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Nolan Willett Sep 17
There’ll be another day
When the night is through
A time to get away
A chance to start anew

There will be another year
When the year ends
To reappear
And make amends

And when the world is dust
Swallowed by the sun
Apathetic atoms will not fuss
Over the fact that we are gone

‘Cause one day the Universe will die
Everything will become undone
But human experience imply
There’ll be another one
Eleni May 20
My strawberry kiss
stains your lips so scarlet
But brace your touch
to the thorns of the blackberry bush.

Excitingly simple it seems
when the fuchsia's pollen is filling
The air with cherubs, holding
a scent that pierces the senses.

Nature grants its deuteronomy
sprouting freedom to masses of
Timid children who misunderstand
the fangs of a snake's bite.
Adam Hebda May 8
Legislators of social stigmatization
hand out identity before child birth
reluctantly judged by your pigmentation
you're given a name
and a pew in a church
assigned to a gender with implications
while ATM balance determines your worth

Bugs will certainly inherit the Earth

Disguised as your neighbors
hide the privacy invaders
calling cops to kick in the door
at your mother's front porch
enforcing a law written
by our own legislators
for a routine seizure and search

Police brutality couldn't mask the depravity
of their warrants nomenclature
Capitalist crusaders terrorize Americans
but can't keep the bugs
from their Earth inheritance

Men will shroud their evil nature
Malicious intent hides below the glacier
Camouflaged vindictive behavior
is electing dictators across the equator

Truth serenaders lobby
for congressional persuaders
to pardon these murderous
capitalist crusaders
fitting agendas with tailor made suits
who infect mother earth deep in her roots

Antibiotics couldn't heal or stop this
infection these players gave her
Pray for fire and fury
to burn away liars
and hide all of your hurt and misery

when these instigators
stirring  up stories
no longer delay their inevitably

as bugs surely crawl from under the dirt
to inherit what's left of our Mother Earth
I pray for the glory
of our future bug overlords
There is no inherent right or in the world
those labels are just artificial constructs
created by the ones who have a seat in the underworld
right and wrong are held by positions of authority
that's the way it has always been
so bow down to the ones with superiority
it's like 120 days of ******
such is the life of the majority.
Created by me on October 24th, 2019
A bit of a Soul eater reference in there as well as a movie reference. a disturbing movie at that, but yeah, a good poem with a harsh message.
Dina Feb 7
It is funny how the things that are too much make us feel.
Too much of a bad thing is terrible.
That is understandable.
But what about too much of a good thing?
Too much love.
Too much freedom.
Too much joy.
Why do they scare us away?
Somewhere deep down we feel like we don’t deserve too much.
Just enough.
We feel like we can’t be entrusted with such a large responsibility.
Too many options to choose from.
So many places to travel.
All the foods.
Those of us faced with this dilemma are surely the lucky ones.
Perhaps their empathy is what stops them in their tracks.
The knowledge that most people don’t get too much or even enough.
But then again there is another fear, another emotion that stops them.
It is a fear of being seen. Of being judged.
A fear of their own power.
It is funny how we can be afraid of our self.
Funny and sad.
Fear of the raw, unfiltered, undiluted power that we all have.
Our upbringing and society’s laws cage us and inhibit our magic.
The lucky ones realize this and do their best to undo the damage.
To free themselves.
The rest live like caged birds.
Singing to please their masters.
To get some food and water.
Danielle L Cook Dec 2019
happiness is
a heartbeat away
don't let simple minds
lead you astray
live in your moments
smile through the day
you are something special
God's gift to this place
law of attraction
Kim Essary Oct 2019
It’s been almost a year since you were set free
So much has changed between you and me.
It’s so hard for me to believe all we’ve been through.
This wasn’t supposed to happen to me and you.
My partner forever , my ride or die
You have treated me so badly and I don’t know why.
I wanted so much for your life to turn around.
To be a good daddy to Your little girl and keep her safe and sound.
I hope and Pray you never have to feel this pain I’ve had to endure
I’ve made my mistakes but I’ve remained by your side loyal and pure
I didn’t deserve all the hateful things you said
Why would you ever wish your own mother dead
But through it all I still love you the same
My only son it’s time to be a man and take your own blame
I didn’t teach you to live this way
I taught you a real man earns his money the honest way
Dear God I come to you down on my knees
Help my son lead him the way have mercy on him oh dear god I pray unto you Please. Amen
Prayers are much welcome
Carl D'Souza Aug 2019
In an ideal
would people
not use guns
to **** each other?
Would malevolent people
not be allowed to have guns?
Would mentally-ill people
not be allowed to have guns?
Would children
not be allowed to have guns?
Would law-enforcement
use guns as a last-resort?
She walks beside the river

She decided to end her life

As her sons wanted to **** her

Wanted to remove from global

To satisfy them must she kneel

Must be bow her heaad as a slave

And who will keep her safe?

Who will return her to a place

Natural since the words had said

Since the man was gotten on the earth

Since he knew the writing ,saying and expressing

Since he knew the social life and faith

Since he knew the cultivate and science

Since he knew the religion ,pray and faith

Since he prepared the army and forces

Since he wnew the govern'with laws

Since the world knew the civilization

Since he made the first deal for peace

And her sons planned to **** her

Or sell as an old ******* or a slave
the world laws and the man greedy changes the rules of justice. sons could look to their mother as the reason of thier sadness
Down in the earth I plant a small seed
Time passes by - it grows what I need
Matter expanding, building from earth
Proving the young seed’s worth

Oh, how perfect is the grand design
I can harvest all of what is mine
Follow the laws, and truly believe
Reach out and I’ll receive

Deep in my mind, a prosperous plan
My seeds of wealth, to grow what I can
I’ll plant the seeds of wealth with delight
God gives the warmth and light

Oh, how perfect is the grand design
I can harvest all of what is mine
Follow the laws, and truly believe
Reach out and I’ll receive
This is Prosperity Poem 24 at  and you can see it displayed on a beautiful background here
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