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Aa Harvey Sep 10
1+2 does not mean free.

Why must beauty already be gone?
Why must love be a sad, sad song?
Why do I keep on falling for the wrong one?
Why did I not meet you, before you tried that ring on?

Love is stupendous!  And stupidly ******.
Thanks a lot Cupid, look who you stuck me with.
Did you miss-fire or was this all planned?
****** Cupid, ****** arrow,
Stuck through the one who already has a man.

Narrow boats float side by side,
Along the river and into the blue.
Pictures painted from the bank only ever show two,
But under the clock more are seen,
And the one that was one, hopefully to become two,
Was eventually seen to be only a possibility of three.

Water shore, climb out of bed,
Forget the thoughts of dread that leave me dead.
Inside no heartbeat; beating myself up.
Another drug gone; lost to love.

A rainbow shone from inside those eyes,
And those lips they spoke of heat;
But worthless was the truth, which stood in front of the lies,
Because they have already met someone to love
And I have no interest in becoming a three.

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Cupid's arrow
Pitilessly pierced
my heart
And down I fell
Into the abysmal depths
Of love
Isabella Aug 30
You must stop paining me like this.

Do not you know how it feels to be caught in the midst
Of a passion that will not subside?

I know that, to you, I look well and alive,
But can not you see there is no light in my eyes?
Can not you hear the sadness spilling from my voice,
As though there is a river threaded through my throat?

Either talk to me when you're wide-awake,
Or don’t talk to me at all;
For every word you speak brings blood from the wounds
That you so unconsciously invoked.

I know now why love is sent by Cupid’s golden arrow;
It’s because we are struck not once, twice, or thrice, but a million times,

And each arrow sinks deeper into our bodies than before.
OpenWorldView Aug 26
Cupid's arrow ripped
a  wound that left me bleeding,
till death showed his face.
Blake Aug 20
I love a quiet boy
For him I pine, I long
I see his simple joy
Then swiftly he is gone
I watch him reappear
As fair and calm as ever
And Cupid tugs my ear
And gently whispers “never”
Such a light and stealthy feeling
It enters you by peeling
Through layers of your hardened skin
Then pushes past all beliefs you hold within
Before finally arriving at the porcelain cage
Which all free flowing blood call center stage
And having journeyed it settles down to rest
Yet when that person comes back around, it awakes feeling fresh
And slowly crushes everything inside your chest
veritas Jul 26
oh sweet moon-milk of mine
soft crescent (swift faded
honey-pink curling  now
lie down.
oh blushing beautiful lovely
boy-doll waning cheeks
feed up, love.
caressed smooth marble skin
slow down
luna lit cherubic boy of mine
perfect cupid arrow
i literally wrote this for jimin so uh yeah...
Eros walked into the chamber, garnering all eyes
**** and Limerence walked by her side
They stopped before a panel where Venus did preside
And Cupid next to Venus, gripped his arrows like a prize
And the Muses made up the rest
And all muscles in the chamber braced for unrest
Glances and gazes did continuously dart
As all sported lockets of fire by their hearts
Venus declared mankind must suffer in pain
For all efforts to show the world love have been in vain
And to continue gifting love would be insanity, a chore
Cause they’d take their piece of it and still declare war,
On themselves and on one another
Slaughtering their self-esteems, siblings, fathers, mothers
Yet Eros objected, keeping her eyes peeled
Declaring love has always been a battlefield
And Cupid fired an arrow at Ero’s way
And **** led the limp arrow astray
Then those enlightened ones lit fuses that day
And the shrapnel from that fight still makes it way
Through hearts of men and women with feelings at play
When feelings fight nothing makes sense...and collateral damage collects like cents
the edges of your mouth
turned upwards into a smile
forming a bow shape.
so why did the arrow take me by surprise?
Marianna Jun 6
Cupid seems to like me,
to like making fun of me.
He enjoys to throw around his arrows
with not much careful thought or good judgement
but simply for his own amusement.

Cupid seems to like me,
to like playing with me.
He enjoys to chase me around in time and space
with his arrows always carved too deep in my heart
most of times.

Cupid seems to like me,
to like torturing me.
Since his arrows always seem to miss the other living soul
while if i dare to pull out mine
it will make me bleed to death
from loving
too much.
im heartbroken and lonely
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