kelly jane Nov 2017
Loosing strength at a notice of a glance
Trembling at the sound of mockery
Ceased breath at the presence of silence
Speeding heart at the face of pressure
Loosing words at the speaking edge
I feel, when expressing you

Till when Will you stop
Hunting my mind and soul
Creeping through every piece of me
I got no shield to keep you away
I got no sword to fight you
But a pill of determination
And a grain of courage
As the sea waves flows away
I hope to see you leave
Standing up and facing each day with courage is better than living years of timidity. Even the world forgets you when you close up yourself
Nandan Sharma Oct 2017
I am unaware of her smell,
unaware how her touch would feel,
unaware of her thoughts.
She approached me
with someone by her side
and grinned in my face,
ignorant of my suffocation.
My legs were shaking,
I felt cramped.
I felt substandard.
I always feel substandard.
Her countenance doesn't cheer me up anymore.
Cant watch her from a vantage point all my life.
Fatigued of seeking unfounded pleasures.
My timidness has started to shatter me.
I felt envious of my libido
surrendering her loins at someone else's service,
being gleeful
in the only life she would have,
in the only life i would have.
Nandan Sharma Oct 2017
I know the wicked
In me.
I know the decent
In me.
I know the timid
In me.
I know the endurer
In me.
No, I don't know,
Which one would last.
Allison K Sep 2017
Would you rather hear the truth,
or be lied to?
To protect your precious timid heart,
or to accept the harsh truth?
Ksjpari Aug 2017
Remote area where there is no screen
Timidity rules alone trying to save skin.
Of all evils in the creation under discipline
Timidity  – a curse – is like a Saccharin.
Sugary as tweet, booming as a violin
Wicked as a fox, ill-mannered as Bedouin;
Timidity sneaks secretly physique within
And remains there undisturbed and akin.
When obligatory duty or slog is seen
Sharpens us, whet us till found Lenin.
This makes us skinny, lanky and thin.
Living timid for me is no than a sin.
Hence precaution must be taken, O Kin!
Timidity, a severe knight, should not reign
Over us from beginning to let out jinn.
I am developing a new style of writing poetry where ending words of a line rhyme with one another, at least in last sound. I named it Pari Style. Hope readers will like it. Thanks to those invisible hands and fingers which supported and inspired me to continue my efforts in my new, creative, artistic and innovative “Pari” style. Thanks for your inspiring, kind, soft fingers.
When She gets ready
She always thinks
'Will He like this? '
Before She puts on
The day's outfit.

In math class
She imagines him
Sitting next to her
Laughing that cute laugh
That She absolutely adores
So She can get
Through the period.

When She lies in bed
She can't ever sleep
Without imagining him
Wrapping his arms around her
Whispering how beautiful
He thinks She really is.

But when He passes her
In the halls,
He sees her as another girl
Blushing in his direction
as He turns his attention
to someone else.
The beautiful, blond skinny girl
With all that confidence and all that perfection
Who can never be with him,
Never hold him at night,
Never love him
The same way
The shy girl
With glasses can.
Gretchen Lynch Jul 2017
The beautiful mind you possess
Has an overwhelmingly
Breathtaking surface
And I can't help but dream
Of what is below
Above are waves of beauty and impact
The shoreline has infinite pieces of glimmering sea glass
But beyond where my hips can reach
Is a world I long -
With every part of me -
To know, feel, understand, and love
A longing so real
But I'm too timid to dive
Wyatt Aug 2016
I've spent much of my life alone,
so forgive me if I'm timid.
I've felt doomed for awhile now,
so forgive me if I feel like I'm finished.
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