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Eye contact is not an option
I can’t hold a conversation
It’s basically impossible
Fitting in is not my forte
I can’t even explain
What it feels like
To NOT be able to talk
Even when you really want to
Even after hours of mental preparation
Nothing comes out
Not even a squeak
Social anxiety kinda *****
Sorry, my poetry has gotten extremely sloppy. And I’ve been facing MAJOR writers block. Any suggestions on how to get over this??
Z Jul 25
Peel me mangos
And the pain goes and mixes with the fruit’s sweet flesh,
Dripping fresh and bitter-sweet

You still come to me when I’m asleep
to whisper pretty nothings in my ear
until my brow sears each passing thought with your image
I imagine you as timid as at our first meeting, as bold as at our last, your laughter repeating on and on and on

on our last day you kissed me sweetly, the taste of mango on your lips
Chrissy Feb 18
she couldn't dance like the rest
she didn't want to let herself go enough to fall and be caught in his open embrace
her pace was unchoreographed and timid
scared of being replaced in the dance which she called
by a newer, more beautiful dancer that isn't afraid of prewetting into the arms of her lover  

but all and all her dance was bewitchingly unique
and he loved that
love can be compared to a dance either you and your partners paces match or they don't
I had always imagined your heart to be tiny,
Small like a hummingbird's.

Not because you were incapable of love,
But because you had the capacity for so much of it.

It fluttered at the briefest of glances
And jumped at the slightest of touches.

So fast did your heart beat that I had often mistaken you for dead
When I would wrap my hands around your throat.

You ran and you called and you pleaded
But no one could hear your little heart.

Even as it stuttered frantically
Against your rib cage, brittle as paper.

No one wants to love a quiet heart.

And so I took it and strung it on a chain of gold
So it could sit silently atop my own heart.
This is my very first posted poem. Please be kind.

Permission to use with credit
Sergio Esteban Nov 2018
You’re just like a dream
Always so close
Yet so far from me
And I wonder what it feels like
To revolve around your energy

I’ve been here for a while
I’m hanging on for you
But my dear I fear we’re too apart
I want to dive into your heart
And show you
What it feels to fall in love

I try to follow your protocol
But I curse to the wind  
When it all falls apart
Our love is fragile
But not impossible
You’re the cure
To my broken heart
And I’m the console
For your endless tears

I’m love ridden
But I’m far too timid
To let you know
That there’s a world
For you and me
I’ll never get close to your gravity
That’s just the way
It was meant to be
Cori Nov 2018
In the morning
Before the sun
You rise from your
And paint your
The halls are
But somewhere
In your Room
There are screams
As you slip
On your uniform
of Feigned
Your side of the
World Awakens
And the Halls
But somewhere
In your Room
Your paint
Corina Olivas
[email protected]
Brynn S Nov 2018
Sun bursts into the sky
Leaping colors form under thigh
Bleed into the brush and let moments slip
Concrete your mind yet your thoughts still drip
Propose a masterpiece one of bright blues
For you my eyes speak of faded glues
Stuck in rewind I give you my hand
Lead me by collar to the promised land
Stationary in place frozen you gleam
Staring through reflection my pulse should beam
Strawberries and sunny nights I do watch
Nothing more to our likeness; a room for the klatch
Brynn S Nov 2018
I tremble before you
At your alter
For lives unreached; all shall falter
Craving touch
Falling into clutch
Sweet lease
Shown to be brief
Sara Svensson Oct 2018
I might be weak and rather small
But I want you to know there is nothing at all
I wouldn't do to make you smile
I would swim against the raging Nile
I would sail across the great blue seas
I would find a way to achieve world peace
For I might be timid and rather ill
But my love for you is greater still
knowing how much you love me in return gives me the strength I need to face my demons and to conquer my fears.
Khrome Aug 2018
Loner, Weird and Timid that's how people address me. If not in the upper left corner sit in our school auditorium where nobody can notice, you can find me behind the farthest shelf in the library. It's not because I'm hiding or something. It's just for me, being alone is convenient.

Loneliness is my Sanctuary, my Haven, my Paradise, or so I think. I don't really mind. I'm happy with the presence of every character in the stories that I read. I'm already preoccupied with enough drama, excitement and adventure that I get in the different worlds that I've been in the comfort of this bench in the bleachers or the behind of this shelf.

If the cosmos requires me to interact with my fellow **** sapiens, I often do nothing to caught their attention. The last time i was in this realm I'm in the middle of name calling by those so called "Alphas" that think that they're so great. I even got bruises when one of them pushed me. I don't mind. I won't be in this realm for long anyway. Once this is all done I will be again in the comfort of my Sanctuary, fighting alongside the allied force for the safety of the Galaxy.

Endure it, endure it, don't fight back, use your brain rather than brawns, you can't defeat them in brawl just endure this until they got bored. Whew, this is harder than the ambush that  the alliance experience when they were in the asteroid belt. But I can do this. I'm just a little bit dizzy and a bit hurt mostly in my head, wait what's this? Blood? That stupid alpha gotten too far. I must evacuate. I must..

Where am I? Where is this?
"So you're awake now cadet." Who's that? "You've fallen unconscious on the ambush in the asteroid belt but now you're awake" what? The last thing I remember is that I'm in the middle of the bloodthristy alpha in our school ground. I guess I'm a cadet of the alliance now. I don't get it but at least I'm in the happy place now.
Bullying. More of a short story rather than poem.
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