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between me and you
in the game of I love you
you call dibs on "too"
Gabriel burnS Feb 2018
the stones are thrown
the flock transforms
from sheep to wolves
to eat their own
...sheep transform to wolves to satisfy the purpose of judgment through inhumane unification of perception, achieved by the compromise of willing desensitization...
Will Rogers III Feb 2015
the watch told time skewed
but the truth that he viewed
was not for us to understand
nor for us to watch along the sand.

Seconds ticked by
but as he looked to the sky
minutes dragged on
and hours fell silent upon,

his life
[composed on January 25, 2014]
Zoe R Codd Nov 2014
Am I not seeing things as they really are?
If so, then what am I seeing?
I do not want a filter.
Or, maybe it is that I am seeing things as they are,
And you are seeing things as you want them to be.
But that is not how they should be,
Because your view
Is skewed.
Hayley Cusick Sep 2014
my perspectives seem to be skewed.
uneven and drawn to misguided conclusions.
I'm left tilted and jilted
from my own interpretations.
flawed is my nature
with exceptional and judgmental accusations.
I'm not saying that I'm a wreck,
but I'm a ship that seems to have made a wrong turn
and I've somehow found my way to the bottom of the sea.
Jasmine smiles Apr 2014
Words are just broken meanings
Just constantly taking beatings.
Slowly they begin to die
More and more with every lie.
Always said and always misused
Till soon enough their souls are skewed
And they now mean nothing to you.
I love you, I promise, I will never leave you, you are beautiful to me. Words with empty meanings

— The End —