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lua 7d
i feel their eyes on me as i walk along the street
their mouths hung agape, panting like dogs
like a wild pack of wolves
ready to pounce
ready to strike
ready to ****
i lower my head in fear
my heartbeat quickens as it sinks to my stomach
i walk and i walk and i walk
i run and i run and i run
and when i turn my head over my shoulder
i don't see them behind me
but i watch them from afar
each howl and snarl that slither through the cracks and gaps between jagged teeth
their blood stained paws move to the side
and i see it
i see it
i see it!
it was another wolf!
but it had collapsed
and when i turned my head to the side
all i saw was teeth marks
and red
it was a traitor
maria Sep 26
I saw a dream
My teeth fell
A lot of blood in between
That's how unlucky I am
emotional pain,
even in my dreams

Written on September 26, 2019
Marcella Faye Sep 21
I feel so foolish
When my eyes see
The truth,
But still, love hearing
The lies that you speak
Like it's comforting words
To listen to
As I sleep, 
Almost feels like
A lullaby with
A wolf bearing out
Its teeth.
Tammy Cusick Aug 23
Piercing eyes
pale white gowns,

furrowed brow's
big bright crowns,

horizontal smiles
across floor to ceiling paintings
limp of emotion,

distraught in sepia
color at rest,

mildew in the teeth
callous on the tongue,
nails in the feet
dragging dead weight,

wrapped in burlap
tied in loose ribbon,

clammy cold hands
only for the given,

red in the face
angry with a fist
distraught in the heart,
spliced across the wrist.
KM Hanslik Aug 2
One for the road
isn't enough to dull the thirst anymore;
you feel it in your chest,
I feel it in the pains in my lower back
when I try to reach for my dignity
they always place it on the highest shelf
my self-esteem too low to reach
so I guess I'll resort to using my teeth.
For your fresh flesh,
I have a craving
I find it best
When you're still breathing

I'm wanting you...
Squirming in my teeth
No humans were harmed in the making of this poem... hopefully.
Can't understand,
But I behave.
Hunger pang's sharp;
For flesh I crave.
My body's ready,
I eye your meat:
I want you squirming
In my teeth
BTW in a cannibalistic manner, not sexually (I guess that's worse).
P.S. I'm asexual.
Jack Harrell Jul 14
They say those
Who are afraid of heights
Aren’t afraid of the fall
But are scared they’ll jump

A leap of faith is all it takes
That’s all it took for me
To fall into the trap you made
I got stuck in your lemon tree

The fruit of the lemon
Is much too sweet
A whole lemon
Is quite a lot to eat

So sour it will purify your teeth

If my burdens be yellow
Then my teeth be white
My trouble they make me swallow
Until I blow out my light
Calla Fuqua Jul 11
Your skin of teeth never scared me.
Your taste for blood begged me to come closer,
till the tip of your nose touched mine.

Now we are both hypnotized
Teeth can always be fixed, teeth can always be changed. But blood, the blood running through my veins will always be the same; similar to yours - the same chemicals altered in a different way to create a unique DNA - something that will always be named as distinctly human to you and me.
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