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Tommy Randell Jan 12
Counting down the days
Til the new poem arrives
It's nearly ready for the page
But back there behind the eyes
Things are still changing
Shapes are being formed
Some rhymes rearranging
Some ideas being scorned

Is it a single or multiple birth?
I've tried counting the beats
The slow heart beats, alert
To clues in its embryonic sleep
But Poetry is notorious
When hiding its nature
And Poets impetuous
In the application of nurture

Nothing for it but to wait
Work on things more concrete?
Nothing for it but to state
I will love it, upbeat or offbeat
I will live with its moods
Put up with its tantrums
We may like to choose
But we Poets take what comes


Of course every poem is precious
Though this one sadly is not a prodigy
It is trying hard to impress but
Sadly it won't make the Anthology
The proverbial creator I maintain a neutrality
A post natal poet I remain unbowed
Though It does have uniqueness and originality
So I suppose I can be parentally proud
Brent Kincaid Dec 2018
This is the sad song
Of men and women
Who create offspring
When they don’t like children.
They set their minds up
To repeatedly bear them
To avoid askance looks
And any open criticism.

So they suffer and complain
About what a heavy burden
It is for them to have to
Put up with their children.
Each day with the rugrats
Nets no child any praise
They see not much beauty
In the offspring they raise.

If a soul deprived mother
Never felt love of her own
She has none to spare,
No patience to condone.
The talk of these parents
Is of not having any peace,
No time of their own then,
No feeling of surcease.

It’s as if a child born
Has but few years to grow
Before needing to be an adult
Who will automatically know.
That they must know to parent
The sick adult needy one
Who doesn’t seem to like them
Or anything much they have done.

This is the sad tune of those
Who made many awful choices
But still have no use for any
Of loving, advising voices.
It’s a song too many sing;
The music heart breaking,
Yet few of those parents know
The sense of trust they are taking.
Aurora Dec 2018
I can’t understand moms.
They love you, but really turn your life into ****.
lovejunkie Dec 2018
when i look at you
i still see that little girl
with your long blonde pig-tails
ensconced in 90s purple and pink
living in a land of barbie dolls
and scraped knees off the
monkey bars, everything
still so very easy to fix;
a princess band-aid, &
a kiss on that boo-boo
could just make it all better

how i long for those days
still on days like today;
if i knew then what
i know now i would
have treated those
moments with the,
i can't find the right
word... reverence?
yes, the reverence those
halcyon days deserved,
and sung you those beatles
lullabies just a few moments
longer each night before bed


i waited all night
by the phone
for that call
you've been
promising me...
i just want to hear your voice
and i'm sick to death of hearing
the endless self-pitying soliloquies
of your gatekeeper/boy-fiend

i have stretched just as far
as i possibly can, if i stretch
any further i fear i will break...
i'm thinking of crushing up an oxy
and snorting it up my nose right now,
i won't, but i am thinking about it,
and that scares the **** out of me
my dearest... and i want to keep
trying, keep stretching, but i cannot
reach you through such a narrow
neck, and all the way to the bottom
of that bottle where you're living today

i'm so sorry my baby girl, you're still
my pride and my joy, that bottom is just
way too deep for anyone to be able
to reach you anymore unless you
reach up to them at the same time

i love you more than my own life,
and i always will, you are everything.


i have to set my worries aside for awhile...
you live in my prayers & my hopes,
but i cannot keep losing my mind
day-by-day this same way, and i'm
so much the same as you are,
so know better than most that
there is no helping someone who
doesn't really want to be helped,
but only wants someone to
want to help them, and,
yeah, i get that, i really do
but i can't be that person,
i won't be that person,
because as much as i
may want it even myself,
i can't be your higher power.
no person can be that to anyone;
it just doesn't work that way


i am not abandoning you sweetie;
i am not setting you to the side.
i will be here for you always
with unconditional love but
if i don't change tack, and
do it very soon, well,
my own resentments
(despite my best effort)
are starting to build as well,
and if you really do want my help,
if you are serious, i would move all of
heaven and **** to make that happen,
but i'm done banging my head against this
impenetrable wall... but i am waiting, i am trying
to learn more patience, and i'm still loving you,
always & forever, no matter whatsies
with a double-secret pinkie swear, dad
Liam Beets Dec 2018
Within the warm ***** grows
A child no one yet knows.
But she gives them love regardless,
Not needing words to give her bliss-
A mother and child.

Within the warm house grows
A child first using their toes.
And she cant help but cry in glee,
She never knew she was so motherly-
A mother and child.

The warmed house slowly grows colder,
The small child now older and bolder.
She's challenged by them over small things,
The love they have now paired with a sting-
A mother and child.

The once warm house now devoid
Sits in the darkness of isolation.
But a motherly spirit can't be destroyed,
Even if we must let go of our creations-
The mother then smiled.
being your daddy means
being patient even
when you won’t go to bed

being your daddy means
loving you even
when I’m so tired

being your daddy means
showing up as I am
and doing the best I can
Leigh Jacobson Nov 2018
If only parents behaved the way they expect their children to act.
This has frustrated me all my life. I still see it happening. Parents yelling at their kids when frustrated... for the child who yells out when frustrated. ....and it still does today.
Lemonade Nov 2018
"You don't understand what it's like to be a parent.
Until you become one."

"But, I know one thing, and only one thing for sure.
I"ll never force my dreams on my kids."
Sillo Anderson Nov 2018
Management of a heart becomes
Futile by the loftiness of emotions
Claiming blessings upon its actions
For only sins are formed,
And precautions take shelter under disrelish of a soul.

For whom, must one seek comfort from
When filiation has not cavort upon its own
And insanity feeds bigly, the needs for love.

But time swirls in wonders,
And doing right becomes heavier
Leaving ashamed the stature of being here.
Mark Motherland Oct 2018
remember when you          we set out towards Arkle
started out

you were both young         the sun shone and the air
and a little naive                  was sweet

you got your first house      we made easy work of
                                                   reaching the summit

you made it your home       the view poitively exploded
                                                  in scale

then children came along   but once on the ridge the wind
                                                  picked up

life became a little  more     and walking became more
complexed                                complicated

but you held their hands      we had to hold on to every rock

yet each decision carried      concentration was paramount
a lot of weight        

as you raised them with         every decision mattered
heart and soul

ironically they weren't
children long                            eventually the wind subsided

they had established their
own identities                           and we wended our way back down

before long they had      
their own lives                          to enjoy the pleasant walk back
                                                      to the road

then you look back on life's
long road and ask yourself?   as we look back to the castellated
                                                     ­  ridge so high and way back in
                                                       the distance

did we really raise a family?   we ask, were we really up there?

It all seems so long ago now.     It all seem so far away now.
Raising a family can be like conquering a mountain.

Can be read one segment at a time or straight across, the parallels are obvious.
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