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A young girl dreamt of being a dancer
She is a wonderer of movement
A soloist of rhythm
A listener of tempo

She gracefully lands her toes
Swirls and twists to show
An expression of owe
For the gift from her soul

But there was a time she landed
A terrible fall she shouted
Her legs were shaking
Her feet was aching

She lost track of time
Every beat was denied
Tears were flowing in her eyes
She felt left, betrayed and lied

But she recalls her first few steps
To why she started to count from
5..6..7.. and 8
To up, down, leap and have faith

She stands up and tries
Wiped her tears and smile
Swings to the music and reach for the aisle
Bows down with shinning light

Applause is all she hears
Congratulatory cheers
She felt loved and peace
Whenever she moves her 2 left feet
Forget your clean glass slippers
For this princess wears pink satin
In her long pink tutu,
Stepping to music in classic latin.

A woman's shoes are important
Walking in a straight line
Most just do not expect to bring
Bandaids when you walk in mine.

You think you have great balance
'till you're on your toes
Cause even when you walk in these
You must always keep your pose

But walking? No. Who does that!?
We twirl from right to left
Constantly feeling motion
'till we feel a threat of theft

So honey, you and your heels
In this competition will lost
For I am always dancing
In my own pointe shoes.
Jukebox ballerina
Poison flowing through her veins
One day she might part
With this dust laden floor
And dance
On a formal velvet stage
For tonight
She swallows more tequila
And floats to the sunset
Atop invisible lapping waves
Sara Kellie May 14
Then comes the danger,
pretends it's a friend.
Infamous liars,
ultimate desires.
and the ******' rest.

Hours and hours
to be the best.
A balance to be re-dressed.
The best ******' dancer,
******' chancer.
Don't get ****** . .
. in
Good luck!

Good luck fuckerssss
Ilonka Apr 14
I am a good girl and I always have been
the perfect daughter, the faithful wife, the happy mother, the trusted friend,
something changed
I am tired of wearing these masks of a great fit,
I am tired to be what society taught me in decades of polished illusions
I wasted years in putting together a perfect puzzle that's not who I am
I want to be a jazz singer, a romantic poet, a badass dancer, a crazy lover...
One last mask I can try, that of a bad girl at night.
Do you agree?
Chris Lazzaro Feb 18
Fire dances that beautiful tango,
moving her hips to the beat of her own drum.
Swaying side to side, arms spiralling upward,
reaching for the sun as if she were not to see it tomorrow.
Recklessly, yet with elegance,
she twirls around the place
without fear or disgrace.
The dancer’s beauty brings men to tears
and warms their hearts,
but can still burn them if their thoughts
are not for her care.
She does not feel regret,
nor any obligation.
She dances on until every last flame vanishes.
David Adamson Feb 13
Dance was the shape her body gave to music.
Mae Feb 9
as the music starts
the beating of my heart wouldn't stop
i admire how you move,
happy to be dancing with you.

you are very good at it,
your body syncs to the rhythm.
your expression says the way your feeling does.
hoping your feelings are the same as mine.
Aaron LaLux Jan 16
Moments of bliss in the pain and truth in the fables,
All I need is some honesty honestly,
“Stormy seas make the most skilled sailors..”,
or so her tattoo reads so sinful it feels Godly,

she says she only likes black men,
and they say “Once you go black you never go back.”,
but I’m white and when she came she came with me,
and since she arrived she hasn’t left,

truth really is stranger than fiction,
quit drugs got clean,
so now she is my only addition,

on a rooftop in a cool spot sipping champagne,
in the pool got a true shot at some real fame,
feeling like the hero and the villian,
half Joker have Bruce Wayne,

the truth is I feel like a mix of all the Bruces,
Bruce Jenner Bruce Banner Bruce Lee,
Bruce Willis all in it no limits or gimmicks,
Born in the USA raised on Backstreets of Philly,

an American Dreamer living The Dream,
Born To Run call me Bruce Springsteen,
found the Fountain of Youth this girl with this tattoo’s the proof,
so now I bath in the rainbows of this spring,

life so exciting sometimes I just want to scream,

like I do right now as we dance ecstatically,
unconditionally above the world on this rooftop under this star light,
which makes sense since she is a dancer by trade,
we dance and sweat and let out everything that’s inside,

we spread our arms we extend our tongue,
we seize the moment this moment of life,
because we know everything goes in an instant,
life passes by in the blink of an eye,

but without the bitter the sweet ain’t as sweet,
trying to wake up from this dream Vanilla Sky,
and sure these waters are rough,
but hey at least we’re enjoying the ride,

as we find moments of bliss in the pain and truth in the fables,
All I need is some honesty honestly,
“Stormy seas make the most skilled sailors..”,
or so her tattoo reads so sinful it feels Godly…

∆ LaLux ∆

Free Book:
Jenna Jan 15
i am an architect
though my hand has been guided many a time
i have etched my own path
into a tome of starlight
but it is a path i will walk alone sometimes
and that’s okay

i am a writer
though my heart has been swayed into submission many a time
i will continue to be
the main antagonist of my story
but i bleed ink from my fingertips and i will write my own chapter
and that’s okay

i am a warrior
though i’ve wielded my sword many a time
i have seen many wars
and fought many battles
but it’s still the small victories i celebrate most
and that’s okay

i am a dancer
though i’ve tripped over my two left feet many a time
i have broken many bones
and danced still with a smile
but my feet grow tired and i must rest sometimes
and that’s okay

i am an artist
though my hands have often been stained
my heart is my masterpiece
and i’ve put it at the forefront of my choices
but maybe it isn’t the kind to go in a museum
and that’s okay

i am damaged
i am battered
i am bruised
but i am trying
and i am healing
and that’s okay
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