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I am looking at ships alone
On the beach of forever
Peeking through clouds the moon shone
Thinking of you again, have I never?
On the beach of forever
Over the sea, under the trees or wherever
I hope my thoughts reach you
Are you thinking of me too?

I S A A C Apr 2022
it is hard for the truth to come out of my sealed lips
played the victim and I take my role seriously
we were just on the same water, passing ships
the sun and the moon meeting in an eclipse
only for a moment but the moment was potent
wishing for more moments like this
rips and rips until I finish my zip
hours and hours until I finish my shift
you are the one thing my mind cannot slip
the one man that drives me to drink
so I don't think, just a couple of sips
now I am covered in my sadness as the sunlight peeks through
such a naive little boy, never knowing what to do
what to do
GaryFairy Oct 2021
The Skipper -

welcome aboard The Lady Mother Earth

if this ship sinks, it will probably take a while


some may still have to walk the plank
after sinking

lifejackets are available on the starboard and port sides

when looking toward the bow
the left-hand side is the port side
the right-hand side is the starboard side

sometimes you may have to switch sides to keep her from rolling
we do not want this lady to roll!

first, it will tilt to one end or the other

the bow is the front end of the ship
the stern is the rear end of the ship

the stern will probably go down first

you all will probably run to the bow, in that case
sometimes this can cause a teeter totter effect
sometimes that effect may keep us afloat for a while
sometimes not

although this ship was built
by the finest ship builders ever
the stern has less mass, but more density

we will have no time for physics lessons, if it starts sinking
deckhands, cooks, and even gilligan, must work together


I will surely go down with the ship, if she goes down...

for now, let's just try to sail on, and not think about it
let's think of charting the best course
Don't look too deeply, i'm not on the left or right...i am in the middle...keel and hull...and i'm no sailor
Janelle Mainly Oct 2021
Coming from afar
Se los lleva el mar
Rostros de arena.

Feeling two instead of one
Sé que pronto llegarán
Ships to use me as an anchor.

Me gritan "súbete aquí!"
But I only float to sea
Mareándome en pudor.

Which sail will catch me?
¿El norte y sur del que salí?
The faces in the sand must know.
Clive Blake Jul 2021
Sea calm,
Crew slept,
Dark side,
Sea kept,
Tide raced,
Waves crept,
Crew woke,
Sails prepped,
Coiled spring,
Waves leapt,
Crew swept,
Left behind,
They wept.

For the sea has no respect
For the nautically inept …
A Cornish poem about the sea.
By Cornish Poet Clive Blake
Jonathon Wall Jan 2021
How heavy one's thoughts can be
When one's mind pulls them out to sea,
And floods of emotion spur the gale,
Cracking rudder and battering sail,
So fissures in the way one thinks
Widens as ship and psyche sinks,
And the cargo one is forced to bear
Drags them deeper into despair.
What was made clear by surface light
Shall fade in the depths of starless night.
Ever down into the cold and dark,
Crushing pressure shall assail one's heart,
And monsters from nightmares well known
Seek the intruder within their home;
As one tries in vain to hold one's breath,
While terrors consume 'till nothing's left,
And a hollow husk shall reach the bed
Who once was captain aboard one's head.
J M Menon Jan 2021
I see that you see what you don't want to;
But its true,
now you know it too.

A life boat for your sinking ship,
come on jump in with me
a bold leap is all you need
But acknowledge the ice berg first
and then its impact

You see it.
Why don't you let yourself so?
How I wish you would
How you wish you would
Sandoval Jan 2021
Isn't it cruel?
How destiny
teases our future.
Having had
tall wooden ships,
we settled for

paper boats.

Amanda Hawk Nov 2020
You ask me
To build you cities
When I only have
Avenues of waterfalls
I wish
These words
Could build you rafts
So you could
Float along the horizon
At the end of the day
Promises are hollow
And we all sink
Like ships
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