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I'm not your friend
I'm not your boyfriend
I'm your Cupid
I can help you with "it"

Haven't you done crazy things?
'Cause you do,if you are in love
You want to stay with her in everything
Why? To ask her out

But what happens if you are just a friend?
And she likes someone else?
You just help
Help like you wished it happened

I'm not your friend
I'm not your boyfriend
I'm your Cupid
I can help you with "it"

But what if you succeed?
What would I do?
What would I do without "it"?
You've already found love but I haven't
How should I feel? Happy or sad?

I'm not your friend
I'm not your boyfriend
I'm your Cupid
I can help you with "it"

I'm your Cupid
But who would be Cupid's Cupid?

Cupid will always be there for those who look for love
But no one is there for Cupid
Who would be Cupid’s Cupid?
Would you be there for me? Just like I was for you
Who would be my Cupid?
Mitch Prax Sep 29
She grazed my eyes
with an arrow set to stun.
She put another through my soul
and I fell hard, so very hard.
The next one is for my heart
and I am helpless to her
fatal shot.
Grace Thaba Sep 14
Maybe it's the way that I catch you staring when I open my eyes and the sunlight has come alive
Or it might be the fact that you smile,and my whole world catches fire
They told us love is an imagination
But everytime you hold me near it becomes certain, you can't really give love a defination
They can't solve it- it's a feeling not a calculation
I know a place where we can be
A place where lovers are soaring free
Where you can be mine and I'll be yours
Where loving you becomes a way of life
I know a place where heartbeats race
A place Where cupid's grinning late at night
Where you'll be my knight and I your light
And loving you is just a way of life
When someone gives you that feeling you can't usually put to words,stop trana explain it and let yourself feel free-make loving a way of life
Carmen Jane Sep 6
Child, you are so young,
Your curls are rebel
Child, you are so strong,
Yet can't reach the pedal
Of this grand piano,
That is so old
Overused arrow
Of Cupid's, gold
You found it in a garden
With water fountains whispers
To play, your wish was ardent
Your hands never knew blisters
You pressed keys, with no name
Angelic voice released
For you, life is a game
You sang how your heart pleased.
Here is my famous recipe,
Ingredients for love, you see,
You need to slake your thirst,
Here are the elements: First,
Bring your patience kind,
Sense of humor springs to mind,
Laugh together through the years,
Sometimes there are days of tears,
But Cupid ever strings his bow,
Healing hands on his arrow,
Yes, this is Cupid's recipe,
Naughty little chap is he!
Feedback welcome.
Sometimes I think my Cupid is too old or too lazy.
It takes only one glimpse
To see the ocean in her eyes
You dive in without warning
To keep diving to the deepest point
With no return
You know that's the one you need
You realize that's the destiny you seek
The endless happiness to reach for
The dream you've been following all of your life
The moment of love from the first sight
The weakest point of your life
When you're ready to submit your soul
To someone you've yet to say hi!
© Copyright
Abdullah Ayyash
August 8th, 2019
Lauren Jul 23
I’ve been duckin’ cupid
He aint got zip on me
I’ve been duckin’ cupid,
But don’t tell anybody

This heart of mine is off the market
It’s seen too much wear and tear
I’m done with his bad aim
I’m done with his affairs

My heart’s been stricken by his arrows
One too many times
But I refuse to be a girl
Who sits at home and pines

So I’ll keep duckin’ cupid
And put armour ‘round my heart
Shut out love, lock out the world
So no one sees my scars

I’ve been duckin’ cupid
He won’t get zip on me
As long as you keep my secret
Give me your guarantee

Cause I’ve been duckin’ cupid
It’s better don’t you see?
If we duck him together,
then we can both be free

Just tell me one thing though please
before we hit the road
Did you mean it when you told me that
your heart was mine to hold?

‘Cause I’ve been duckin’ cupid,
But he’s caught up with me.
I’ve been duckin’ cupid,
But I’ve finally come to see.

All my heartbreaks led me here
To my past I say adieu
I’ve been running from his love
To fall in love with you.
Krish Raj Jul 11
Chasing my dreams, I come from far away land,
Surfing the web looking I was for a friend,
Got somehow lucky and found you in the end.

The oath you took to heal and save lives,
Listen to my heart and tell me how it beats,
I will feel better when you look in my eyes.

Met you once, floating I am in the cloud of joy,
I see you, you are no less than “Helen of Troy”,
May be I am naive, I want to be your boy.

Like to know you better and Listen to your story,
You cure many and help me in my misery,
Healer you become and reach a great glory.
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