Spit the small words stuck
between the gaps of your teeth.
Before too long, they will begin
to decay the bones of your mouth.
Your smile will be stained
with things hoarded behind your lips-
Those little bits of bitterness
spread sour on your tongue.
Take a string drawn taught,
or a sharp stick
and carve out those nasty thoughts
and see just how much
your gums bleed

Your barns are but teeth broken
Somehow holding themselves together,
Still they capture an interest
Paint a picture whose contents contrast frame,

Yes I’ve probably swallowed a few
Ponds algae abundant accidentally
Found your innards- a rough tongue of alfalfa fodder,
Stumbled into a reductive stupor perhaps a few
Times before but neither here
Nor there I remain
Just a visitor of incident
With dried saliva falling off in cakes
From loose strands of skin that dangle
When a whimper of wind calls again

Cast upon a field in the summer
A face of cascading amber inviting
As if the 1950’s;
Your teeth were prosperous and full of horses

Glowing when light runs childlike
Through your cracks and divots,
In such exposed obscurity
Your beauty comes to fruition
Your smile is nothing less than immaculate

Zan Balmore Jul 1

my soul,
cannot be
it's gone,
been stolen
When you
reach for
wick warmth,
you find
When you
bare teeth
to bite,
I'll hide,
too truly
Can't you tell the time
for pleasure's passed?
Two tired eyes and
mirthless smile,
don't care to stop it.

Janae Jun 30

you are like a sugar cube
sweet and bad for you
i crave this eventual pain
that will make my teeth ache

There once was an eater of Reese's
Whose teeth went to soft little pieces,
   Then fell out completely.
   "Thank God!" he said sweetly,
"Ya don't need no teeth to eat Reese's!"


rose Jun 20

Jagged teeth
Crooked Lips
quickly taken down
Once I remember what they look like

Me and Rosey did a collaboration were I wrote a poem from my perspective and she wrote the same one from hers...here's the link to her interconnected poem https://hellopoetry.com/poem/2003580/crystal-smile/ Rosey is such an amazing poet and this was a wonderful collaboration :)
cait-cait Jun 9

crystalline eyes ,
in the sun , watch as boys
at little girls.

over layers :
hidden by tears , that were
by other devils,

teeth got locked on to
empty shells as
she smiled ,
(while he)
took bites
from her kindness given
out of fear

punching heat,
they bare teeth at
one another
in haunting calls,

i'd hope you know -
that i'm not dumb or
just clueless.

my creativity is shot and i had a terrible experience with a boy. he's serverly fuckd me up and i doubt ill be the same. not a great poem but
Kee Jun 7

the current flows rapidly down my cheeks
and my eyes puffy like balloons
my face quivering, the sobs erupting from my mouth
my knees weak
my heart shattered
i tell myself i shouldn't cry
that i'll be okay
but how do i know that?
how do i know that this hurt is going to stop?
what if it never stops?
is it like a toothache?
the pain comes and goes, only getting stronger and stronger until you have to get it taken out?
what if i can't remove this pain like i can my tooth?
what if this ache in my heart won't heal and the crack will never mend?
who am i to know what my heart wants?
maybe it's tired of my reckless decisions and has decided that it doesn't want to be healed
maybe it will stay this way and prepare for the next wave of pain to come just like that toothache
what happens when the pain is finally too much?
can i die from a broken heart?
how will i prepare for another love?
how do i know that this is the one?
how do i know that he loves me?
how do i know when it's finally going to end?

im in my feelings, lol.
Vivian g May 23

Gnashing teeth, gurgling blood
She emerges
Many eyes, all seeing
Prayers go unanswered

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