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Liz Dec 2022
I sit in the crowded lecture hall,
Surrounded by faces, not talking at all.
I try to blend in, to fit the mold,
But inside, I feel so withold.

I came here to learn and grow,
To find my place, to let my soul flow.
But as I listen to the professor speak,
I feel so lost, so weak.

I crave a place where I belong,
Where I can be myself, and sing my own song.
But until then, I'll keep on trying,
Hoping one day, I'll stop denying.

For though I may feel misplaced,
I know I am loved and embraced,
By those who care, and by the stars above,
Guiding me with endless love.
Glenn Currier May 2022
So many “road stories”
from the Odyssey, and Kerouac, to Augustine.
Each rich in emotion and spirit
most of the stories
have the hero hitched to a fellow traveler
to bathe the soul in word and mood
to throb with the music.

I have recurring dreams.
I’m in a hotel looking for an elevator
can’t find my floor or room
or can’t find my car downtown.
I wander streets, and lots.
Are there road stories hidden in these dreams?

Why do I trip, fall
stay misplaced and lost
find only
E E Mellings Nov 2021
I must exist in,
A more substantial way than,
This macabre hell.
Kayla Gallant Aug 2021
Where are you hiding
I’ve searched high and low
In the mirror
And in my soul
To no avail
I somehow managed
To misplace myself
Rough poem about how I've been feeling lately.
Ileana Amara Jan 2021
i have left pieces of me to people i've loved,
i called it art; some remains close to me like home,
some are kept and never retrieved, relentlessly wandering ;
round and round in a museum filled of memories & history.

IA ☕
01.07.21. | it's been a while since i last wrote a poem past 3AM in the morning after having some coffee. here's my first poem for '21.
i also made a twitter & ig platform found at @ileanaamara_ , i'm planning to use it as a creative outlet of poetries, art, & spilled thoughts. although posts are yet to come, feel free to visit. :)
Nylee Jul 2020
The misplaced ... words
they do
  not find..
        a concrete   structure..
always half baked..

   missing  the     essence
       of     something great.
Poetic T May 2020
Misplaced deliberations,
        oh where did  I leave you?

Like mislaid socks,
              I wear
mismatched thoughts

nicely fitting but not right.
Axion Prelude Mar 2020
You found peace among the storm
I sought blindly in the distance
Once, our eyes met; no more
Forlorn, begotten, but misplaced
Regret is my eternal lover
We will never be that sultry fate
One missed opportunity at a time, I disgrace my life through incessant mistakes which rue the chance, lost to misguided nature and abhorrent misreprepresentation.

A prisoner to the mistakes and judgment of others, my heart wilts fervently, and forever now.

I lost.
Emily Mitchell Feb 2020
Burning at my mind
driven to frenzied action
by the need to find.

Harrowing the ground
exhausting every option
until it is found.

Healing an old wound
soaring heights of elation
finally unbound.
This was inspired by the time I lost this tiny book of poems that I wrote all of these poems in and it triggered one of those oh my gosh I have to turn my house upside down obsessively until I find it moments... I searched for about an hour finally found it thank goodness I hate that feeling of being stuck looking for something it plays into my stubbornness but it is inconvenient... although it is a great feeling when I finally find whatever I lost
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