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The feeling is
and puzzling
part of
tonight is
laid with
clean thought
and forthright
some they
aren't really
lies that
tell me
notebooks leer
peers in
jeers much
darker than
classroom strand
with tardy
replies hoy!?
Leia Spencer Feb 6
You thought you could burn me
Char me
Scar me
Oh how funny it was to see you
Trying to ignite
An already burning fire
With a measly match
-stop, you’re just going to hurt yourself
Asher Jan 17
we don't match
we can't be together
please stop calling me a catch
we’ll never be “birds of a feather”

you can't please me
it's not "written in the stars"
i dont believe in destiny
but this sure as **** isn't ours
IncholPoem Jan 10
Certain  circles  were
  border less   for  two  couples.

One  of  the  couple  jumped
into  a  wet  sand  area.

One  of  the   couple  did
play  a   chess  match.

The  horses,the kings
were at  that
time in    contact  with
alien  civilization.

Some  alien   couples
sitting   on distance
planet were
betting   through
AI  powered  chess match.
Lady Ravenhill Nov 2018
A match burns so hot
In it's short, glorious life
Never lit again
© LadyRavenhill 2018
Haiku 63
Emily Nov 2018
Imagine if it was just me and you.
What a dream that would be.
You're nothing like my last.
Call me just to hear my voice.
You don't let your pride get in the way.
Tell me time and time again that you wish I would be yours.
I know you would treat me right.
For me you'd put up a good fight,
but this is a match that you're not ready for.
Consider this the standing count of eight.
I see I'm leaving you hurt,
that's not my intention.
Savannah Oct 2018
In remembrance of my most unfortunate choice,
and most naive mistake.

The day I had truly let the match slip from my fingers,
and fall to the gasoline at my feet.
Time slowing and slurring,
like my once drunken muse.

Watching would be my inevitable demise,
but also my untimely rebirth.
Emily Lawson Sep 2018
It is 12:43 in the morning.

I am envisioning lighting my face on fire.

Eyelashes drenched in kerosene, dripping down my chin, soaking my hair

Blink. Blink. Light.

I feel the scrape of the lighter under the pad of my thumb before my hair catches fire

face engulfed in flame, turned to blistered flesh in seconds.

People use the term “faceless” to describe someone they do not know the identity of.

For that reason, my appearance finally matches my lack of identity.

No pun intended.
ethan gaskill Jul 2018
two flare fires barely in sight
each lover the others light
seeing the smoke-
not knowing that the message is for them

the one they’re looking for
is next door

two strangers intersect
clueless and uninterested
not looking to the side
never realizing it is them

the one they’re looking for
is next door

to flying comets in the sky
look each other in the eye
knowing they’re alike
but not realizing that they’re
paired for life

the one they’re looking for
is next door
until we meet again
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