I have traveled to the edge of the earth,
riding along the shoulders of darkness,                       stumbling in hallways,
waking up on kitchen tables,
sick for days and
grasping for air,
each breath I took
was a moment
climbing closer to death
and there were
darker times in my life
where I breathed heavily
and slumber
were once used for
casualties and pleasantries
but now it’s a reliability to
escape from a life that
I created for myself.
sleeping in gutters,
my hair drenched
in sewer water,
whiskey burning
my throat and veins and
the horrid homeless man
stands over me smiling,
his rows of teeth look
like city skylines
jagged and gritty and
full of smog
in front of some
condemned building
where the devil
leans again a lamppost,
taking the slowest pull
off his brown paper bag
and playing the saddest
harmonica on the darkest,
gloomiest night
at the corner of
Everything Avenue and
Nothing Boulevard
Bret Jan 28
ive never been
to this part of town

second thought
ive never even been
to this town

then why
does it feel
so goddamn familiar

why do i remember
getting drunk in
that bar
chipping my teeth on
that curb.

i think the parts of me
that don't like me
stay here.
calling out for skin.
im freezing out here.

i havent been
warm in so
Latin Jan 22
reaching deep down in
grime between your nails, between your fingers
trying to reach all the way down but
your arm doesnt reach/ your arm doesnt reach/ your arm doesnt–
but you still reach
because there has to be something within your reach
instead, something reaches you
your arm is no longer there
a jagged toothed thing took it away

you reach in with your other arm
III Jan 16
The girl who tied
     Roses around her
     Tongue in hopes
To taste no evil
Bled to death
    With thorns
          In her teeth.
Part 1
Floating in a pool of blood
My own demise
by the sharpest knife made by my sharpest teeth
Addison René Nov 2017
we were at the beach

i had dreams
about my

they were

on the floor,
and on the sand
with a trail
of blood

and open

i wanted to go
back and tell
you how much
it all meant to me

each tooth
and memory

fell from my mouth

it's going to be hard
now that you're not around
lowkey this is about my fckn dead dog
Guden Nov 2017
She was tiny,
An elf of some kind.
Beautiful and strange,
Her eyes had magic.
She told me to wait for her,
I did,
She didn't show up.
She told me she wanted to see me,
When we met, she was cold.
I keep thinking she's playing with me,
I shouldn't be so eager to see her.
But who can say no to those eyes?
Her mouth was orcish in a way,
Probably half breed.
Crooked teeth,
When she put on the battle helmet
I could only see those eyes.
Longing for a kiss.
Bannon's Toy Box Nov 2017
There once was a man from La Crosse
Who never once thought to use floss:
   He brushed his teeth rarely
   (And even then barely)
And counted each tooth as a loss.

A mealy mouthed man of Bisqué
Says toothlessly all he will say:
   Dude was so ruthless
   With his toothbrush, he's toothless
From brushing his teeth all away.

lostboy Oct 2017
Lazily brushing your teeth
Is like lazily wiping your ass;
You don't get all the dirt off,
Unless you don't eat anything.

Don’t you dare complain
About something
African children
Don’t even know about.

Watching TV
Is just as mind numbing
As something
Compared to anything
Made by a man
Who was born in 1994.

The answer to life
Is something
Nobody should question
But instead
Ask if life has been worth living
So far
Considering your conditions.

And I’ll keep writing
Garbage like this,
Until God tells me
To get a real job
Or something.
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