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Karijinbba Jul 28
“Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes.
I won’t resist them
that only created for me sorrow.
I let reality be reality.
Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.”
- Lao Tzu
I say it like it is but with
softlety candor and mastery
Knowing me is loving me
Knowing you is loving you
Unless I don't understand you
I may fear you and distrust you
I put action I seize the moment
or I let the moment seize me
I don't miss the mark
You must be mine for the taking
spirit heart and soul
I am not ashamed to love anyone
I rather live heart broken having loved and lost domeone than
never to have loved at all
And my place today isn't with
any cold timid souls who know
not triumph, nor defeat
I am a realist in attitude
Getting to know people
face to face not just by correspondence or e-mails
it is romantic but it can
turn mirror tragic.
Karininbba. All Rights reserved.
Khrome Aug 25
Loner, Weird and Timid that's how people address me. If not in the upper left corner sit in our school auditorium where nobody can notice, you can find me behind the farthest shelf in the library. It's not because I'm hiding or something. It's just for me, being alone is convenient.

Loneliness is my Sanctuary, my Haven, my Paradise, or so I think. I don't really mind. I'm happy with the presence of every character in the stories that I read. I'm already preoccupied with enough drama, excitement and adventure that I get in the different worlds that I've been in the comfort of this bench in the bleachers or the behind of this shelf.

If the cosmos requires me to interact with my fellow homo sapiens, I often do nothing to caught their attention. The last time i was in this realm I'm in the middle of name calling by those so called "Alphas" that think that they're so great. I even got bruises when one of them pushed me. I don't mind. I won't be in this realm for long anyway. Once this is all done I will be again in the comfort of my Sanctuary, fighting alongside the allied force for the safety of the Galaxy.

Endure it, endure it, don't fight back, use your brain rather than brawns, you can't defeat them in brawl just endure this until they got bored. Whew, this is harder than the ambush that  the alliance experience when they were in the asteroid belt. But I can do this. I'm just a little bit dizzy and a bit hurt mostly in my head, wait what's this? Blood? That stupid alpha gotten too far. I must evacuate. I must..

Where am I? Where is this?
"So you're awake now cadet." Who's that? "You've fallen unconscious on the ambush in the asteroid belt but now you're awake" what? The last thing I remember is that I'm in the middle of the bloodthristy alpha in our school ground. I guess I'm a cadet of the alliance now. I don't get it but at least I'm in the happy place now.
Bullying. More of a short story rather than poem.
Isaac Aug 14
honour can be likened
to a bird timid and glorious
flitting to and fro
sometimes arboreous
looking for a tree
to frolic and adorn
which could be you or me
but it only will be drawn
to trees that have
the same kind of bird
but trees with none
will sadly be deferred.
Written 14 August 2018
A crippling rage may endure
At the faintest hour still:
A cancer to ease the cure
May yield to a kinder kill

To yield to deception
Only forges a sword in water
And lies by exception
To all of the martyrs who faltered.
I may want to build on this later on, but please let me know your thoughts.
Ferns Jul 25
Is it not easy 
 to greet to someone
whom you never spoke
for a very long time?

Among all people,
I am the only one
you've always bypass
to talk to

I know the hindrance
why we ward off each other
just to make ourselves
escape the stigma

Curiosity gets bigger
Each time I look at you
Should I wait patiently
Or take the wheel further

One thing I could do...
All what I wanted to say,
all my thoughts about you,
are profoundly shrouded

You and me
are the only ones
to know what's in...
where people shouldn't know

A storage box
of unspoken words
a birthday bag
full of sweets

If you are reading this
do not assume
that I did them
Ferns Jul 15
Words cannot just escape
Out of her thoroughly sealed mouth
Everything in time changes shape
So she finds a way to let it out

The gate is almost shut
With only two keys left
The other’s lost suddenly
Swallowed accidentally
while hiding from a hostile

The only thing left to do
Is to give a parchment
There lies a cue
Its goal is to leave someone
Whose mood is in need of enhancement

The keeper of the key sprints to the gate
Before everything is too late

Every day, in front of it, lies a letter
Often to make him feel better
Amanda May 30
The poet's heart is full of adoration
Quietly observant, yet unaware
Yearning to spread joy throughout the globe
Show every last person how much it does care.

To be viewed for the rarity it truly is
Also partly hidden out of sight
Timid, reluctant to uncover all colors
In a world that sees only in black and white.
Yes we are extraordinary creatures
kelly jane Nov 2017
Loosing strength at a notice of a glance
Trembling at the sound of mockery
Ceased breath at the presence of silence
Speeding heart at the face of pressure
Loosing words at the speaking edge
I feel, when expressing you

Till when Will you stop
Hunting my mind and soul
Creeping through every piece of me
I got no shield to keep you away
I got no sword to fight you
But a pill of determination
And a grain of courage
As the sea waves flows away
I hope to see you leave
Standing up and facing each day with courage is better than living years of timidity. Even the world forgets you when you close up yourself
Nandan Sharma Oct 2017
I am unaware of her smell,
unaware how her touch would feel,
unaware of her thoughts.
She approached me
with someone by her side
and grinned in my face,
ignorant of my suffocation.
My legs were shaking,
I felt cramped.
I felt substandard.
I always feel substandard.
Her countenance doesn't cheer me up anymore.
Cant watch her from a vantage point all my life.
Fatigued of seeking unfounded pleasures.
My timidness has started to shatter me.
I felt envious of my libido
surrendering her loins at someone else's service,
being gleeful
in the only life she would have,
in the only life i would have.
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