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Leah Hilliges May 2021
The old man who
Quietly observed the 5am commuters
Demanded no reciprocation
And the few who knew him
Grew accustomed to his presence
As their wallets thickened
And their backpacks were exchanged for briefcases,

The old man who
Quietly observed the 5am commuters
Saw the few who knew him
Slowly lose their curiosity
And their youthful naivety
To the noiseless bureaucracy
That stains those jobs
That demand a 5am commute,

The old man
Quietly observed the 5am commuters
Until one day he didn’t
And the few who knew him
No longer took the 5am train
In the paper lives they’d shaped
And quickly forgot the old man,

How sad,
that none of their cases could find the space
To hold the soul of the gentleman.
Coder Dec 2020
To have sweet honey dew,
To have soft recollections in quiet vibrations of air,
To have an unmistakable fortress of solitude,
The precious quality of four carat diamond,
Encapsulating the fragile soul of a gentleman,
What I must be to encounter such a gem.
What a gem I must be...

With a grinding stone, my weapons sharpen
By letting my lips cut the air to pieces 'till they bleed,
I've learned to soften the blow
Spring waters bring forth a fountain of youth much sweeter than honey dew.

I recognize,
It takes a diamond to know one.
So I take this journey to become four carat,
For the diamond man I'm looking for.
To be his diamond lady.
AceLione Oct 2020
Milady, are thy in need of a handkerchief?
Or an escort out while we take our leave?
I'll shield you from those who wish to harm
Why are thou feelings so shallow yet so warm?
Must remain my posture even though she makes my heart wild
Even wilder than the desires of Adam and Eve's Child

Oh Milady wait for me, I have an umbrella
Who am I? Oh i am just a mere uptown fella
What do i want? No i do not wish these haunting desires
Anyone who says i am that dishonorable are nothing but liars.
No Milady, please wait! i wish you for who you are
No Milady, Don't leave me now after you have left this scar...
Fufufu, Manners maketh Man.
Michael R Burch Apr 2020
by Michael R. Burch

He comes to me out of the shadows, acknowledging
my presence with a tip of his hat, always the gentleman,
and his eyes are on my eyes like a snake’s on a bird’s—
quizzical, mesmerizing.

He ***** his head as though something he heard intrigues him
(though I hear nothing) and he smiles, amusing himself at my expense;
his words are full of desire and loathing, and though I hear,
he says nothing that I understand.

The moon shines—maniacal, queer—as he takes my hand and whispers
Our time has come . . . and so we stroll together along the docks
where the sea sends things that wriggle and crawl
scurrying under rocks and boards.

Moonlight in great floods washes his pale face as he stares unseeing
into my eyes. He sighs, and the sound crawls slithering down my spine,
and my blood seems to pause at his touch as he caresses my face.
He unfastens my dress till the white lace shows, and my neck is bared.

His teeth are long, yellow and hard. His face is bearded and haggard.
A wolf howls in the distance. There are no wolves in New York. I gasp.
My blood is a trickle his wet tongue embraces. My heart races madly.
He likes it like that.

Published by Dowton Abbey, Aesthetically Pleasing Vampires, Into the Unknown, Since Halloween is Coming, and Poetry Life & Times. Keywords: vampire, werewolf, supernatural, New York, gentleman, blood, neck, teeth, canines, wolves, desire, loathing, moon, snake, bird, mesmerizing, reptilian
Aaron L Osgood Jul 2019
When Beauty comes around sometimes you just have Stop and Admire it. You never know when you’ll see it again.
                                -Understanding Gentleman

I want to talk to you half of me say, “I shouldn’t” and the other half say, “I should”.
I’ll just be patient until my mind say, “I could”
                                                  -Aaron L. Osgood

I could be your type! Depending on what flavor do you like?
I like to play games but not with your mind or heart. I’m talking video games, I’m ready to start!
I’m a mystery and A special person..if only I could specify.
I’m just Me and in Love with a Beautiful Lady
Aaron L Osgood Jun 2019
Let me love you right as a friend.
                       Let me hold you tight.
Give a kiss goodnight towards the end.
                      Wake up to that morning light

My female friends said my heart is like gold.
A caring perfection never controlled.
This a story never foretold
Express your problems never untold.
I’m here to help you carry that load.
Take your time as I hold your hand.
Because I’m DatGuy an Understanding Gentleman.
Your conscience is saying “Let him in”.
I’ll give all my won’t hurt.
Take the time to readjust...please insert.
I’m giving you a meal before dessert.
This is or no deal.
Like the game show with Howie.
I know your wondering DatGuy “how is he?”
“Why is he so attractively getting too attached to me.”
I always say I have an old soul so classically.
Like a musical masterpiece.
I’m just here because I had to be.
Your just here because you had to see.
I want you to believe not every male.
Would lie or tell-a-tale towards a female.
There’s only a few very passionate.
This is true no need to imagine it...

I want you to understand me.
As a friend no make believe or pretend.
That I’m here for you until the day we end.
Right now let’s enjoy this Day as it Begins..
Aaron L Osgood May 2019
My type of caring is carelessly.
Too Gentleman like I must need therapy.
I apologize if your man show jealousy.
I will step back farewell to you and me.
Showed you part two and this is three.
There may be a four and five.
If this poem explores everyones mind.
And gets enough views to survive.
I leave it to you to decide.
I speak the truth over any lies.
I like that you view my poems with your beautiful eyes.
Just an Intro
Aaron L Osgood May 2019
If you want to talk I don’t mind listening to you.
I’ll return with pointers and different views.
You can refuse this option that I just introduced.
I just want to warn you..I speak the truth
You can approve or disapprove.
I will still be that type of person you need.
What would you really lose?
All of yourself you can keep.
I just need you tell me a small percentage of your life.
And I will give you my full attention and advice.
Much needed supplement the feeling is nice.
I wanted to see how part one do.
To see if I should post “Understanding Gentleman 2”
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