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Skye Jan 4
I’m a bomb, just waiting to blow up
And you just happen to be my match
pun intended

Nagalakshmi kp Dec 2020
Chandra and Indra, were born non identical twins, born different, even grew differently. Chandra was more drawn towards books, often called a nerd. While, indra was always found outside the house. Playing in mud. Chandra was silent, immersed in her own world. Indra wouldn't let Chandra sit quiet, would pull her hair, would tear her book into shards! Their parents were devastated, they thought, apart from being twins, nothing would ever go in sync with them! They thought, they would never match!
Their life toppled when Chandra was diagnosed with autoimmune hepatitis! The only thing that could save her was a liver transplant. And Indra was a suitable match! And after the successful surgery they both had a surgical scar to match! Even though non identical, their livers now were identical!
Spadille Nov 2020
Let me be your match
Light me up
And I will be your light
Thru the darkest nights
As I burn in flames
And wish my blaze will last longer
This fire will be your comfort
And I care not to become ashes
For I have given you my all
But grant me one favor
Always remember my flame.
I'd burn happily
Bhill Nov 2020
Met his Match....

it seems Prez Grinch has met his match
most people agree he needs to dispatch
it won't be long before our man Joe steps in
and cleans up the mess that was not a win-win
I'm told, that in history, this story will reign
I'm hoping we learn from all the insane
let's learn to be forgiving and get back our pride
and try to all be, on at least the same side
I love this great country but hate where it's been
can we all just agree, at least try to begin?

Brian Hill - 2020 # 320
Our world is inside-out. Our world is as healthy as its sickest citizen, as educated as its most ignorant, as prosperous as its poorest. Who will light the first match that starts the fire of worldwide change from inside-out to right-side in? Perhaps it will be you. Perhaps it will be I. Once the match is lit, in seconds it can become a firestorm of unimaginable change for the better. Most still want wars, not peace. Most want control, not sharing. Most want it all, but what they want is all worthless to the value of a human life. Our world does not wish to be owned, but to be cared for.  Our air will tell you this. Our water the same. The inequities of the world, its iniquities, scream at us that these injustices will **** our world and every living creation upon it. But we remain delusional, blind and deaf and uncaring to these ongoing and immoral behaviors. Only the fire of rectitude will burn away these destructive ways. Perhaps soon one will strike one match.

Copyright 2020 Tod Howard Hawks
A graduate of Andover and Columbia College, Columbia University. Tod Howard Hawks has been a poet, an essayist, a novelist, and a human-rights advocate his entire adult  life.
kAyLa Jul 2020
we're are falling out of conversation
it's like we've run out of things to say
were we the perfect match
that burned out too quickly?

even if that's the case-
will you stay with me anyway?
because i'm just not sure i can burn again
after you
Jennifer McCurry Jul 2020
It sat just beyond incineration
Swearing nonchalance with the great ease of a sociopath
It's jacket promising a "Good time at Larry's, bring a friend!"
Itself, lay alone and charred
If anyone had paid it any attention
One might have caught the sulfuric hint
of a mighty hell that had consumed whole
First Oxygen
And then home
And then for granted future
Of the hateful demon who had tossed the thing
And the red headed woman who had once laid beside him
Kimmie Jul 2020
Oh I love the way you laugh
those cute lil dimples you have
Those eyes that see through my soul
That tummy when you are too full

The way you get tired of long hot walks
and tell me you're okay when I asks
That never ending stories and humor
Oh what more can I ask for

With you I have no worries
We never ran out of batteries
In most things we connect
Indeed we are truly a match perfect

I wanna spend more time with you
if it's okay can you be my boo
But I will choose to be just a friend
Coz I don't want this relationship to end
vonny Apr 2020
he is quite the experimentalist

he always tries something new

his brains spends hours clocking away

for his big, warm heart

that he has spent years blocking up

she is quite the bookworm

she always stays indoors if she can

her brains are sitting cozily working a puzzle

for her bruised, broken heart

that she tries not to show

they are quite the match

his smile glows and her eyes sparkle

he is still careful but he shows her a softer side

she is still hurt but she feels like she can heal with him

as awkward and new and fresh that it may be

they are both trying their best
i wrote this about just entering a relationship with a boy. he was so sweet, and we were just getting to know each other. :)
N Mar 2020
She struck a match and
lit the poet’s fire in me,

then left me to burn in
the flames of my loneliness

Now, I suffocate on the smoke,
and breathe it in like I write poetry
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