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Joanna hurt me
She broke my heart torn apart
No I am less whole
Heart break hurts always
Reminders daily sometimes
This season is hard
Bhill Oct 5
You're reality
Does it fit the life you live
Have you had questions

Is your energy your own
Do you believe there is more
Have you wanted to explore
Are you having suspicions
Reach out for a mixed path
A pathway to somewhere else

You are not alone
Life's path can be adapted
Adapted to match

Brian Hill - 2019 # 249
Is your reality fit your in your life?
No more beautiful a soul could I touch, no better woman would find, whenever she is not near she is on my mind. She is my match, my equal, my partner for life, so short lived, so completely, she will complete me.
In the time you have which is unknown find something share yourself, dont hide away waiting gathering regrets
Seanathon Sep 16
Doors close like conversations
Cold as attics below basements
So we are an abandoned home
Until I light a candle and rekindle
Always me
This is about some of my friends in real life. Perhaps it's my distance, or I truly am either intimidating or odd. But I always feel like they wait for my signal. To talk. To reconnect. To ask how I truly am. Not how is work and such... But how I am.
Pursuing ardent fervor
Lured toward peaceful obscurity
Freedom's abandon
Enticingly treacherous
Elusive assurance
A Procrustean woman's tale
in an orbit does tell that this snitch
here wasn't Montgomery whether sound must hitch
with Pythagoras
that seldom erupt in despair
now dire hands with guilty chest
yet volcanoes bleed in the air
note auther L.M Mongo,ery..
she is
in limbo
when Jumbotron
in Bogata
has sports
and impair
action that
any stampede
rot with
their indecision
on Farc
12 and
the art
of shaving
in locker
room on
field hoy
the field today
beth haze Apr 21
Left on the side of the road
we couldn't do more than
walk underneath the bright lights
of the street in the autumn breeze
of late June while my friends
speed down in your best friend's car
laughing 'cause they thought this
could match us up.
What they didn't know is that the time
would never be right in between us.
- (un)matched.
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