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Sophia Aug 30
You like stars?
Those are the little holes poked in the container so we can breathe.
Trojan Aug 18
Teach them holes are for hiding
And they'll hide
They'll hide and cower
Cower and cry

Once danger strikes
In their holes - they'll hide
Crying, pleading
Hoping it'll pass them by

Teach them holes are for hiding
And don't expect them to fight
When danger strikes
And they're stuck in their pits

August, 2021
Rama Krsna Jul 10
riding his cosmic bull
the cosmic dancer
rattles his cosmic drum.....

only a serpent around his neck
as his cosmic garland,
he silently ponders.....

is it time yet for cosmic dissolution?

cosmic dust from that annihilation
to be worn as a cosmic emblem on his forehead,
sending a stark reminder
that the cosmos and all the games played within,
are his and his alone

© 2021
Parker Vance Feb 25
There are holes in my brain          and I shovel words to bury
                                       that emptiness

I look for laughter                                          that's not my own

I search my hometown graveyard
                     the spaces of your affection

I'm flipping through the oldest books
                     ******* in the autumn air;

I cannot find the thing                                                  I lost

There are holes in my brain but I kept you,

                    perhaps a different way of craving
A few may know it
There's a concept
Of White hole
Opposite of Black hole
A consequence
Of general relativity
A hypothetical region of space
Unlike a Black hole
Doesn't allow anything
Enter it
Gives away
Energy and matter
May be bountiful
Hands of God
Time may tell
Of course
Like Black holes
In reality emerged
They usurp and usurp
Everything they usurp
And White holes
If reality
Light and energy
They disburse
Inquisitive minds
Explore further
I am no expert!
Gateway of a black hole
Time stops at an "event horizon"
For distant watcher of the universe
If you could reach an "event horizon"
You would be dead for the world
For you, you would be alive
Time flow quite normal
May be things happening
As in "Interstellar"
In reality a  dream
In dream a reality
Time stops at an "event horizon"
Dead and alive relative
In general relativity
Grey Nov 2020
Sixty red balloons
Seeping air through barely-patched holes
Falling from the sky.
Inspired by 99 Luftballons by Nena (99 Red Balloons is the English version).
S R Mats Oct 2020
We climb the stars
Make honey in our hearts

Mad as a jackrabbit
We leap into dark holes

Walk among winged creatures
Quiver in our skins

And swear that we can fly
Feather-light on love alone
(Love can make us act crazy and think that we have superpowers!)
Ces Sep 2020
A jumble of words I cannot utter
For their incoherence
I consciously mumble to myself
Struggling to put into writing
The garbled mess of my mind:

Filled with images
Of discarded tires and umbrellas
Of sandwiches and old socks
Withered flowers I bought
For no one in particular
The street where I live
The unbearable sadness of
Losing a dime
My self-referential musings
Of time loops and black holes

All nonsense...

Reality is now this gooey
And icky, unrecognizable
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