bret 1d
someone i know and love
with all my heart and soul
told me shes been struggling.
and went on to describe
symptoms of bipolar disorder to me
like an alien had visited her.

shes scared
and i am too,
i dont think she knows what bipolar really means
and i wouldnt know either because i dont have it
but foolish me always figured
this gift of mine
could never be tainted
by what the devil keeps on tap.
i just assumed
it would never be a problem.

i forgot how thin the rope we walk is
and how sharp the dragons teeth are
that keep waiting for us to fall over.
i never once worried
it felt like a waste of time to me
she did such a good job taking care of me
i never thought to ask

there was only enough food for one of us and
ive never gone hungry from her hands
Swishing and swirling in a mass of frenzied bubbles
The shark swims after its prey
Sinking diamond cut daggers into the velvet flesh of the next feast to dine on and take into the depths of the sea.
I wrote this years ago whilst listening to a very powerful piano concerto and an image of a shark feeding came into my head.
I can still taste you
You’re there in the back of my throat
My tongue is swollen at the thought
My taste buds are bitter
Even drinking water hurts
I have never felt so broke
I’ve brushed at my teeth so hard to try and scrub you off  
My gums are now bleeding
My lips are chapped
But no matter how much I rinse you’re still inside my mouth
I can’t spit you out

I’ve torn at my skin
I want to peel you off
But you’ve woven yourself so far in
Deeper than any tattoo I have
I’m covered in burn marks
I am so red
Itching all over trying to scratch you out
My nails are chipped my flesh looks so angry
I can’t help but scream

Why won’t you get out?

You’ve caused me to rot
I am a living skeleton that belongs deep in the Earth
I am alive my heart it still beats
But even when I take my last breath
I will probably look more alive than this

It hurts to walk
It hurts to move
All I can do is cry
All I can do is remain still
I’m choking on my tears whilst you dig your hands into my brain
Tearing up my mind
This is all in my head but you’ve caused me such damage
That I am falling apart from the inside to the out-

Why won’t you get out?
A mouthful of European Union teeth were chatting (in English) to each other.
A Belgian baby tooth was in tantrum filled tears
“it’s not  fair only getting a few years, the kids all eat sugary shit and I’ll fall out"
"Hey!", said the Irish wisdom tooth, "watch your fecking language!"
"Shut it, you're still buried so wait for your wisdom", whined the peevish baby
"I like being an incisor", said the German incisor
"it's a shame you're so indecisive then", said the Maltese back molar
"Listen, holey molar I can't hear you under all that amalgam" shouted the incisor, incisively 
"When do I get to leave this God forsaken mouth?". said the right wing Bulgarian brace
"When we've stopped ostentatiously protruding", said both French front teeth, simultaneously
"I've heard they’ve all got yellow teeth in the UK", chirped the misinformed Belgian infant again
"Oh you mean like that Austin Powers?", said the clever Croatian canine
"yes, played by that shit stirrer Mike Myers", said the sweary Swiss cement
"No, they've discovered toothpaste and mouthwash now", muffled the partly erupted tooth of Irish wisdom to the annoying sugar bombarded child tooth
"Oh, I am glad, I’m going to make a wish to the fairy when I'm lying under a pillow that I can visit Britannia as I‘ve heard they rule the waves"
"What century are you living in? The  16th?  You’d better go before Brexit then or they won't let you in", said all the adult EU teeth.
Just a bit of fun
With evil claws and teeth I chew the little wicked knights I slew. They enter one by one, as I burn them down to the ground for fun.
My fiery breath I breathe to melt their shields upon their feet and open my maw to eat my treats, oh what tasty meats.
Bring me more gold my shiny fearless little hunks of meat for I am to be feared the dragon which is revered.
I cannot be slain I will not be tamed for I am the red dragon that is renowned in fame.
Michael Robert Triska copyright, april 2018, this poem was made for a 5e dungeon & Dragons game
Back from the doc
that feeling I know
cleaning the clock
like sniffing clean socks

Teeth are all clean
butt not my mind
and may need a crown
no cavities find

The dentists a she
big cute brown eyes
kinda petite
somewhat, is shy

Long dark hair
a snarky type smile
some how i know
she wont use a file

So for now
my teeth can't complain
my spit in the sink
circles the drain

But maybe next time
they'll tell me the truth
"we're sorry sir
you're losing a tooth!"
Yup, was a good visit ;D~
when I met you
You opened up my world
Now I’m left missing your smile
like a child who’s lost their first tooth
They’ve never known better before
like a child I wait
for the permanent tooth to grow into place
the little wound reminds me that I lost you
Why did you have to leave me?
awknight Mar 13
Heavy feet fall on the steps
outside my door.  I cannot
let them in. They demolish
my mind as I try to stare
peacefully out the window —
passed the too same infrastructure.
It fucks with my mind.

The illness creeps in the corners of the
panes. They can’t find
their way in, but they know
I can see them. Fixated. They feel
my sheer panic. My understanding
is tainted by my watchers.
They feel my pulse accelerate and
laugh as my veins pump blood
toward their thirsty mouths.

Millions of teeth. Coming after

I am eaten alive

by the watchers
by the knowers
Haley Tyler Feb 26
Today I caught myself with my lips between my teeth

Biting down so hard that I could taste rust

But my mind was reeling so fast and all I could focus on

Was my heart as it turned to dust

Today I caught myself drowning again

You filled my lungs and set them on fire

And if you lied about forever what else did you lie about?

I’m unraveling like a wire

Today I caught myself bleeding

But there’s no gauze to wrap around this wound

You once called our love a rose but I pricked myself on the thorns

And the petals never bloomed

Today I caught myself running

From the way your lips pressed against my skin 

And the way my name sounded on your tongue

And how he looks at you as if you were something to win

Today I caught myself thinking

How could you turn to someone who says my name like a curse
Whose words cut me down and wove a noose around my neck

How quickly have I become nothing but a meaningless verse?
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