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33.1k · Sep 2014
Hayley Cusick Sep 2014
I live a life of unfulfilled dreams.
trips never travelled and sights never seen.
words never written and photos never taken.
a world full of wonder and I sit here unshaken.
one would think of glorious adventures ahead,
but I'm just trying to find a way out of bed.
21.4k · Nov 2014
Hayley Cusick Nov 2014
that last breath you took,
was it for me?
or did you waste it begging for bravery?
my love, so small, it used to fuel me
9.9k · Jul 2015
(candle in a storm)
Hayley Cusick Jul 2015
it's so different now
it's as if that love I had for you was a candle trying to stay lit in a storm
and it was finally blown out
but I haven't any matches to light it again
5.4k · Sep 2014
Hayley Cusick Sep 2014
how much longer until my future?
I know I'm living in it,
but when does it get better?
I thought that the present meant now,
but I think we're mistaken
because all I can picture is what is still waiting.
4.8k · Sep 2014
(short and sweet)
Hayley Cusick Sep 2014
This is short and


Just as we
were meant to be.
My love. You are lost.
4.7k · Nov 2014
(drifting apart)
Hayley Cusick Nov 2014
cold coffee warming my hands
the ghost of you staining my heart
the thought of us drifting apart
the ghost of you haunts my in my dreams
3.8k · Oct 2014
Hayley Cusick Oct 2014
drop me in the ocean,
let my arms wave.
let me drown
in the waters uncharted
and regained.
balloons floating above me,
filled with my unconscious dreams.
I struggle and tug at the strings strangling me
it all hurts so much
3.3k · Sep 2014
(watch it burn)
Hayley Cusick Sep 2014
I watched us burn.

I wanted to put out the flames,
but all I held was more gasoline.
3.1k · Sep 2014
Hayley Cusick Sep 2014
I never thought I could be so content,
with your head in my lap
and your heart in my chest.
Wouldn't that be nice.
2.9k · Jan 2015
Hayley Cusick Jan 2015
I find myself free falling
pulled by gravity
watching the ground slowly sneak up on me
and if I knew a way to slow my fall
maybe it would be your arms
that caught my all
but you seem disinterested
distracted by the sky
I'm just another spec of dust
something that's in abundace to find
But then again, maybe I'm not.
2.7k · Sep 2014
Hayley Cusick Sep 2014
Your eyes,
so lost in everything

but me.

Was I really that ordinary?
I was last on your list of


2.6k · Feb 2015
(invasive flowers)
Hayley Cusick Feb 2015
thrown into new understandings
given earth beneath my feet
taking what love I encounter
falling harder
never faster
I grow from unbridled, invasive flowers
seeking uncontrollable laughter
escaping the soulless sorrow
I am wild, free
but still broken
2.6k · Oct 2014
(pretty little faces)
Hayley Cusick Oct 2014
all the pretty people
with pretty little faces
fake little hearts
and interrupting gazes
laughing away empty tears
loaded guns whisper in their ears
bottles of pills, personally filled
fake pretty people in millions of pretty pieces
2.5k · Sep 2014
Hayley Cusick Sep 2014
Mischief wanders
falling deep.
Twisting and turning
beneath your feet.
Where do I find trouble next?
2.5k · Oct 2014
(out of love)
Hayley Cusick Oct 2014
falling out of love with you
was like falling asleep.
first slowly and then all at once.
2.2k · Nov 2014
(the moon)
Hayley Cusick Nov 2014
the moon is my only friend.
in darkness I pretend.
2.1k · Jan 2015
Hayley Cusick Jan 2015
it's days likes these
where the rain soaks my bones
wilting the flowers I use to line my soul
and I seem too busy
to care for those roses
but if I'm not willing to tend my own garden
why do I think another poor soul will be up for the challenge?
1.9k · Jan 2015
Hayley Cusick Jan 2015
maybe on your body
mostly on your heart
I used to believe in the hope on my arm
I guess I still do, wishing for a new perspective of the word
I look down and see me
not someone people want me to be

now the cross on my wrist
sits so elegantly between my heart and my mind
these are the tattoos on my body
the ones you can touch and feel and find
I might explain the meaning
and you may trivially understand my words
but never my thoughts, the truth behind my heart
I wish you could see those tattoos  
because although the ones on my body are beautiful

at least to me

the ones on my heart are beyond anything you have ever seen
most people never know the feeling
the feeling of finding yourself
seeing who you actually are written on your own skin
I don't see ink
I see me
the person everyone else refuses to see
It's not just ink.
1.8k · Nov 2014
(twists and turns)
Hayley Cusick Nov 2014
I want to wander among the leaves
that have fallen so carefully around me
they haven't hindered who I am
but they have showed me a new path
and I want to find where it's twists and turns end
beneath the snow and throughout my bones
I'm lost on this new path to an uncertain home
and I'm left without a reality to ground me
only to rely on something so far outside of me
I feel so alone with this emptiness that surrounds me
only filling each hole when I'm threatened to drowning
goodbye my darkness, my close friend. you used to mean so much but now it's the end.
1.8k · Sep 2014
Hayley Cusick Sep 2014
nostalgia for the past
creeps into every part of me.
overflowing my heart and my mind
with waters I will chart only once.
like a map with millions of pin holes,
my life is covered with people and places I have loved.
seen through these eyes and felt through this heart
are things I will continually long for.
it just never seems to stop hurting
1.5k · Jan 2015
(far from home)
Hayley Cusick Jan 2015
I'm so far from home
I can't even find it on my map
I've been circling the same block for so long
each tree has grown to hide me even further
but I keep walking in that same circle
hoping it turns into a straight line
1.4k · Sep 2014
Hayley Cusick Sep 2014
You were like a flower.
But a rose without petals.

*Nothing but thorns.
1.3k · Nov 2014
(soulless and hole strewn)
Hayley Cusick Nov 2014
grounded, am I,
in these worn out shoes
soulless and hole strewn
just like my heart too
is broken in like these old shoes
wanderlust on my tongue
and insanity on my lips
I cry in my sleep like an addict on a bad trip
but my mind is clear as I gaze out my window
whisper sad songs as I draw in the fog with my fingers
I am gone, so gone,
I wish I could stay here,
but these soulless and hole strewn shoes
have plans to get away, dear
1.3k · Sep 2014
Only mine/Only yours
Hayley Cusick Sep 2014
Don't love me to love me.
Love me to never lose me.

Hold me to never watch me go
and kiss me to never say goodbye.

Keep me only yours
*and I will keep you only mine.
I'm sorry.
1.2k · Sep 2014
(the cold, my love)
Hayley Cusick Sep 2014
the cold, my love
is something so close to us
it finds us in our dreams.
it haunts not only you,
but me.

the cold, my love
has something I want.
it has the warmth that is meant
to be for us.
but it so blatantly disregards
our every being.

the cold, my love
will soon find its way
in and between.
soaking into our bones
to keep us from loving.
it's so cold where you used to be.
1.1k · Sep 2014
(let the ocean take me)
Hayley Cusick Sep 2014
empty hands with nothing to hold.
waves crashing against my broken bones.
I gave it a shot,
trying to swim to you.
but you let me drown
in the thought of you.
it still hurts how much you hurt me
1.1k · Sep 2014
Hayley Cusick Sep 2014
I misplaced you.
How could I have been so careless?
I'll never find you again.
1.1k · Sep 2014
Hayley Cusick Sep 2014
floating above mountain tops
and swimming through seas.
my dreams become lonely in the morning when I leave.
lost between my pillow cases
are journeys forgotten and redeemed,
but the moon remembers to smile when I slip into bed
and my dreams forgive my absence
to find me once again.
1.1k · Apr 2014
Peace Keeper
Hayley Cusick Apr 2014
Time is only a peace keeper.
Left to babysit the helpless.
It leaves us in handcuffs wrestling with priorities for the sane-less.
We fold our hands and twiddle our thumbs
hoping for silence which never comes.
We are broken in the shadows of a downtrodden land
and we are never affixed to see what it is that holds us to the ground.
I reach for something so far in the distance,
it's as if I'm a toddler grasping for vision.
I don't walk without stumbling and I promise you I'm not perfect.
But how in this world are we supposed to live with purpose?
1.0k · Sep 2014
(Nothing Left)
Hayley Cusick Sep 2014
Life sustains with a flicker,
but lives with a flame.

A noose slips when your feet do,
and a gun fires when there is nothing left
to claim.
1.0k · Sep 2014
(love in my heart)
Hayley Cusick Sep 2014
take only what you need
and leave the rest for me.
my emotions are poor
and hardly comforting.
they have become stiff
and raw since you decided to leave.
I'm not sure anymore what it is
that seems to be ailing me.
for if it was you
it would mean I still have love in my heart.
but my dear,
I assure you that I surely do not.
1.0k · Sep 2014
Hayley Cusick Sep 2014
My love.
You are lost.
But as am I.
How on earth,
will we ever
For you.
998 · Sep 2014
(feelings lost beaneath)
Hayley Cusick Sep 2014
I am enamored by you.

Ships sail from sea to sea,
but even that beauty
can't beat the unrequited dream

*of what we could be.
Thank you for taking the time to read my scribbles. It means more than you will ever know.
982 · Jun 2015
To Have You
Hayley Cusick Jun 2015
to be yours would be a Sunday morning
sipping on a favorite tea
watching as everything became veiled in stillness

to have your love would be a summer night
stolen stars and kiss soaked memories
surrounded by the inevitable sunrise

but to have both
oh, to have both
that could be nothing but a dream
if only a love like that existed
931 · Sep 2014
(hearts lost)
Hayley Cusick Sep 2014
She never did learn to love.

*Only how to run.
Each step takes me further from you. I will circle the earth before I return.
922 · Sep 2015
Hayley Cusick Sep 2015
maybe that wasn't really me
or the crisp autumn air that touched my cheeks
maybe that was just--

but what if it was me?
what a sweet feeling
to know that I was alive
even though I was dying
to know that I had lived
even though my last thought
my last breath
may be the ones currently occupying
that space
in which I most certainly was--

and then when it did go black
when there truly was nothing left
and my body no longer recognized
what it saw
what it felt
what it hoped
what it dreamed
when there was truly nothing left--

ahh I see
how silly to think
that it wasn't me
brushed with the feeling of wet pavement
a glimpse of the churning grey sky
on the other side
and my thoughts became so small
that the color red became irrelevant
and my skin
such a porcelain white
touched by many hands
but none were mine--

how silly really
to think
I was still alive

887 · Sep 2014
(jilted smiles)
Hayley Cusick Sep 2014
I've tried so hard to remember the love
that I've spent so long dreaming of.
wilted fireflies drawn from dust
and burned down memories
split from us.
we used to run with abandoned guile
deceiving each other with jilted smiles.
864 · Sep 2014
Hayley Cusick Sep 2014
"how is it that we have become so distant?" he asked.
"well, my love, you seem to have found a different disposition that no longer requires my assistance."
it's a sad thing, isn't it.
857 · Sep 2014
(your blank pages)
Hayley Cusick Sep 2014
blank pages
you fill with empty words.
it would be nice to see those lines
those curves.
but words do not seem to amuse you.
they escape and abuse you.
so those pages that remain blank
will surely stay without ink.
for to get your book
would be an impossible thing.
851 · Feb 2015
(vivid recolection)
Hayley Cusick Feb 2015
this fire
once stoked by the wood
from my undying forest
seems to be dwindling
in the crushed eyes of forgotten tomorrows
and I once thought so clear
I was a ghost in the mirror
now my loley reflection stains
my vivid recollection
and I stare not through
but at whom I
never thought I would become
I promise I can be better
821 · Sep 2014
Hayley Cusick Sep 2014
my perspectives seem to be skewed.
uneven and drawn to misguided conclusions.
I'm left tilted and jilted
from my own interpretations.
flawed is my nature
with exceptional and judgmental accusations.
I'm not saying that I'm a wreck,
but I'm a ship that seems to have made a wrong turn
and I've somehow found my way to the bottom of the sea.
803 · Sep 2014
(new beginning)
Hayley Cusick Sep 2014
it's hard to let go of something
you have held onto for so long.
watching it drift away,
caught in the wind.
tears stream from your face
and it feels like your chest has caved in.
but watching this thing die,
something you've known for your whole life,
means there will be a new beginning.
whether you're ready for it or not.
why does it hurt so badly?
783 · Jan 2015
(I am a poet)
Hayley Cusick Jan 2015
I am a poet
and my words bleed my blood
they say what I feel
and breath through my lungs
777 · Sep 2014
Hayley Cusick Sep 2014
So much trouble perched between your lips.
A match flirting just at the edge.

All you have to do is light it
and everything bursts into flames.

But it still sits there.
Eager for something new to chase.
Light the match.
735 · Sep 2014
Hayley Cusick Sep 2014
like a night in October you swept me into you.
someone to comfort me and teach me what it is to lose.
because you left the moment I cradled your name between my lips
and I knew the reason you captured myself
was for your own certain bliss.
but just like October you came and you went
and I watched the leaves turn without your hands on my every inch.
718 · Sep 2012
A Forgotten Night
Hayley Cusick Sep 2012
The cold trembles at my lips and I can feel shivers run down my dimpled skin.
My breathe forms in front of me as if it were its own entity.
The leaves crumple beneath my feet and I grin at the sound.
Your hand is weak in mine,
But I know you'll never let go.
I can feel your eyes trace me as I continue on in my own world.
The eloquence of your every step is lost in the protruding sound of mine.
I laugh and giggle as you watch and observe with the faintest of smiles.
The light from scattered lamp posts illuminate our silent conversation,
And I am lost in everything you are.

Snow hits my face and you brush it away unconsciously.
We stop and look up at the stars between the delicately placed clouds.
Your hand tightens around mine and I can feel you take in everything around us.
We count the lights in the blackened sky knowing that we could never possibly finish.
But we know we have a lifetime,
So we try.
713 · Sep 2014
Where do I end
Hayley Cusick Sep 2014
Like the ocean,
I am deep.
But unlike the monsters that lie beneath,
I float atop the surface,
searching for a place to sink my teeth.
692 · Jul 2017
What You Are Owed
Hayley Cusick Jul 2017
You act like the world owes you
A broken beaten girl that gives all she has
But you're no different
You're not special
You give no more and no less
Just fall
Let your wounds bleed
You are owed absolutely nothing
669 · Sep 2014
(maybe it's me)
Hayley Cusick Sep 2014
maybe it's me.
maybe there is just somethig about myself that I don't see.
maybe my intelligence isn't what I thought it to be.
because you seem to look right through me whenever I speak.

but maybe that's just me.

maybe it's the way I say my t's without actually pronunciating.
or it could be my abundant narcissistic tendencies.
because you never seem to actually see me.

but maybe it's just me.
659 · Sep 2014
Hayley Cusick Sep 2014
I am imperfect.
I am unwhole.

I have been beaten and battered,
left without a soul.

As hard as I try,
I fall to my knees.

Begging for someone to comfort me.
Someone put me back together.
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