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E li za Sep 2016
So young He engraved the Law in your fledgling heart
Covering your mind with the depth of His wisdom
Tell no language exist that could translate its art
Hopeless to assess its perfect scale and freedom

The Law is His breast milk you **** fervently
Howl in agony, your stomach digest it not
Fathom submission, son of debauchery
To merely **** is short; apply what has been taught

Sets of teeth sprouted in your gums like white pebbles
Overdose with confidence, sleep without a sword
Stars in woods they seem, Alas! Wild, wild eyes of wolves!
Fight the fine fight of the faith, shine light of the world

A state of armed conflict, His Law against your Flaw
Just streak of insanity in the family
Epitome of cross swords yet who will win in awe?
Glitch in your body, vow in its supremacy
the laws of physics, meet the laws of human nature

spinning plates
are always white unblemished so their breaking into pieces
is more visually enthralling and definite

been a spinner magico for so long, you’d think I deserve some
gravitational dispensation

it doesn’t work that way

when you learn to be a spinner, they teach catching too

but that was so long ago,
tho the endless spin slowing,
obedient to the laws of physics,
the human laws of the physical
give time power over gravity

making the eyes weaker
the hands tremulous
the arms woodenly worth less

so a crash is a forethought, imagined, inevitable

time is the most powerful force in the universe

the laws of physics, meet the laws of human nature
how does one describe a slow dying
exist Jun 2018
i think what’s wrong with
society and laws
is we’re trained when driving
that yellow lines
are the only things
that separate
and a fatality
what’s holding someone back
from causing a homicide
too much trust in strangers
Ilunga Mutombo May 2018
If a busy gun takes lives
Then silent leaders do worse
They burn lives, hang knuses on the innocent
Voice your pain or get blessed with a curse
Blood shed Schools
We elected fools
Wrong leaders to lead us
Pushing useless agenda’s
While feeding us propaganda
Halls covered red
thousands of innocent people killed
At the expense of gun reform laws
Watching news with dropped jaws
We sit in silence
while the voiceless die for peace
George Krokos Apr 2018
We’re all subject to the unseen laws of nature
which loom about us like an imposing stature.
From "Simple Observations" ongoing writings since the early '90's
Mane Omsy Apr 2018
Till her scream faded
Inside the temple walls
She had cried o'er a week
And she tried to get help
They came and *****
Tore her cloths off
And never came kindness
She was mere eight
Yet they tore her apart
She was choked
Beaten to death
After they satisfied themselves

Her body was dropped
On the side of the road
Bribery shut the cops
They never talked about it
Let the days fade the scent

Did they ever know?
The world would know the truth
And when it does
It'd be their doom
RIP Asifa
Justice for Asifa
Her screams weren’t heard outside the temple. For more than a week they abused her, tortured her and ***** her, violently. Still the authorities failed to save this little young girl from Jammu Kashmir. She didn’t survive. They choked her to death. There was still an inch of life left in her before they cracked her head with a rock. There were several ‘beasts’ who ***** this poor little eight year old Asifa. They are still breathing the fresh air over there. They are walking freely like they have served their religion. But, unfortunately, they ought to be hanged even if the constitution of India save its words for consolidation and mess it up again for the safety of women in India.
This was never about the girl. They hated the religion her parents were devoted to. They wanted to show how cruel they can be if they still stay in this country. This country will never achieve to be a democratic, social nation until the illiterate leaders on the top of the seats get the **** out of there. No more partialities, no more violence, no more religious troubles. We expected it to be a great country while the new prime minister won out of promises he can’t keep. When will it ever be a country without racism and cast partialities?
The convicts must be hanged. In fact, the ones who tried to cover the story should also be put in trial. They must be punished at least with a life sentence. This horrifying incident that occurred a month ago was buried under by the one and only authority who were supposed to arrest these pathetic *******. The police were bribed. But that wouldn’t have stopped them from arresting them if it was their baby girl. Enough with mercy, they must not walk on this soil unless the country is filthy enough to bear their actions.
What are the aftermaths of this terrible ******? If it was a ****** that could be hidden by the skilful media now-a-days, it could’ve been easy for them to walk away from the court. This little innocence was destroyed when they pierced through her private parts with their vicious filth. Not only they kept her captive inside the temple, they starved her until she lost the energy to scream later when they constantly used her to fulfil their thirst. Her face will never be forgotten from the minds that has a little amount of humanity.
We mourn her death and must avenge her against the weak Indian laws which give more importance to wealth and power. Laws must change. More security and extreme punishments for those who neglect certain laws meant to protect the citizens of India.
Sean Mar 2018
Political troops, Red warriors in suits
Corruption his weapon, The people his boots
Armored by lies and malevolent truths,
The fiend revealed by his conspiracal tooth.
In his greed indulging in the forbidden fruit,
devouring all in the political soup.
Mistreated minority's, disgruntled youth
How long will we ignore the truth?
Am I the only one?

IG: 0foe
Marty T Ottman Jan 2018
Trap in your mirror reflection.
A world Lost through space an time. No rhyme through the disconnection;Of the objection, stabilizing the this infection. You said I'll be one gone well your wrong.

Spreads like some ******* plague.
Colors dancing with me tonight.
As your words turn vague.
Something seem so outright.
You valued your light while I remained your opposite within one with the dark.

Piercing eyes to dish threw the *******.
fierce as the mixture of toxins in your bloodstream couldn't you admit.

Trying to find an urge to resist but **** it barley feels I exist. Run astray, warped in the present.
Make it alive. Make it alive.
Or... Real.
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