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Nov 28 · 76
Monologue 05
Eleni Nov 28
We all find in those moments
Where we feel a fraction of our being-
Intense despair for something we
Had yesterday of lack
In our celestial thoughts of

If our thoughts in these times of sadness
Were mapped out in the universe
There would be implosions
And constellations crashing against
The harmony of our galaxy:
The system we seek to control.

But to control it is to misunderstand
The mysteries and inconveniences
That give us awareness of
Habits we should leave
People we should farewell
And wounds that must seal.
Nov 15 · 49
Monologue 04
Eleni Nov 15
Pain consumes me.
And I consume my pain
in thousands of junk joules
eating away my body like greedy ghouls.

That kind of sadness
Makes smiles ugly-
to pinch my thighs and waist
and loath the corpse which I traced.

Life became granulated and refined.
Too artificial and too confined.
I saw my muscles melting- undefined.
Now there is little will left to be kind.
I was inclined to push you behind-
Keep you out of my mind.
Stop being blind to your decline.

In dark hours I awake.
I should pace my steps before I break.
Nothing would ever soothe this bellyache.
This deathbed shall be one I make-
From these hands that shake.
And this dirge will quake
the lies I tried hide, behind the snake.
To those out there who are insecure about their body and experienced disordered eating, I send my love to you. It is not the easiest thing to talk about, let alone write about.

Sometimes our monologues are not pretty or full with gentle imagery. Expressing my truth through poetry has helped me reflect on these dark episodes of my life.
Oct 30 · 85
Monologue 03
Eleni Oct 30
I shy away
in clouds of self-reflection
that cast shadows over
human nature's clarity.

Reversing a cocoon
my fragile organs, exposed- hang
To display their veiny
functions and dysfunctions.

Transfixed on a cellular level
I am complicated. I am mechanical.
Repeat routines and manage my capital.
Resistance faces dreams that are radical.

Auto-immune to my own feelings
or thoughts- I reject myself.
And neglect the wonder of
just being alive.
Oct 23 · 157
Gas Mask
Eleni Oct 23
You are my single lifeline
The mask I wear to confine.

With a plastic shield- I am out of my senses.
Frivolous safety, with endless expenses.

Coughing green and blue ice
Why do I seek life on Neptune?
Far from warmth and invisble to naked eyes
Rings of glass dull the distant cries.
Oct 3 · 127
Velvet Doors
Eleni Oct 3
So much can be read
from those graphite and inky
Furs which sweep
across the Velvet Doors.

Three hundred and sixty
perspectives of light
Enamoured by dying
crystals in the night.
Oct 3 · 67
Eleni Oct 3
My lover's lips are tender.
Tendered by the reed from
Which he sings a thousand
Waves and transcends to a
Dimension, which my eyes
Cannot roam without
Confusion or awe.

For the ways in which
He captivates the
Crowds of souls
Who ponder the extent
Of human excellence
Is through the mystic
Vessel of shining brass.

When his blue eyes wax,
Like glassy moons
Reflecting on cool waters
I pause. And breathe.
And float. And smile.
Uncontrollably- full
of warmth.

And even if I was
Letting heat condense
Making my angst
Obvious to he who
Instigates the malevolent
Creature within;
I am immediately at peace-

Not with myself. But
With the thought of
His love, for his craft.
Each and every
Whisper and growl
Is a hue of his
Kindred spirit.
This poem is dedicated to one of my biggest inspirations, Pat Parker.
Sep 18 · 100
Asides and Shows
Eleni Sep 18
Search for me in your deepest woes
Do not be gentle with your shows.

For it is not easy to find a locket in the mist
And harder for the trapeze to twist-

and break with truth.
Naivety pirouettes beyond youth.

Circus nature preys and submits in hurdles
Upsets the fragile body with tight girdles.

Blisters shall form lest you be still
But comfort never satisfies the thrill.
Sep 3 · 126
Behind A Closed Door
Eleni Sep 3
Through the glass
And in the ringlet of
Sunlight He stood in,
There was tranquility.

To be tranquil
At one's own sorrows
Taxes and tenders
The flesh of living.

As notes and chords
Ascended into
The smokescreen
Of his honesty,

I somehow felt
Soothed and scared
Behind a closed door.
Emotionally longing for more.
Aug 23 · 93
Monologue 02
Eleni Aug 23
As I sit here
I possess a seat
At a table
Many would
Be scared of.

To spend time
With thyself
Unphased by
Tenors of busy engines
Against humming
Birdsongs in a grove.

From here
Space feels infinite
Not to the touch
But to the sight
That wanders from green
To blue hues in daylight.

Happily disconnected
Yet connected to
The very essence of
My existence
Which troubles
The modern mind.
Jul 28 · 105
Eleni Jul 28
And we slowly sink into this marbled universe
Touched and towed by many asteroids.

We are the dust and gas from those nebulas.
We are the blue, green and purple travellers.

Who knows whether we become stars
Or melt into the crawling and smothering mud:

which cleanses life to begin renewal.
Jul 18 · 139
Kissing Flowers
Eleni Jul 18
The bee was forbidden from kissing flowers.

Out of the hive, she found her free will. Though
her wings fluttered under heavy turbulence.

Amazed, by the liberty that flowers held in petals, all around
She began to work on arousing subjects, in the playground.

Irises, roses, fuschias and sunflowers.
Purple, red, pink and yellow- for endless hours.

Her mouth met many lips, sensing negative charges
She finally understood that natural energy was harmless.

Satiated, by her existential discoveries in The Garden
She returned to the tall trees to receive her pardon.

But along the path home she was surrounded.
The colours melted and mixed into grey and brown.

Unable to control the velocity to self-discovery,
Wary droplets of perfume sprayed in cries.
It was then she found her guise,
Judged by those who told lies,
Reached into her abdomen and prised,
No fail-safe to catch her from the skies.
Jul 6 · 849
Eleni Jul 6
I think of words as air
That chant sparks into flames.

Violent pyres- if you abuse.
Or a tamed Medusa- if you peruse.

It would put the mind at ease
To expire and water these flames.

A warning, nay comes with a beacon
Intuition with your saliva may weaken.
Jun 28 · 200
Eleni Jun 28
I've been at the spa
Tear facials, puffy eyes and nasal
Sighs in the steam.

I've been at the spa
Naked and wasted
Slowly rehabilitating myself.

Been so long
Since I've had a fix
Forgot what it's like
To be in your eclipse.

Been too long
Since I've had a kiss
Scared what it's like
To be saturated in bliss.

I've been at the spa
Suffocating and pruning,
To stop myself from swooning.

I've been at the spa
Dehydrated, not elated.
(Am I supposed to be relaxing?)
Jun 15 · 164
Monologue 01
Eleni Jun 15
I would do nothing
Nothing, without you.

Yes! You, in my reflection
Know that you have infinite worth.
You are worthy.
If you cannot feel it today
Do not be scared.
It will come another day.
When the sun rises
And your aspirations are out of reach
Know that the glow of
The Entity will show
In the deepest tunnels.

And if you have no aspirations?
Child, do not abuse the vessel
That seeks to thrive. Danger
Will come if you wrestle with thyself.
Take some time, eat some hours.
Time is not against you. She is
The current to your growth.
The reciprocal parasite under oath.

So, I will do nothing without you.
Without you, there is nothing.

It is these hands that touch.
It is these eyes that see.
It is this body which carries
The incandescent hope.
Jun 13 · 114
Invisible Winds
Eleni Jun 13
The storms and cyclones
Are building, breaching
the defences of Her ambience.

Quietly, they come
Through the begrimed and black
Looting the ears of the lost.

What direction? When there is no compass.
No straight lines. Just circles.
Cycles and cyclones.

Caught up in the invisible winds
Swept away like debris.
What they called home is now Hell.
Eleni May 7
It drains me
to drain myself
And train my body
to be someone else.

Smiling through
watery eyes
Concealing hues
with cosmetic lies.

It chains me
to chain myself
And pains my body
because I am not myself.

Laughing at
my successful mistakes
Sexing away
the heavy stakes.

It strains me
to strain myself
And search for my body
within myself.
Apr 20 · 552
The Attic
Eleni Apr 20
I am a mess.
A cluttered room full of
sad dust and stowed away emotions.

In the winter,
I shiver with all my excess baggage
and the piercing, frosty winds.

This woman, that comes and goes-
Unloads her haunted antiques
Off her achy and raw shoulders.

And she will return in the summer.
The heat shall suffocate and sting me
Even in the most joyous season.

I wonder- if she would ever part with these
Medieval, Gothic symbols
that fester her spirit with Shura.

Sometimes in the mirages,
Her head splits into three
And each face telling a separate story.

I pray that those hungry ghosts
Will be banished from her spirit.
And the Wheel shall finally turn
to begin my pilgrimage to the Moon.
Apr 12 · 165
Eleni Apr 12
I was painted to be-
A majestic lioness
With a hungry heart
And beauty resembling art.

I was drawn to be-
A muscular manifestation
Of swift and stable poise
A roaring constant noise.

But I am no prototype for prejudice
This lion, is loyal to herself
And belongs to the savanna,
The rich mud in the Ghana.

I do not care for gold
Or for my pompous title
I shall not use my claws
For such a petty cause.
Apr 9 · 149
Eleni Apr 9
Time for growth.
Time to grow beyond what is known.

Time for healing.
Time to heal my jarred and jaded mind.

Time for nourishment.
Time to nourish myself with sacred rice and holy water.

For there will come a time
When little time is left.
And my time could be eaten
by the Gods or a greedy fool.

And with time
My arms will grow
like Shiva's flow
of four cardinal points.

And when time passes
I will not care of mistakes
we all make. Time will
drown our guilt.
Mar 22 · 180
My Love Doth Weep
Eleni Mar 22
My love doth weep,
When it stretches across the oceans
Fatigues and swims too deep,
And falls to steep hatred.

My love doth weep,
When she realises that only
One half of the heart is complete
And the sweet fruits have fallen.

My love doth weep,
Somewhere in the Sahel
Water is scarce for moving on,
And all the oases have dried and gone.
Mar 10 · 1.6k
Eleni Mar 10
She is often misunderstood-
as a ****
as a strong lover
as a sharp-toothed romantic.

The fire in her eyes
does simultaneously,
warm and scare those in her presence.

If only they would see
The loyal
And the caring
The complex
And the daring
flames that light her floral face.

And she is healing too;
she shall soothe the deepest disorder
that plagues her grassy companions.

The sun beams echo her roars
which burn the skies orange in her blazing gaze.
Mar 3 · 248
Forlorn Rock
Eleni Mar 3
I would sit
Upon the tall rock
And listen to the gentle hum of the wind.

And for a moment-
I was sinking into myself.
Discovering foreign parts.

I felt alien to the skin I was encased in.
And yet this exoskeleton,
Was protecting me from joy.

My watery eyes gazed to a faraway land
Where my future lay, dormant.

Lifeless creeks and silence among the fauna,
As I looked into the forsaken reflection of the river.

I felt loneliness like the cold
And every fine hair stood up;
Still and frozen.
Feb 18 · 250
Eleni Feb 18
Tell me-
What good are they to you
If they can't understand your truth?

Living life with green eyes,
Sleepless nights and blatant lies.

What good are they to you
If they can't understand your truth?

They are always quick to judge
When you want peace they will hold a grudge.

What good are they to you
If they can't understand your truth?

You treated them so well
But they have no kindness to swell.

What good are they to you
If they can't understand your truth?

Child, they will come and go
But use this opportunity to grow.

What good are they to you
If they can't understand your truth?

Pick your fruit with wisdom
Don't let them ruin your rhythm.

What good are they to you
If they can't understand your truth?

Wake up!
Feb 15 · 602
Eleni Feb 15
The moonlight peaks through the small gap, between the curtains.

In the still of the night, the waters of the mind are nothing but turbulent.
The child from the past, she weeps so silently; she is audible to those who hear her out-

except I am the only one who hears her cries.

A child with nyctophobia, she leaves the nightlight on to ward the darkness.
And yet- she can not escape it, for it stalks her mind with a bitter sharpness.

A waning moon weeps in the dusty clouds
And a waxing fear, she will fail to shroud.

Pretend- as if nothing haunted her past
You would never know- even if you asked.
Feb 13 · 214
Eleni Feb 13
My sins are scarlet-
they shall not be as white as snow.
I have bathed in them so long, my skin hath stained.

Unlike the cherry blossom,
My chest is full of seeds, which have thus not sprouted.

My mishaps are red as crimson- they shall be not be as pure and soft as wool.

I bear my shame with shackles and walk around aimlessly.
I fail to navigate through the smog- which I have created.
Feb 8 · 273
Eleni Feb 8
His lips are projecting an inviting scent
A promise, sweet desires will be sent.

A sticky honeycomb with every lock
Exciting the serotonin, a paused clock.

My fingers are dripping with syrupy seduction
As he envelopes me in warm abduction.

Without sight, I smell the tobacco leaves falling
Stroking my skin as I begin calling.

He feeds my Shakti like a deity, crowned
And sugared fantasies are finally found.
Feb 5 · 312
Eleni Feb 5
Bohemian runs to her castle
Full of flowers, sticks and stones
and tassels.

Blue-white springs on her right
And on her left-
the beautiful light of her future- her distant future.

Bohemian runs from her castle
The rooms are cold and the people
Build upon her hassles.

Will she know that-
those springs are on her right!
And on her left the beautiful, distant light of her future.

Lead on into the wild.
Won't you show me your deepest smile?
Fall away, fall away from the darkness.
It's okay, Bohemian.
Just smile.

Feathering away and spread your wings.
Feb 4 · 128
I Can't Move Mountains
Eleni Feb 4
I can't move you.
I can't move mountains,
or the sea.

I can't be there for you.
I can't feel your warmth
next to me.

Since you left, my dear
The days have been cold
And all the leaves are gold.

When you left me
I saw grey skies in the summer
All rain and thunder.

But I must move on
The pain must be gone
Before the pain becomes me.

So, I can't move you
I can't move mountains
or the sea.

Said, I can't love you
I can't hold you-
even when I want you-
my baby.

But if you need someone to understand
If you need a helping hand-
I can be there- if you only needed me.

You don't need to move mountains
You don't need to move the sea-
or me.
Jan 30 · 359
The Hate Potion
Eleni Jan 30
Serves 1

200g of room temperature lies
2 tbsp of chopped-up dreams
1/2 a bottle of wine
50ml of salted tears
300g burnt photographs


Melt the room temperature lies, until transparent. Stir in the chopped dreams, so that you can see them standing out in the rich butter of lies.

Generously pour in wine and breathe in the aromas of a dark, resinous malice. Sober the mixture with the salted tears, to make your potion more savoury for demons.

Finally, present your potion by scattering the ashes of burnt photographs. Drink immediately to enjoy the horror of your creation.
Jan 8 · 201
How Will I Know?
Eleni Jan 8
How will I know-
When I am in love?
Do my tears fall with Icarus,
into the dark depths of the Ocean?

How will I know-
When I have done wrong?
Will I look into the mirror
and see fire searing my skin?

How will I know-
the truth of it all?
When will I be able to understand myself
without the mirages of my mind?

How will I know-
how to decipher my emotions?
Will they be forever trapped
in the matrix of my body?
Jan 5 · 352
Ashen Sins
Eleni Jan 5
Several days ago,
I wandered through the ashy town-
Which once grew with wild flames
Before the eternal Frown.

The bistros and stores blacked-out
Signs hanging, muddy paths
Doors locked and smashed windows
No signs of life, haunting wraths.

The smell of burnt leather
And bones rattling against the wind.
Broken signposts leading nowhere
And corpses of animals, skinned.

What savagery and fright hit this old place?
As I look to a hole in the ground-
Rats and rotting bodies
and bullet shells all around.

Perhaps these lands will never be free of outlaws
Who **** in cold blood.
Then let them drown in their crimes
Amid the Great Flood.
Dec 2018 · 200
Eleni Dec 2018
She told herself, "Irrationality does no harm."
Emotions have intelligence in their own ways.
Binaries can be a place where stupidity lies.

Being sad, is neither good or bad.
Allowing herself to cry is a way of freedom.

And when the North winds blow-
Cold enough to freeze happiness in iced capsules-
She shall surrender.

Let her burn her bones and neurons
In the hearth of her own heart.
And the shards, wounding with mad thoughts.
Dec 2018 · 131
Eleni Dec 2018
I know nothing-
And if thou'st had knowledge,
It would be trapped in the nebula of Madness.

I could write words
that have meanings in seldom realms-
And would still be shipped to the landfills.

The accumulation of words
Hath led me to this wasteland
of sorrow and murky sunrises.

Facts hath turned my life inside-out:
Exposing the shortcomings and promises
And the aching eyes, losses.

If I could penetrate this inky cloud-
it would be of no use.
The war inside will prevail, no truce.

So I sit and wonder;
My constructed knowledge-
a mere fragment of haulage.
Oct 2018 · 202
Eleni Oct 2018
A constant, distant cymbal.
A second, after the next each nimble
strand of wind catches amongst the chimes.

The women here sway at their troubles.
Needless to say, their pleasure doubles

with a glimpse of their dewed canvas.
Never vulnerable and never anxious.

The melanin glows from miles away:
Even seen now and again from the Wasteland.

A Valinor for deities and Gods;
To sip on the finest grapes, feast on the manna of the apotheosis.

A thousand glimmering rays, kissing the ringlets of green, meandering slowly around the Sun.

In these oriental Lands
I fall in love again after the many cold winters I have spent alone-

Crashing with the icy waves and glacial monsoons.
The maple and fragrant cedar
Fills my visions with a perdurable perfume.
Sep 2018 · 161
Eleni Sep 2018
What can I do?
When I am so smitten for thee-
That the icicles of my past, melt in just
a stare of thine starry eyes.

There is a chasm between Me
and Thouest, which lies a fire so warm,
And bright, it does at once light
the darkest of nights and desires.

What I would give-
to feel thine enamoured heat...
Caressing the knots and scars across my body.
Your kiss is comparable to the smokiest oud and fresh tobacco-
lighting our pyres.

Alas, it is impossible to rhyme in your presence!
I stutter at the fluttering of your individual hairs
standing up to greet
the deity you love most deep.

This vessel is the human alchemy for thee:
The everlasting sycamore cooling beside the sea.
Aug 2018 · 2.4k
Eleni Aug 2018
So, now we must go,
Choose a direction and flow-

Do not worry about the destination:
Enjoy the adventure in meditation.

For ebbs and flows will come
And do not forget where you came from;

Small veins in a cloistered rock.
That eventually leave and flock.

The showers clean and fill our souls
And end up, sometimes, in dark holes

I have cried over the thought of reaching the salty abyss-
But let your motifs be safe with this freshwater kiss.

We may meet again on a sunny day...
Or, up in the clouds when the sky is grey

Let the moon guide you to an eternity,
For we watch over and envelope you in fraternity.
Aug 2018 · 298
Eleni Aug 2018
Many nights I was cold.
Many, many nights lies remain untold.

If had the strength of a lion
And the uncertain heart of The Zion-

Then maybe I would crush-
The endless incineration of the rush-

One does take in self-destruct.
When thy rose has been plucked-

I cannot give it vital growth again.
Nor can life be regrown through distrain.

Then look to thine scars, unhealed.
I am no Jezebel, fate to be sealed-

And to be preyed upon by Serpentines
And then be hated by Byzantines.

So, hence, I will not speak the truth
For they know not of the lies of youth.

Let me cry like do the lost ones;
That never escape the sound of the blazing guns.
Eleni Jul 2018
It is just one of those days,

When the body clock is pillock,
When the 'give-way' sign is waved towards your pains,
When the sky's face is not idyllic
When progress is ******* in chains.

It is just one of those days,

When a lover replaces you for another,
When politics ***** on the weak,
When traitors lie in a smother,
When tongues are stripped to those that speak.

It is just one of those days, again.

When innocents perish, unjustifiably
When monopoly greed is widespread
When your life is in crisis (undeniably)
When high on coffee and you could still drop dead.

It is just one of those ******* days!

Your foul mouth has no limits:
You have no time for eloquent stanzas and metaphysics.

All I need to do is ***** my thoughts on paper,
Trap my emotions inside of arbitrary words.

300 of the 365 are hell
And well...
One of those days will be good.
Jul 2018 · 487
Rebirth of Venus
Eleni Jul 2018
In my next lifetime, maybe,
I will be the Sun and You the moon;

I will attract you with an unwavering force, twice of your Earth.

She may ground you for now,
Keep your visions satisfied-
But speak, revolve around those orbit lies.

Her gravity may intoxicate you
Yet, little does she know-
Her runes manifest around me:
We are all part of the same body.

The warming of my gynoecium,
Like does the deepest desire-
Attract the bees- that tend the shores I was once born upon.

Next time you wish to connect-
Trace the atoms around my chest.
The axis is one and the same.
The cyphers ask you to reflect.
Jun 2018 · 219
Eleni Jun 2018
Beyond this world
There lies a world where, you, wander-

Though you have no visage, or voice
Your warmth and waves still caress my soul.

When I lay, enveloped in the darkness
You shine a ward: because you are not heartless.

When I cry, awakening the hellish storms
You are the bucket for my floods; life reforms.

But you are not bound by life- you no longer sense gravity.
You see me through a stained glass of concavity.

Like shadows that follow and linger, only in the presence of light-
You are present and comfort me from my deepest fright.

An entity that floats in a silent, tranquil rift
You have given me strength and courage as a gift.

So whenever I long for you-
You will come to visit.
Sit down and tell me your story...
...My parallel spirit.
May 2018 · 412
A Handful of Words
Eleni May 2018
A moment, eternal-
As I write these words in my journal.

I do not write for the sake of writing.
I do not write for the egotistical citing.

Wherever I may be and whatever I am doing
There are constantly thoughts and ideas brewing.

And, yes, those thoughts may be neither good or bad
They may uplift others, but inside make me sad.

Whilst you read and try to find meaning,
You may never understand, behind the book, what I am feeling.

There may be times that we have parallel energies;
Like constellations bring their warming memories.

Alas, nothing is permanent, even those galaxies far away
Pleasure and pain are inevitable to decay.

What a fickle thing verses and lines are,
Shifting colour from blue to red, a young and old star.

You need not hesitate to paint the abstract
Carve moons in my eyes and play the act.

Lies and truths have their worth in tales
The narrator may indeed bargain for their sales.

The rain may keep falling, icy storms in silver planes
Whilst you remain caged in the wounding pains.

You need not worry, traveller,
for these words are soothing lullabies.

For now, let's sing under a haven of flora
and look up to the azure skies.

The day will soon come-
When I breathe the final air out of my lungs.
When my final song is sung.
Apr 2018 · 239
Eleni Apr 2018
I am imperfect.
I often take the route
Flooded with rocks and rivers
Jumping from bridge to bridge
Raft to raft, without fully thinking.

I try to immerse myself;
Like each fish and clam,
Surround myself with a layer of thick
security, failing to see it is transparent.

If I can be hunted and seen,
You would no longer see my superficial skin. I would be
bones, meat and dust. Dust from those stars, which burst
their supernova glitter.

And even in the darkest of nights
You will see a skeletal heart, tainted eyes or a
frowning mouth. The rain falls in the forest of my mind,
and as slick as I am,        I slip
trip up on my yellow brick road.

My thoughts are not my own, when I say
things that hurt you and myself.
With my oar I paddle to lands uncharted;
treacherous, dangerous places which must be left in peace.

Tracing the roots of my nerves and the chasms of my brain-
I trespass the battle within.
Apr 2018 · 1.3k
Noughts and Crosses
Eleni Apr 2018
Noughts and crosses
Pains and loses

Heartbreak on repeat
The boring same beat

A game of stalemate
A life wrapped in fate

And it's not over
Three in a line
And it's not over
I guess I'll be fine.

Circles and lies
Fail to dry my eyes

Can I not cry?
You could not even say goodbye.

Not much to win
For, these weak bones are thin

My thoughts are not real
Your mind will not care how I feel.

And it's never over
Three or six in a line
And it's never over
My soul did once shine.

Leave this life
You created in your mind.
For you and I
Have had our time.

Noughts and crosses
Uncontrollable forces

A wild, empty city
Busy faces with no pity.
Mar 2018 · 288
Drop of Water
Eleni Mar 2018
Oh, drop of water
Crystalline, pure and clean

That flows through the brooks and streams, giving life to all it gleams.

Oh, cleansing solvent
If you should choose to move mountains

Or mould valleys, it is in your slick hands,
To meander, sway and shape the lands.

And when you reach the seas, do not refrain, be free, for all is one and one is thee.

Oh, saline body
with the lunar light you move in waves

The navy abyss lies below you so dark
But you shine bright in caverns and so stark.

Oh, cleansing spirit
That nourishes the dead and the mortal

You need not to change
For you are forever young, an endless portal

Oh, fountain of life
Why are you hence rash and violent?

You cut and carve your way through rock
I long for you to stop, long for your silence.

Oh, single drop.
You fill my vision with a kaleidoscope of blue

And then you fall on to my skin;
A waterfall weep, an everlasting, treacherous dew.
Mar 2018 · 231
Eleni Mar 2018
We are like obsidian-
We burst from the heated, molten caves
then cool quickly. Back to our blackened graves.

Look within and you will find no crystal waves.
Hard and brittle, glassy and smokey.
Crepuscular hunger and fallen knaves.

Dark eyes that just stare and stare.
Words that carve their ways through flesh.
Opaque glass, that we cannot see through, or bare.
Sep 2017 · 317
Turning The Pages
Eleni Sep 2017
Turning the pages
Turn the pages.
She's just another lost angel
Lost angel.
Crying angel.
Weeping devil.

So I move on, turning the pages
Would you care for her?
Or turn the pages...
She is no one.
Heart full of stories, mystical magic
Enchanting, dying
Inside her- no one.

She turns her pages
She remembers- the hatred
No one will ever know.

And she's drowning
In a sea of fools
She's crowning
Her own ghouls.

Maybe I'll stop by- some day
Turn her pages- hear her say:
'I never loved you, never loved you.'
Did you feel those dying blues
Ocean, river, dying blues.
Crashing down- the hurricane will bring you down, down, down.

Will I forgive her- my haunting mirror?
She stares at the stars in my eyes-
Say goodbye.
Say goodbye.

Haunting mirror- say goodbye.

Turn my pages
Through the ages
Cut the edges
Face the faces
Leave no traces
A thousand changes.
Aug 2017 · 511
Eleni Aug 2017
Pulses and waves
Have their joys across my body.

Son of Aphrodite, he that smites ******* with an unknown Promethean heat.

The delectable wound on my chest marked from his piercing arrow.

Animating force, who's origin is only mumbled in gentle whispers
across my neck.

Shall we build our haven upon him,
Before the Father of The Sea washes us away?

Eros will save our love from the gallows
And forever gleam those beacons in his eyes: The idol of arrows.
This poem is revolved around the Greek mythological god, Eros. The Roman equivalent is Cupid. In this short and lustful monologue the speaker recognises that their relationship is purely built on lust. Yet the speaker holds hope that the affair will last before the Promethean Heat vanishes. Do they need another word for "love"?
Aug 2017 · 357
Crystal Moon
Eleni Aug 2017
Shards of ice that teem
With a pearlescent glow.

Your minarets gleam
And pry over my turbulent waters.

You are not what you seem
If you polish your sharp edges-

Or cut through them with a tongue as sharp as your craters.

But I'll wait four weeks-
So that you will fall back into the shadows.

But, alas, I cannot run fast
For you are the winner;
The long distance winner that routinely comes and goes.
This started as a personification of the moon but then turned into a metaphor of a very tumultuous relationship. Superficially the person (or the moon) appears bright and beautiful, but slips back into the shadows (after 28 ish days) during a new moon. The juxtaposition of the new moon being unseen in the sky reveals that the other lover is constantly trying to keep up with the other person, yet the distance between them is keeping them separated. The places poetry can take you, eh. ;)
Aug 2017 · 281
Ocean Eyes
Eleni Aug 2017
In the eyes of the ocean,
What do you see?
I find myself somehow lost in you
Yet I smile at thee.

Deep Aphrodite caverns
For you and I to rest
And whilst our bodies sink
My hand is stitched to your breast.

Oh, how I could soak in these seas
For an eternity, if not after death.
But woe betide if you drown
And I shall no longer taste that salty breath.

For now the moon shall glow over your silky waves
And light shall dwell in those sunken caves.

Then let me swim one more time in those eyes of yours:
That open in the dark like Heaven's doors.
Aug 2017 · 1.1k
Black Lace
Eleni Aug 2017
Did you find me, did you find me
In those silver-wrapped dreams of yours?
Did you hear sound of angels
Knocking on your door?

Or constant storms of invasion
Screaming through the glass
And I'll be there waiting
With my widows en masse.

She took your hand and went down
To the crowds of crows wailing
And you weeped like never before
As your tender eyes froze.

So beat me up and turn me down
Dunk me in the river and turn around
As your fate lines up your face
And wraps you in lace-
Black lace.

You walked out of the steam
And saw your reflection in the blood
Did you forget that this is a stupid dream and that your new life was a dud.

You devils better beat me up and turn me down
Dunk me in the river and turn around
As my fate lines up to my face
And wraps me in...
Black lace.

Hell-bent widow.
Black magic woman.
Haunted shaman.
Disturbed angel.

She'll wrap you up and wreck your world with black lace.
Black lace.
The dark side of poetry is too much fun. ;)
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