hazel 6d
how do i not love thee
whose eyes are glowing
akin to the first sliver of warm light
in the early morning?

how do i not love thee
whose voice and movements
are crisper than the sound of violins
and more graceful than a dove’s flight?

how do i not love thee
whose heart gleams with the hope
of betterment, of happiness,
of safety and a burning passion?

how do i not love thee
when even the moon looks down upon
the silhouette of apollo

how do i not love thee
when cupid’s arrow has struck so deep
that the sole reason troclaim an ineffable love?

if there’s a reason to dream, to laugh, to live and love,
then there is a reason for me.
(it is thee.)
thank you for being mine, lsm
Tony Ortiz Feb 14
They don't want to build.
That's why I get left in the dusted-over pot.
That's why my flowers are on the window sill.
They were screamimg for water but started to rot.
Teddy bears, chocolates, roses and nice things,
New clothes, dinner dates, lilacs, and nice bling,
Heartbreak, deceptions, secrets being hidden.
I'm a blank piece of paper where an O is written,
Dangling gracefully and distastefully where ever he goes.
Whenever he's bored, out comes the bows.

One shot,
Two shot,
Three shot,
How much love until he hits the floor?
Better yet, how many arrows do you think it'll take?
Will he find "the one" before his back breaks?
Let's take a quick moment to do the math:
Six arrows so far (about a love bath)
* four missed chances/ (two souls)
But if the voice counts, that's three so... nobody knows.

But, that doesn't stop cupid and his bloodlust of love.
He fires and feeds on me from high up,
Disguised as a dove.

I'm sick of cupid and his love-poisoned arrows.
He hasn't helped me yet; he just feeds on my Bones and Marrow
The first was an accidental post.
I look forward to reading all your Valentine's day poems, they keep my cold dead heart going.
Nasira Feb 13
Cupid comes a'knocking
Who is it what do you want
I come bearing gifts girl
Don’t be afraid open up
No Cupid not again
Haven't you done enough
When you lit my heart aflame
Plunged me into the deepest depths of pain
No cupid not again
No more joy turning to rust in my veins
And my heart beating beaten and bruised
And my eyes falling like summer rain
No cupid not again
I can't do this anymore
Aim that broken bow away from my heart
Find some other fool's door
Its different this time girl
This time I brought you the one
With brown locks and a crooked smile
And eyes that shine like the sun
Open up girl
Love can be rewritten and redone
It’s a process of years and centuries and eons
A persevering stroll not a manic run
Don’t lie to me Cupid
When your hands still hold the smoking gun
Rome wasn’t built in a day
But it sure was destroyed in one
There is nothing left to give of me can't you see
There is nothing left to be won
You failed me before Cupid
When you shot at him and missed
And he didn’t care a damn for me
While I dreamt of him in colours that don’t exist
How many more victims will you find
How many more hearts will you break like mine
How many more souls will your bow plunder and defile
Not anymore Cupid. Not this time.
I sharpen my claws and smile a wicked smile
Hone the fires burning in my eyes all the while
Prepare to rip the white wings off his body
Prepare to sear his halo to char
Come in Cupid, I whisper
The door is left ajar
Mystic Ink Feb 9
Serene air    
Soulful Emoji  
A daily pray
2 Messages    
3 Missed calls

All those,
Beacon of hope,
Can’t just be,
A coincidence

A moment of,
Timeless tranquil
Anthem of peace
A thought of you,    
Embraces the essence
Inside my memory
In an utmost delight

Be start, be end
Be all, be none
Be Yang, be Yin
Be bliss, be woe
Be close, be far

Let’s gets lost
Somewhere in abyss
In search of,
A sniper Cupid,
Two silent hearts

February Air
Maddie M Feb 7
Somewhere in the my head, as you lie next to me in bed
I feel the pulsing beat of your heart. your sound asleep as you wrapped your arms behind me.  but i can't fathom why? my masochistic mind thinks of him,  instead of you. its gray and wrong, how selfishly of me
what a sinful situation.
as you invaded me the other night, all I thought was on the other guy
he makes me feel complete, I take as much as I can from him, and he doesn't greed. he won't complain...
I can take his world to  other places, like heaven and hell
it wont make any difference because all he sees,  all he knows is how he still dwells. for our new born love
thanks to the man from high above.
it was black before you
now there's color and vividness coming from everywhere.
i feel you
i see you
i came for you
stars shine
time kindly stops
begin again is what i did with you
you could blind him from me, with a sheer cloth of fabric of any kind, and still..... he'll still see me.
there's glitter in the air
piece by piece I don't care
I miss you and I need you
from now on to the last piece to my spare.
Head lights , tail lights ,burning incandescent hearts
Interwining finger tips at the very end of light
Inflaming souls dead end
Brick houses , red jouses-and a knight shinning armour
Who must you save o forlorn
Brief and despair for my dead heart
Broken into pieces to my very gut
Let destiny play its very last cupid's luck
Too much chances already given up
Struck me your arrow oh dear Cupid's bow
Tie me to the person to the very last
End of time when must you come
Struck me the lightning of eureka
For i have an idea
Sage Jan 25
Everyone in heaven and hell

ask any god
interrogate any demon
solicit any angel
you'll elicit the same answer

by the request of any cupid
the plea of any tortured soul
and the ajure of a devil
they'll all tell you

Just know
in heaven and hell
and all in between
samantha page Jan 15
she says she wants
and I can do that
but I need to know
if she wants it from me
Troy Jan 10
em>I fell
head first
Into the quiver
Of Cupid

For the first time
I feel as though I'm free
Free to laugh, smile and joke
Free to be the true me

So long have I been hiding
So long has it been
Since the sky has graced my sight
So long since life filled me

Things that should be there

All rush forward
Seeing the light for the first time
Feeling the warmth of it's glow
The comfort it brings

Eyes grow wide
As the mind comes to realization
Maybe this is real
Maybe you are finally whole again

Reaching out with a simple gesture
Grazing against such a familiar touch
Feeling the warmth grow hotter
Seeing a smile for the first time

Things long forgotten
Finally risen to the surface
The familiarity of this presence
Gentle brush of ones true self

Shell has now crumbled
Lost forever in the void
No longer needed
By this one true self
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