The smell of babies breath
Curly petals and velvet feathers
Cupid's sweet kisses
Heaven comes after death
© LadyRavenhill 2018
He is a pen,
I am paper,
Great ideas we create.
He is the bow,
I am the arrow,
Cupid's love is our cup.
He is the current,
I am the switchboard,
Our love flows without a hitch.
He is the hand,
I am the glove,
Nothing can separate us.
He is the melody,
I am the lyric,
Together we make a beautiful song.
He is the strength,
I am the love,
We face life with courage.
He is the body,
I am the soul,
A harmonious whole,
Soul mates.
thirza Apr 21
oh, precious cupid,
stop sugarcoating your words.
your love-thirsty eyes
aren’t starting a love story.

drop this game of lies;
unveil the inevitable truth—
all the arrows you’ve shot
never sparked undying love.

you shot me
with your charcoal-coated hands—
remove your arrow from my bleeding heart.
taint your hands even more, i dare you.

remove this wreath of red carnations
you placed on my head—
i don’t need your purity.
i want to see reality.

i’d rather watch the last rose petal fall
in a garden of rues;
to see the death of my own love is better
than mope over a stranger.
Aa Harvey Apr 14
A collection of ‘Love is…’ Poetry

Love is the Wow! moment;
The second of realization.
Love is the thunderbolt;
Love is Cupid’s arrow,
Finding its destination.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Tiana Marie Apr 5
Cupid is a hard worker.
He constantly juggles
the loved
the want-to-be-loved
the unloved
and the unlovable.

Cupid is a hard worker.
He constantly makes lots
of matches
of pairs
of duos
and of partners.

Cupid has his own heart.
Is he, himself, one of
the loved
the want-to-be-loved
the unloved
or the unlovable?

Cupid has his own heart.
Does he, too, have
a match
a pair
a duo
or a partner?

Cupid is a matchmaker.
He finds love for you and me,
and I can't help but wonder
if he's alone as alone can be.
Lying beside this clear glass of sorrow
Recalling the night when I felt the pain
As I lost you, entered Cupid's arrow
Torn me to pieces with no strength to regain.
Maverick Mar 30
I was in the home stretch
Of the worst heart break 5k
I’ve faced since last May
Was tired of putting bandaids
Over scars from old stitches
Left by a few witches
That flew away as fast as they came
I don’t know what possessed me
To speak first
Maybe it was a side effect
From all of Cupid’s grazed arrows
Flying freely like sparrows
Only to miss their mark
Leaving me with a thirst
To conquer love once and for all
In short
You congest my brain
The way a rainbow stalls a dreary day
And resurrected the good parts of me
I sent to an early grave
A beacon on a stormy night
The sigh of relief
when you get a question right
You make me feel like a kid
On Christmas morning
That just received
Everything they were hoping
I’d gladly go through Hell again
If it meant in the end
I get to hold your hand.
In spite of my diminishing returns in the field of love
I am drawn to you
in spite of my declining belief that a 'Splendor in the Grass' moment will ever occur
I am drawn to you
in spite of my conviction that I am done with beautiful women who eat men for lunch  
I am drawn to you
like static makes a mess of the perfectly laid combover
your electric charge fires a blinding light that pulls me in like a fish on an invisible hook

I am helpless once again
I am primed for the pain
my arms are spread wide-open like a turkey about to be stuffed
slap a clearance sticker on my forehead and put me on the front shelf cause you just bought yourself one over-used
love addicted male companion for the next few years  
and all you had to do was look my way
oldie - don't be mad at me ladies...just for the record - this can work both ways
Tiana Marie Mar 17
I thought I was clear the last time.
I do not want to be hit.
Why can't you stay away?
Cupid, why won't you just quit?

Every time I see his face
I know you did your part.
You pulled out your bow and arrow
And you aimed straight at my heart.

I wish you had hit my head
then maybe it could all make sense.
Every time he tries to get close
I put up my every defense.

Cupid, leave me alone.
I'm begging this of you.
You do more bad than good
and this is not what I would choose.

Why won't you just give up?
Go pick another person.
Every time you hit me
My life just worsens and worsens.

Can I get it all to stop?
Can I ever be immune?
Is there any way at all
To look at him without a swoon?

Can I go get a vaccine?
I'll gladly take the shot!
I hate every time I look at him
And my stomach turns to knots.

Cupid, I hate to ask it.
I know this is your task
But next time ask permission.
I beg of you— just ask.
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