty teach you what my sincerity did not
Nigist Oct 2018
Response to  @writing.prompt.s
Submission Piece "The First Time"

If I could go back & meet you for the first time would I?

Would I?
Would I walk away?
Would you pull me to stay?
- like you did the first time?

The First time
We vibed, i tried
Not to be awkward.
Cause i talk too much
& i'm not heard or seem small
When I stand tall
& show no feelings at all
Because it was the first time

The First time
We lied
Close together
I debated whether
To throw *** or make this last
Not go so fast
But we moved slow
To go with the flow
Because it was the first time

The First time
I cried, you wiped
From my eyes, then smiled
To say we'd grow old & gray
Before walking away
You just couldn't stay
Because it was the first time

The First Time
Since we intertwined
With feelings we hide
There was a decline
In the connection
We had
Ignoring red flags
Just tryna get back
To the first time

So Would I?
Could I?
Should I?

Meet you again like
the first time
Cause I
never meant to stay
Should've walked away
The First Time.

5:06 PM

*The first piece from The HIM Collection.
~ F.Y.I. I just made that up but it sounds good huh?
El oh el, trying to break the ice here guys.
This is my first time.
Share, Love, Inspire
Agains me!
As a kid I was Quicker’ faster’ and stronger  Than the rest of flesh! Of all but in all.  I Loved the best, please ask the rest! and i Gave the most  please ask the rest  when I Had to share i took care of such thing I was Not rare. But been fare, now I see’ how they All dare” to not be there” Not one pair’ or one Alone’ thought of me, as if u dont see my Misery” never did i ever past and saw u last.  Please ask another life. Or stand there and Wai to be told. How could I have not seen The signs if they were written in sounds of Silence alone. And probably i should have Notice, but i was to be see not paying Attention to my life lesson. That all this time They were carved in cold stone. ...all life”
        All of us..billions of them.  And I rest.   Dead with not one

                                JOEY DIAZ♿
Betrayal, dark, alone
PaperclipPoems Jan 2017
It's easier to suffer in silence than trying to explain the extent of the pain.
English translation :  A conspiracy  of silence  
It's more beautiful in French
Jinn Prashanti Jun 2016
is it really so crazy
me wanting you & your baby?
i mean, is this reality?
the magnificence lost is sad to me...
i know not to blame now
i get no where that way but somehow
i take responsibility
for how my actions shook you into leaving what did i expect, yo...
our feelings is all we individually know
i mean, ican see how you MIGHT feel
from this end i pray one day you might heal
And i pray you reconsider too
that love overlaps me; a ***** into your boo
with you, i'll never let go of how i feel
because that brings me to a special place which gives my soul its seal
I'm keeping it
And a cold shoulder to anyone who threatens it
i am good alone i suppose
but with you it is when I feel i am whole
What does one expect? Feeling is sometimes the realist thing we know to be true.
Ry Elle May 2016
I like to pretend that everything is perfect
That I don't know how much you love her
That we're safe in this bubble
Of love and loyalty
But we're not
And even though I keep quiet
I hope that you feel the thorns of my lost trust
When I touch you
I hope you see the red in my vision
When I look at you
I hope you taste the venom of my anger
When I kiss you
Because sweetheart,
There may be peace on the outside
But you're both in pieces in my mind.
Y Rada Oct 2015
Lipstick so red on lips so blue,
Shadows so black on eyes untrue.
Puff of smoke huffed to the air,
Swirling amorously around the lady fair.

Lust is dancing with natural ease,
Hips sway to and fro - what a tease!
Hands beckoning at night's affair,
Fingers snap with passionate flare.

Words whispered with carelessness,
Hearts shielded from tomorrow's mess.
For tonight lovers cling for security,
Such solace found in darkness' infidelity.
Ember Evanescent Oct 2014
Remember that blue heart we wore on our wrists every single day?
It was a symbol of our bond.
Blue, blue, blue, the color of loyalty.
Well, Blue Ink Fades.

Repost if you have lost a friend.
Please comment! I love to read any thoughts you have on my poetry, or poetry itself as an art. 
Repost if you have lost a friend.
Please comment! I love to read any thoughts you have on my poetry, or poetry itself as an art. 

— The End —