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EP Robles Mar 2020
doesNOTExist).(bellybutton bushy-
  ***** bouncing bleachers

thurstNow is this moment s t retched as a dying
river's tears  holding /tightly\ her shores
  then doesNOTeXist can never be contained
  within finite space ).( bellybutton bushy-
  ***** bouncing bleachers is never a safe
  place for ***.

  :: 02.25.2020 ::
Allyssa Oct 2020
Elusive thoughts and dreams,
Permeant to the mind.
Merely phasing through the realities of my soul.
I loved the sickness of the mind,
A dark murky cloud of an unpredictable storm.
Pushing through the phases of that empty vastness,
Drowning in a swirling mix of confusion,
Spreading like a poison throughout the veins of a twisting,
Painful injection upon the skin.
Living through the soreness of a long familiar ache,
Yearning for a peace that never quite settled.
Known pain
Nickols Nov 2018
Her body only existed where he touched her.
Twisting and writhing to his hands upon her flesh.
The rest of her evaporated into smoke.
             Dispersing into the nights air from a masterstroke
Rachel Blair Oct 2017
The darkness flowed from the flower’s bloom
Like ink dripping from a quill
She was the night sky
The flower’s veins shrieking
twisting awry
Gabriel burnS Oct 2017
As my footsteps disappear into puddles
And the ripples go silent
I put to doubt
The things we make
Of mud today
As knowledge travels
Rails of science
Instead of the path
Of knowing time
We’re sending light
Where it wasn’t meant to be
Like the greatest of all angels did

We have turned learning into
An autopsy of everything
Lobotomizing every liberty
Analyzing mistakes to find
Better excuses
Bitterly abusing conscience
And sapience
Numbed by the applause
Of every new Eureka!
Gabriel burnS Oct 2017
The puppet master's gone completely mad
Who knows when
Weaving webs of chaos
Knots collide
Casualties fall
And so I do not know
What he was before
But now I’m sure
He is a spider
Eating his own
Dr Zik Jul 2017
All the zigzag routes come toward You
So the right path is the destination of all twisting ways!
As the center point of a circle is One!
O! my Lord!
Dr ZIK's Poetry
The Judge Jan 2017
The hourglass is broken,
my life is spilling out.
The doctor says I'm crazy
and I have no doubts.

The world around me is twisting
into a horrid display.
I am forced to watch as
my own mind begins to decay.

My friendships are being ruined,
and it's doing so at a great cost.
I feel like I'm standing in an open field
yet I've never felt so lost.

The moon has killed the sun,
and taken his fiery crown.
All I can do is watch
as my whole life begins to drown.
Vent Poetry
Madeleine Apr 2015
I feel a vague sense of *****
In my near future, which is funny
Because I could have sworn I was fine
With out having to lie lie lie
Just a second ago
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