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Jon-Luc Sep 28
The longing touches us
Infinitely deep and familiar.
Your hot breath
burns gently into the skin.

Do not think tomorrow,
If you hope to leave.
Hold on

Secretly and silently,
The wind carries us along .
Secure in ourselves,
Trust is formed without a wors

We are driving,
Endlessly into the night.
Close your eyes.
Let yourself fall, I'll catch you.

Only once and forever,
Come with me.
the flowers of june
swim in the meadows
near lonesome willows
pining for the moon,
and women in chains
give in to the stars
while the hands of mars
sweep over the plains
gbye Aug 16
dance with me
under the stars in pale moonlight
skirts catching in our legs
our smiles only a breath part
dance with me
one last time
Wistful tears melt down my cheeks.
Nostalgic of our time together.
I kept myself together for a year, and now without the pitiful distractions, I have to look at myself, alone.
Debilitating heartache
Making me bleak.
Pining to both relive and forget the past.
Everything is still so crystal clear.
The smells, the sights, the feelings.
How could I have let it slip away from me like that?
Did he ever speak of me?
Ever talk about me?
Or did he just forget the joyous days we spent together?
Am I the only one homesick for not my house, but for a person?
My lip twitches as sentimental recollections start to overflow and spill, creating a puddle of emptiness, longing, and heartbreak.
Watching the clock tick down seconds I've wasted
waiting for you.
Bardo Jul 1
The sun it shone all too briefly for him
Before the darkness came
And the smile died on his face.

His was a bad school I guess
Let all the monsters out of their box
To grin and leer like gargoyles on a

That'd haunt his dreams at night
Leave him dangling over the edge
Staring down into chasms deep.

With a mind a maze of cul de sacs
And at the end of each
Some horrible apparition to drive him

Yea, they taught you well
To run forever/ on a hot coal floor
Sleep on a burning bed
(A desperate man in a desperate land).

You must have known you were
Looking at others, seeing how they
Must have known something was

No wonder you sought to escape
Through others.... in drugs, in drink
Anything to escape those awful

And your only crime ? ....You wanted
   to live.
About the danger of outside influences, especially ideas that make no sense, that destroy a person's peace of mind and enslave them.
Leena Beddawi Jun 22
you don't know me,
but you have my heart
you've captured it, in your
tired and sad dark brown eyes
the most beautiful work of art
I can feel it, every time you cry
and try to hide it with a smile

somewhere beneath your facade,
lies your trepid, aching heart
I'm not trying to reach out
afraid to break you further

I'm afraid you won't allow
my heart to beat for you,
just please
notice me
wrote this angsty ******* a while ago
donnie Jun 2
a hand to hold
sounds so precious
as i lay
in an empty bed
with a full heart
for someone
to take my hand
my brain overflows
with the thoughts of one
but i dare not tip the glass
for the fear of a spill
overrules the aching
and as it drips
i grasp
for a hand
which doesn't exist
i believe in
love at first sight
because it's the only love
my lonely eyes
can create
a big planet
full of people
and my hand
stays vacant
it's so hard
to say you've never
made contact
with another humans lips
in an unconditional
is the only question
i can ask
that will never have an answer
and i have yet
to see a change in that
but i guess
it's for the best
because my weakness
takes over my confidence
and ruins it all
and so i lay
in the empty bed
hand outstretched
sorry that this is so many lines. i just like writing that way.
donnie Jun 2
i wanna love you when the faces stare
and love you when there are no faces around.
i wanna feel your embrace
and feel you nipping soft purple spots on my neck.
i wanna smile for you
and cry for you.
i wanna break down my walls
and piece togerther your heart.
i wanna hold your hand
and hold your love.
i honestly dont know who i wrote this about but i got inspired so here ya go ig
buzz May 11
chasing a sunset
beauty at my fingertips and so far away
the distance between love and circumstance gives out blisters on my heart like prizes
congratulations on finding something so bite-your-tongue tempting
when a tree falls in the woods and im there to catch it, does it fall into my arms
does it make a sound on its way in another direction
drown me in a citrus glow, like pineapple syrup, like a homecoming song
****** if i do, ****** if i dont
if i could kiss the horizon and hold her hand i would make myself into a bird or a mountain or the air itself to reach the bridge between earth and sky
i would learn every language under the stars so that my tongue never ran out of ways to beg for light
i am a shapeshifter in the form of a question
teach me how to be yes
i just want to hold someone again
Moments come,
Moments pass.
Happiness flows, sadness may grow
Doubts and fears; our human selves just keeping it real.

Interpretation mistakes,
Our virtual reality shakes.
Virtual hugs full of virtual highs
Follows sadly by some virtual lows...
Downers certainly may take control of our heavenly flows.

Emotions of lustful feelings running at high speed,
Thoughts manically wild
Imaginations burning from within
Desiring the others desire,
Combined passionate two Souls
Independently Catching on fire!

You light my morning
Praising me with a humongous smile.
My world at a standstill
fueled up on wonderful thoughts.
A feeling of taking a handful of dreamy pills
Living and pining for a loved up thrill.

I plead our virtual world,
Not to shake these feelings
As I could easily bleed for this dreamy dream to become real
This cannot be broken by virtual mistakes
Whenever our virtual reality shakes.

Feelings so deep, purely for this dream
Longing for it's true meaning
My heart on a plate ready for the steal
**** this virtual ****, let's make this reality real!
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