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CautiousRain Sep 14
It's all too much to handle;
the tangible and intangible
taunt and mock me
and the vibrations of the room shine through
this lowly, softened flesh of mine
as if to punish my existence.
trying to clear out my draft folder some
CautiousRain Mar 17
These turbulent smashes of a hammer
smacking down and cracking
through my hollowed ears
destroy my ability to breathe,
and continue to torment me as I walk;
I hear everything,
the sound of ever-impending weeping, wheezing,
or perhaps the sound of scrapes skidding
down my legs,
but nearly everything makes a sound
and it forever engulfs me;
I can't be in these spaces anymore,
even imaginary sounds puncture through.
oh this is old (January)
and also sensory overload is bad biscuits
Daniel K Feb 15
The tyrant above,
Never cease to pursue his
Greed till all perish.
Lolalita Jan 8
I just wanted to
spill all my secrets
to someone
I've kept them hidden
for so long
and I couldn't anymore
I wanted someone
who could carry half the weight
I've been carrying
in my fragile heart
that no longer can survive
it feels as if
I'm carrying the weight
they're carrying
of my own heaviness.
Krizhe Ming Sep 2018
So many thing there are
I would like to do
To accomplish
So much that I don't know
Which should be done first
My head is overloaded
Soon to collapse
I might end up completely
Wornout without
Fulfilling anything
None at all
I am on the edge now
Of a cliff
I wonder if I choose
To just fall
Than continue
Hanging by a thread
It is better to end
All of these
Back again in 2017 during those really difficult days. I remember writing this in a tissue at McDo as I was eating alone. The feeling of quitting hit me real that very moment.
zb May 2018
soft sweaters and
harsh breathing
fabric pulled tight
around cold fingers,
the grooves of the stitches
an odd comfort

hair tangled with eyelashes
a dark curtain
a shield from the outside world
knotted and wavy
from days without brushing

toes, flexing
mouth, twitching
unable to stay still
unable to stop moving
for fear of losing self
in a world of bright lights
and too many warm bodies

blood, bubbling like soda
under skin
get out
get quiet
get dark
please, silence,
no more

breathe in
fingers play with hair,
the texture soothing
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