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Deovrat Sharma Sep 2020
the mind of a person
overwhelmed by Self-deception
does not try to know reason
to think or believe in
advice and criticism given
by someone
contrary to his speculation
he always examine
as it was an insult to his disposition
he continuously remain
in the grip of apprehension
hostility and aggression.

©deovrat 26.09.2020
Cat Sep 2020
Put me down to desiccate.
My mind
My body
My inveterate vision.
Fragmentary, ornamental,
desirous smiles
adorn my face
And separate once I swallow them,
where then,
they play inside my head
and disperse to deluge into fumes of
blues and violent reds
where condors convene and condone the nature of my agony,
which they burn straight on through
then train new thoughts to thirst for more.
Stuck with a mind so full of
contortionist thoughts,
containing the notions of submerging illusions, luring me away from veracity,
into anticipating rapture.
Midge Apr 2019
Can’t stop thinkin’ bout you
Here I am, making cliches
In my sweet haikus
A M Ryder Dec 2016
When it's blown to pieces, that's when it becomes art.
Art is a demon, a demon that drags you along.
It's messy and ***** when it pours out of you.
It's not something you can stop even if you should.
Maybe your wife leaves you
Maybe your kid runs away
Maybe you go insane..
You throw yourself away to be an artist
Kalen Doleman Jul 2018
Emotions change constantly.
I experience a wave of the new.
From happy, sad, anger.

At least that's what i thought.

I saw them, these disparate faces.
All trying to claim my personality.
I thought and tried to protect it.
But really it's a sin.

A sin to be because it obliterates the self
And such a sin
imperils reality itself.

So i let go of the personality.
Finally to lay bare whats free.
Because in the truth i'm not a disposition.
I am just being.

Confused in a social box of response.
In feeling these untruths.
Which are promoted as rectitude.
But they are just emotions, nothing more.

These emotions are not me.
The personality is nothing as well.
It hurts when you first realize that.
But then you see that the hurt is fake
as well.

So inner demons exist.
But they always shatter too.
It's all a jumbled mess.
So to escape the mind brings me harmony.

And with that i decamp.
Then openly i may find peace.
Because a constantly moving
mind can drive you nuts.

It's like a prison, as
the mind continues to create.
With no bounds or limitations
but the penitentiary is really only
there when the personality exists.

But is letting go of personality
Crazy? As you become what they call "weird"
to let go and be who you
really are requires courage.

"civilization" creating personality so let it go.
and to let go of that.
Is to let of the false fellowship.
So is it worth it?

I think yes.
To save yourself and to get rid
of social and mental dis-ease.
You have to let go.

I have to be free.
Free from the box of emotes presented.
as that i can feel it all.
And who i am.

To express to be open.
To those in society this is wacko.
But it doesn't matter.
Because they are all trapped in  temperament.

I am moving to be free from.
the curse.
The same curse i mentioned earlier.
which kills you through rationalization.

So I've seen and accepted
the faces.
I met them face to face
ear to ear.

I heard them in person.
and i saw who they wanted me.
to be.
I saw what they wanted others to see.

But i'm not doing that.
Imma be  me.
I'm not doing that.
Imma be me.

To be me is to accept it all.
I accepted the past.
I accepted the now and future
and let go of it all.

I was ready to experience truth
to see the authenticity of everything.
To lie in authenticity
and to be alone.

To not be alone in thoughts.
To not be together with others in
But to be alone outside of that trip.

There are many ways to go
and the way is around thee.
In the whirlwind that encapsulates the soul.
So i can let it go.

Confusing eh?

Being awake for the first time in life
Moving on around the inner light.
The inner openings of strife/sacrifice
and seeing that the light is not inner or out.

Instead it's beyond and together.

And finally i made it to that point.
Where the mind is gone and soul too.
So that u could touch what is wise,
open, and true.

I can feel it all
and be me.
Not tainted by the falseness
of society's fake emotions.

Instead, feeling them in their truth
seeing their vulnerable nature
and truly connecting and discerning
not going and becoming.

Instead just being
be to be
see to see
me to me.

And finally, i can whisper its name.
Not fortitude's essence and flavor.
I can live not brilliantly or in mediocrity
I can be to be.

And it's crazy.
be to be
that is crazy
but it's truth
and it's really free.
"Be to be"
William A Poppen Jan 2018
Sullen is seldom
Used to describe the day

Today stillness sets heavy
Amid morning’s dew

Shadows cast by
Morning’s sun seem
Uncommonly gloomy

How long will
Debate fill my brain?

Is the day glum
Or is there a surly
Infection upon my soul?
Mornings, Mondays, Weariness
Saint Audrey Dec 2017
Rather go crazy than listen
Pandering by admission but
Self aware snares set for corrupted youths
Fool hearty young adults with full color led's
Its enough to make an end of me
Plans still foolproof
A poem to read aloud
Bad enough to tap out and let the pain bleed
I need some new meds

******* wooden in delivery
Half a mac truck stuck in traffic
Social laxatives and blocks of backwoods taxing
Masked attackers wielding flak cannons
Better off landing face down
Don't bother looking around, its all ghastly

A sight to behold as the intestinal tract
Gets pretty much pretty as I get
Gussied up
And roped into gore like we busted
A collective gut

Dogs chewing
But its hard to tell until
One of them spits up a curly tail

Forming a gang of mindless drones around an idea
Still going strong and letting go of mindless chatter
Still feels weird with every meter metric laughter
Conversion is hard, so skipping the math
I'm busy laughing, I never bothered with math class

Algebraic as an insult makes most
Laymen giddy
Do what you will with me, society

Never wanted much, in the way of a cure
Never wanted more, but
There's still so much more

Never wanted a change in the way
I think
But all I say is

I escape this cloud of destruction with a different aura--
one of ruby moods and sapphire disposition.

I shine into this new threshold with desperate hope
and a thirst for diamonds.

What will this new hell endure?

The fiery pits of fashion
or the comforting waves of idleness?

Whether the weather,
hot or icy
my weak determination lies in the false promise
of an improved destiny.
birds of the same disposition*
all gathering in a collective band
one feather is their rendition

they'll always be of this strand
never deviating at anytime
all gathering in a collective band

everyone of them an akin dime
minted by the exacting coin press
never deviating at anytime

they're keeping a single address
companions of an only kind  
minted by the exacting coin press

none are really hard to find
assembling neath a unified wing
companions of an only kind

can you hear the old adage sing
assembling neath a unified wing
birds of the same disposition
*one feather is their rendition
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