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Everything we create
Will eventually be destroyed
Everyone we love
Will eventually die

And yet we cling to all things that fade
Holding onto something intangible
We've got nothing in the end
But wasted moments, and wasted chances

We want our lives to mean something
To be something
But when our spirit and mind leave us
Nothing remains but dead dreams

Works are all that matter to people
We worship a statue, and not the truth
The actions of logic and love
Hold onto those, forever true

We will always wish to look back
But we will never be able to go back
Time moves forward, and that is our fear
The inevitable ending, for everything we hold dear

April 29 2019
nobody loves destruction, do they
-Tomplexthis- King of time.
Legendary Tomplexthis, the unknown nobody that is somebody
who has faded into time, before he was even known by anybody
besides himself, demons, devils, and God.

Love who you are, before someone else destroys your heart
And hold onto you, that you love, not you, that you hate
Olive Apr 13
I feel that my soul has left my body.
I am empty.
I feel a soft ache where my heart once beat.
A pressure where my brain used to sit.
I am empty.
A shell without a body.
Without a soul.
Now I wait,
For my body to find its way back.
Hopefully bringing my rejuvenated soul back too.
For now I wait,
Current feelings.
s Willow Feb 11
I’m awake,
Living the nightmares.
Numb and emotionless.

Colors are lost to me.
The living anger,
demolishes joy.

A soulless shadow.
The world and life
wither away.
Enia Jan 30
Hoping to meet a familiar gaze
from the concrete faces,
in the old place,
with some old ways.
As if to view from a pinhole image of
a dancing ghost from the bond
we shared.
But only exchanged,
Tones of ambivalence,
And unfamiliar stares.
Kyra Jan 23
Perhaps they were right
about cameras
They really do steal our souls
and place them
in pretty little squares.

Maybe that's why
we're all
soulless now.
Enia Sep 2018
Poured concrete
on the silver lining shape
Sinking in its flesh
of what was once
a *** of red nectar flames
A molded misfit;
Immune from the
epidemic ethereal disease
Anish Saurav Aug 2018
        Well, I have none,
I think I will stab you in the back;
                           When I think i’m done.

                         Kindness makes me weak
               I’ve seen too much sorrow
       They say you have no future
You have no tomorrow

               Guilty as my thoughts can be
                                   But I don’t fear no one
                   Regret is the only thing missing
When my killing is done

      You come rushing from all the sides
                   when i make any mistake
             But hold on I don’t need your grace
I have got more **** to fulfill more innocent  souls to take.
The story of a murderer in a few lines, who was thrown into this world and has seen much sorrow when he was young, he knows he’s got no tomorrow and goes on a rampage killing innocent people without any reason.
And by any means he’s Stopped and shown kindness , he kills that person too.
Gray Jun 2018
So there i am, up on the stage.
Frantically trying to make myself feel assuage.

But it’s hopeless.
The crowd is soulless.

None of them are laughing at any of my jokes.
Perhaps i might of misspoke?

“Get off the stage you useless freak!”
Someone from the front row decided to shriek.

Abruptly my already anxious head is hit with an unyielding blow.
What is this red goop? A bright red tomato?

As i quickly walk off the stage i stuff my hands into the pocket of my jeans.
Well, i guess my dignity tonight was smashed into smithereens.
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