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A swan gliding on water,
A bird soaring through the sky,
A horse running magnificently,
A tiny dancer who wants to fly.
Bold and strong on her own two feet,
Beautiful and driven with every step,
Vulnerable and powerful through her spirit as she freely lets go,
Awaken and alive in the moment.
Dancing away all of her demons,
Regaining control,
She is who she is when her feet moves,
Just a girl dancing with her soul.
Fey Sep 14
I am a dream dancer.
My strings are taut
over the vaults of the sky so soft.
Like a quiet muse I hear
the silent night breaking in.
Like marble, strands of clouds shine brightly,
in shades of rosé and nacre here,
those anxious sounds are getting lost,
now blanching in rust  and debris near.

I am a dream dancer,
staggeringly floating in the sea of the world,
wobbling and falling on thin ropes,
spoiled in nothingness and oh so empty,
despicably holding the here in fear.

I am a dream dancer.
And I fall
As an eternal bliss truant
To the ground.

© fey (28/12/17)
To entertain
means to be starkers
and dance with veils,
to exoticize war
and tremble in
a thousand rhythms.
Bejeweled as a spy,
don't know why.
Eye of the day,
and a dozen matchlocks
had me inertly settle
upon my knees,
before bending at my waist
to take one last look
at the fiery heavens.
Thomas W. Case's Historical Figure Poetry Challenge, Mata Hari.
Maja Apr 12
Fly, light, like a dancer,
spin, stop and ask
but there is no answer

Jump, dip, scream your question,
welcome your sentence
of death at confession

bad things.
good things.
what are those?
everyone is both,
so no one f*cking knows.
Moral is something we decide.
by Michael R. Burch

You will never change;
you range,
investing passion in the night,
waltzing through
a blinding blue,
immaculate and fabled light.

Do not despair
or wonder where
the others of your race have fled.
They left you here
to gin and beer
and won't return till you are bled

of fantasy
and piety,
of brewing passion like champagne,
of storming through
without a clue,
but finding answers fall like rain.

They left.
You laughed,
but now you sigh
for ages,
slipping by.

You pause;
is all you hear.
You dance,
as drunkards cheer.

Keywords/Tags: dancer, waltz, waltzing, applause, drink, drunkards, neon light, strobe, flash, flashing, crystal ball, chandelier, lap dancer, exotic dancer, stripper, peeler, strip, striptease artist, burlesque, Moulin Rogue, dance, passion, champagne, gin, beer
Violet Smithe Mar 11
Weight on my back foot.

The sound of the final chord rang out around me.


All I could hear was silence.

As though the room was empty and I,
I was its only subject.

With a stillness in my heart I stood,
took my bow,
and left.
Aurora RW Jan 12
The fog, she listens, she waits.
A spotlight glistens a spot on the pavement
She dances, alone, gracefully
As the rain claps around her
Brava, Brava
She twirls and spins
The moon peeks from behind tempered clouds
Catching a glimpse, of a girl among the fog
She is alive, this tiny dancer,
Not stopping, not even for a breath
The hope, joy, love
All around, beating like millions of drums
The heart of the dancer in the rain
FloydBrandon Dec 2019
At the summit of a new day rising is a binding light
dancer be moved by the sight of the tunnel
and groove through it blindly.
Jake Welsh Nov 2019
zephyr passes over the shimmering abyss
plots formed from images vacated

it’s what i breathe!

things that flash through my mind:
contemplative lips of a forgotten dancer,
bangs brushed aside,
a glance over shoulder…


a spider beckoned me,
to show me the mandala he calls home.
he took what looked to be a deep sigh, and said,

inside and out, we all have gifts
to be given, or shown, or flashed through thoughts.

i asked if he could give me a tour.
from "salve" 2019
available @:
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