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OpenWorldView Sep 29
Every day and night
my thoughts are on your lips.
That crimson temptation
and source of my life.

They smile in gentle red
and speak with unique truth.
So, there’s only one single wish
I beg you not to refuse.


Quench my heart’s fire
with sweet tender kisses
and revive my wilted soul
with dew from cupid’s bow.
Let not this love fall into discontent,
Nor my eyes accustom to her allure.
Let not the sight of her cease wonderment,
Nor my passion bore with beauty demure.

Let not my lips stop quiv’ring for her kiss,
Nor my fingers ache for her velvet hair.
Let not my arms embrace with avarice,
Nor my desire leave anything to spare.

Let not her beauty ever be passé,
Nor my heart not yearn for her ***** breast.
Let not making love miss a single day,
Nor lying beside her allow us rest.

Let not me take for granted her boudoir,
Nor my love for her wane even a bit.
Let not my lustful eyes ever look far,
Nor my body ablaze become unlit.
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werdnaZ Nov 13
I took an arrow to the heart

It kickstarted my mind falling apart

Stuck, lodged in my heart, you left it there

Left me in that undying nightmare

Left it buried in my chest

Burning with the memories you carved into it

Bleeding in the miseries of my numbness
im fine
Megan Nov 12
Your hands held on sternly to the steering wheel
Your eyes looked straight on at the road
Your fingers moved to the beat of the music
Thanks to ****** cupid,
I couldn’t take my eyes off of you
You became my world view
The way your lips curled as you smiled
I wanted to make a love child

You make my legs jell-o
My heart going out of control
As if you took my soul
You became my Adonis
I could be your goddess
Gracie Nov 11
she's breaking.

her heart has been torn to shreds and the remnants are scattered across the floor.
her thoughts are swimming into treacherous waters infested with sharks.
her soul is shattered and is piercing her skin bringing her delicious pain.

he's breaking.

his heart is being strung together by the hope of someone giving him time and love.
his thoughts are hooked onto the idea of a shining light saving him.
his soul is so pure and vulnerable that not even demons could poison him.

they're both breaking.
and they both need to break each other's fall.
inspired by me and my boyfriend's story.
cupid Nov 9
the boy with the red blindfold
was a depiction of craving and devotion
of course that meant he was all but longed for
his golden wavy hair fell into his storm hued eyes
his sleet grey and blue unseeing eyes
the eyes that the scorned sworn blazed sea green under apollo’s sun
he covered his over-praised eyes with a rose tinted scarf
he didn’t need to see
he was blind and oblivious anyway
red was a curse
red, the color of human romance
the color of animal blood
the color of his kisses
the color of his insides, his tattered body
not the color of happiness though
never the color of his lovers
not the colors of his freckles or eyes
the boy with the red blindfold could see only red
red is my second favorite color
cupid Nov 8
he hated everything
everything that loved him
made him feel heavy ,,, and sick
ironically named after desire
he wanted nothing
nothing until now
the cold dense fear he felt
and by the gods he was on fire
his skin was ice but his heart
and his mind melted
it was a pretty face and an intoxicating voice
and cupid felt like pluto
dark ,,, and ******
but venus blessed her child and so
she cursed him with his own
he lusted for something gentle
and treated himself so cruel
shot himself with his bow and ditched the life he knew
and now
cupid’s world
is on fire
i wrote this for my now ex boyfriend and now that he has hurt me i think it's time to share it, i find it beautiful
Blake Oct 30
Eros had said
That him, I would dread
So I replied, ‘okay’
Then went my own way
Thank you, Cupid
It was a bit ******
Though every day older
I look over my shoulder
Insanity might be making plans,
But I hear the winds utterance,
To reminisce only shows you're human,
Tear drops might not be pain,
But a memory finding its way,
You left my heart homeless,
Thought love provides shelter,
That first kiss was careless,
But at the time it was all that matters,
Does she notice your mood swings,
Does she know your flare for a neck kiss,
The spot that tickles most,
How you go quiet when at your worst,
How calm can she be when the anger drifts in,
The right words your ear craves for,
But if all this was important,
Why am I left with just a pillow to cuddle,
And a salty tear drop that paints my lips,
All I hear is he's no good,
We told you,
Maybe insanity is closer,
Because the voices are getting louder,
An exit from life would be an exit from pain,
So I stupidly overdose,
Waiting on my soul to evaporate,
From the shackles of love.
Grey Oct 24
Spare my bitter sweet remedy
For mine heart hath been stolen away by Fair Lady
A drop of poison and a breath of smoke
Away are the thoughts this beating heart hath ever been broke

Beauty I hath found in two golden specked brown glistening pools
I succum to hope despite the voices and ghouls
My weary soul and worked hands
A rarity found only once throughout lifespans

As incredible as it sounds, torment wrought it's fury no more
To my demise, Cupid has made yet another score
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